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MMA Fighter Nearly KOs TWO Opponents!


Bellator bantamweight, Darrion Caldwell, nearly KOed two opponents at Bellator 143, on the weekend.

After defeating fellow bantamweight Shawn Bunch in an entertaining and gruelling fight Caldwell climbed the fence to launch himself into a backflip.

Unfortunately he landed on top of the camerawoman.

Caldwell moved to 8-0 after defeating Bunch; but his flying leap onto the camerawoman will drew a no-contest from the judges.

On Sunday night the UFC Fight Night main even between Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson is gathering attention.

Barnett is supremely confident of beating Nelson, even though he hasn’t fought in almost two years.

“I need to go out there and show that the shell of me that didn’t even show up to fight the last time, that’s not indicative of who I am.

“I’m not anywhere near the end of my career. Roy Nelson and I, on paper, could look like one thing to a group of folks, but I want to go out there and show who I am as a fighter.

“By going out there and not just beating Roy, but taking Roy out and takin him out quickly.

“I know Roy isn’t going to oblige in any way shape or form. The more you go out there and hit Roy and you try to beat Roy’s brains in, he’s going to come back, drop his body weight and try to land that big overhand right.

“I try to fight with a very high IQ. I can say all this and I can be as confident as I want to be, but whatever happens, I just want the best Roy Nelson to show up so I can go out there and beat him at his best. On his best day, he’s not taking me out.”

Barnett won a points decision over Nelson in a tight and brutal contest.

Twitter Dare Backfires for Patriots Fan


Mike Tetreault made the mistake of daring the social media world.

He was in the stands at a New England Patriots game when he dared to take the field if he received 10,000 re-tweets.

Unfortunately for him the NFL was keeping a watchful eye over all the social media channels.

They sent security to escort him from the game.

But Mr Tetreault wasn’t done.



He declared the security officers attempted to intimidate him by saying, “We know everything about you. We know your whole life.”

Mr Tetreault claimed it was nothing more than a joke, and that he had no intention of taking the field. But his proximity to the astroturf and ease of access was enough to make the ground officials nervous.

Mr Tetreault was outraged and demanded an apology from the NFL.

He released a statement, again via Twitter.

Olympian Turned Call-Girl Tells All


American track and field superstar Suzy Favor Hamilton has released her autobiography Fast Girl – A Life Spent Running from Madness this week.

In it she describes how she went from celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary with a threesome to being an AUS $800 an hour escort in six months.

Favor Hamilton, now 47, tells how she “devoted myself to sex (and) my need to be unsurpassed in the bedroom …” and how it “replaced the need to be best on the track.”

Favor Hamilton explains that sex was the avenue through which her bipolar disorder manifested itself.

It effectively bought about the end of her athletics career once the media got hold of the facts. She was vilified in the press, her sporting achievements all but overshadowed – even though she represented the US at three Olympic Games.

“I still crave that high,” Hamilton says about the risky-sex that fuelled her mania.

Hamilton says her pre-finish collapse at the Sydney 2000 Olympics began the downward spiral that would finish with her feeling suicidal.

She found a way out through thrill-seeking behaviour and self-medicating.



Her double life was exposed by a reporter from the website The Smoking Gun; which exists to bring to light factual but outrageous stories of public interest.

But upon the birth of her daughter and a course of prescription antidepressants when remembers “suddenly having more energy than I could remember (ever) having. I wanted ot live like I had never lived before.”

Hamilton became a real estate agent, a motivational speaker, and high class hooker.

She became one of the most sought after call girls in Las Vegas and loved every minute of it.



Greyhound Racing Officials Shot At!

Greyhound image:

Greyhound Racing Victoria confirmed yesterday that a firearm was allegedly discharged in the vicinity of two GRV Animal Welfare Officers and two other GRV staff.

The altercation came as the four attempted to undertake a routine inspection of a property in eastern Victoria. After the firearm was discharged the four allege they were then subjected to an attempted assault.

Greyhound Racing Victoria said iy was “aware of and deeply disturbed by the incident.”

The Domestic Animal Act’s Code of Practice for the Operation of Greyhound Establishments allows for inspectors and their assistants to ensure registered owners are complying with the terms of the Act.

“If these allegations are proven to be correct,” said Bernie Carolan, Chairman of the GRV, then it is another example of the kind of behaviour that is not welcome in the Victorian greyhound racing industry or anywhere for that matter.

Mr Carolan was referring to the behaviour of certain members who, in February, were found to have been using live baits to train their racing dogs.

The subsequent investigation found some licensed trainers were using animals such as possums, pigs and rabbits as lures in their training of greyhounds.

The subsequent outrage forced the various state governing bodies to implement a 10 year ban for those convicted of the practice.

