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The Man Who Eats Six times More Than You Do.

Man Mountain, Robert Oberst. Image:

Man Mountain, Robert Oberst. Image:

Robert Oberst is America’s second strongest man. But he’s working his arse off to go that one extra step.

In an interview with Munchies website this week Oberst describe his nutrition regimen.

“I have six meals a day,” said the 2.03m, 180kg man-mountain. “If I don’t eat enough, I get shaky, I get headaches. My body is running on a level now