Referring to the incident yesterday Mr Carolan said: “To think that someone could do this to staff there to help them is unfathomable.”

GO! St. Louis Marathon Winner to Get Special Award Presentation

GO! St Louis marathon winner Andrea Karl has told SL Today she was “just as surprised as anyone else” to find Kendall Schler had crossed the finish line before her.

“They said someone had crossed before me.

“I don’t know. People were telling me on the course as I was going that I was the first female. I thought I was (the lead runner) most of the way.”

The 23 year-old marathoner crossed the line to a bewildered reception, as Schler was already in the recovery area claiming she’d won.

But Schler, it was later discovered had removed the time strip from her bib and eased quietly into the course without running the full distance.

When speaking to USA Today Ms Karl was gracious: “There’s too much to celebrate to be disappointed in something like that.

“Winning was awesome, but it’s not the reason I was running that race.”

Nonetheless, the GO! St. Louis marathon organisers are working to recreate the awards ceremony so that the rightful winner can have her moment of glory.

CBS New was told that Ms Karl will receive her award at a local St. Louis Cardinals baseball game where she will be officially declared the event’s winner.

“Andrea is a lovely woman,” said Nancy Lieberman, president of the GO! St. Louis event, “and she’s very excited. She’ll be running with the glory of a true champion when she comes from the outfield down the third baseline to home plate. We will have a finish line tape for her to cross. We will then present her with her medal, flower, and some other gifts.”

Kendall Schler, 26, the woman found to have cheated her way to first place, has eluded reporters thus far.

Officials had concerns about her win the moment she crossed the finish line, but needed evidence before they acted.

Schler, against race regulations, had removed her bib and had the race number on her leg covered by a shirt. Upon being questioned about why she posted no early stage times Schler admitted to removing the timing strip.

On-course officials from US Track and Field do not remember seeing Schler in the early part of the race; and they certainly don’t remember her running with the lead pack.

GO! ST. Louis organisers immediately consulted their records. It soon became apparent Schler had done exactly the same thing in last year’s event, where she placed third.

Liieberman said Schler has not responded to her request for photographs of her running the 2014 race.

“It was kind of a nondescript conversation,” Lieberman told reporters. “Most people, quite frankly, would be defensive, but say, ‘Yes, I really did (run the race).’ I explained I would have to contact Boston and let them know (about the questionable qualifying time), and she wanted to know how she could find out if she can run Boston. That was pretty much the end of the conversation.”

One Sport Review Slams Athletics Australia

Image of David Grace:

Chair of the ‘One Sport’ review (former Australian cricket coach) John Buchanan has slammed Athletics Australia for its lack of accountability, transparency, and woeful organisational culture.

The admonition comes in the wake of a scathing report. It urges the Australian Sports Commission to reduce funding to AA by a whopping 40 per cent, unless far-reaching and immediate changes are made.

The failures and embarrassments of last year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow prompted the investigation.

Among these were: The very pubic slanging match between head coach Eric Hollingsworth and hurdler Sally Pearson, the underachievement of all athletes, and the very ill-kept secret of poor team morale.

Buchanan’s investigative panel included former sprint champion Melinda Gainsford-Taylor, Lynne Williams, Mark Bartels, and Matt Favier. Together they submitted a 60-page document outlining 16 key recommendations.

Among the recommendations are the removal of at least two of the current board members and the very close scrutiny of current president David Grace.

Stakeholders like little Athletics needed to be given more inclusion and a greater say in nationwide athletic activities.

The report calls for an oversight committee constituted by representatives of the ASC, AA, and Australian Institute of Sport. This committee would be expected to meet monthly and monitor the pace of the other reforms.

The Athletics Australia board has been given six months in which to get its affairs in order.

An 18 month timeframe has been given in which to make the proposed changes.

Exceeding this timeframe will result in crucial funding being withheld. Athletics Australia is currently without a major sponsor and so relies wholly on the Sport Commission’s $7.8 million (2013/14) to survive.

John Buchanan pulled no punches: “All we can say is if they continue to do what they are doing, they’re going to continue to get what they get.

“If they continue to do that, we have made it pretty clear, and the Sports Commission support this, that their funding is going to be reduced.

“I think that is reasonable to expect of any business. If you continue what you’re doing and having a culture that has been quite fragmented for a period of time then why should people invest in you? It’s as simple as that.”

BMX Star Has Sights Set on Rio Gold

 Caroline Buchanan has her sights set on a gold medal at next year’s Olympic Games in Rio.

She already has two BMX world championships to her credit, but is hungry for more.

To help her get there she has enlisted the aid of two Olympic and sporting legends: Marathoner Rob de Castella and pole vaulter Steve Hooker.

Both men have been there and done it. Both men know what it takes to compete at the highest level. And both men now count themselves as mentors to the track powerhouse Buchanan.

At the top level the differences between athletes is often incredibly close – “Everyone who makes the Olympics,” said Deek, “looks a bit the same. But you want to know that every day you’ve achieved something that might make a difference, that will make you complete.”

And in a sport like BMX this is crucial. BMX is ruthless, hard, and fiercely competitive. The further back you are from being first at the first bend, the harder it will be for you to make up that difference. Moreover, the further back you are the more likely it is you will be involved in a crash, ruining your chances of even finishing.

Confidence, then, is every bit as important as power and skill.

And confidence is what Buchanan has after two consecutive world championship wins. She now plans to ride out the remainder of the Australian season before leaving Australia to compete in the 2015 World Cup circuit in April.

Gemechu Crosses Second to Win Dallas Marathon

Gemechu Beaten by Relay Runner.

Full credit for sportsmanship to marathon runner Shitaye Gemechu! The plucky Ethiopian runner had raced a gruelling 42.2 kilometres on Sunday. Her competitors in the Dallas marathon had dropped, one-by-one, away over the winding course.

Some of the finest runners in the country had toed the line as the starter’s gun cracked the morning air, and the racing had been fierce.

In the second half of the race Gemechu stamped her authority over the field. She lost her last rival and began stretching out towards the finish.

As she entered the final bends of the race, the crowd went wild. She took the final right-hand curve and coasted the last two hundred metres to the tape.

What Gemechu didn’t (and couldn’t) know was that a fast finishing Janice Moore was fast closing the gap between them.

Moore was the anchoring runner as part of a relay team running the same course.

Moore put in a mighty finishing burst and breasted the tape inches before Gemechu.

But the plucky Ethiopian was unfazed. She’d won the individual category even if she didn’t cross first.

Gemechu was all smiles as she received her country’s flag and waved at the crowd.

Chris Kimbrough Shatters World Beer Mile Record

Mother of six, runner, and super-hero Chris Kimbrough has smashed the existing world beer mile record. Once thought unbeatable Chris slaughtered Seanna Robinson’s 1997 record of ^:42.0 by an astonishing 13 seconds.

The event challenges athletes to drink four beers and run a mile – all of it against the clock.

And don’t think this is a wimpy, lmid strength event either. The Official Beer Mile rules require the beer contain at least 5.0 per cent alcohol by volume.

Chris Kimbrough Image:

Chris Kimbrough Image:

44 year-old Chris Kimbrough, of Austin Texas, made her Rouge Racing Team proud by slamming down all four of her local brews – Alternation Ale – at room temperature and clocking a world record time of 628.6.

Athletes must drink a beer at the start line and one beer roughly every 400m enroute to completing the 1609 meter course.

And while it might seem a pleasant distraction to drink a beer after running each 400 meter lap, drinking while puffing is not for the faint-hearted. Runners can be disqualified for spilling too much beer and not finishing their beer.

In fact, it has now got to the point where some runners will train specifically for this event!

“The run part wasn’t that hard for me,” Kimbrough said. “The last two (beers) were harder to get down because I felt like there was this air here, so it wasn’t going down. Having all those beers in (my) stomach didn’t really bother me as much as I thought it would. I think learning how to get the burp out more before you get to that next beer would probably help.”

The World Beer Mile Championships take place in Austin on December 3.

I hope you’re ready.

Andrew Snope Smashes World 24 Hour Endurance Running Record

Ultra ultra ultra marathoner Andrew Snope has just stunned the world and set a new world record. The 28 year-old ran an incredible 220km in 24 hours on the weekend. And he did it all barefoot.

Andrew Snope. Photo:

Andrew Snope. Photo:

Snope, originally from savannah in Georgia, US, ran his mind-boggling record on a tartan athletics track in Alaska. Barring toilet breaks he ran non-stop, averaging an incredible 9.17 km per hour. His feat improved the previous record by 8.5km in the same time.

What makes Snope’s new record even more impressive is knowing that the mark he beat was set on a treadmill.  Treadmill running is the easiest possible version of the movement. Running in place creates no wind resistance, the surface is soft underfoot, adding bounce to each stride, and supporters can stand right next to you as you pound on and on.

In essence, Snope ran five and a quarter marathons back-to-back and alone; each in the highly creditable time of four hours 35 minutes.

Andrew Snope took up running three years ago after reading about the benefits of exercize in the book ‘Born to Run’. He is a fierce advocate of the natural states bought about by running. So much so he has never (and will never) owned a pair of running shoes.

Snope describes barefoot running as ecstatic, “Your senses are really heightened. To take a shower (after running) is ecstasy. To sit down is mind-blowing.”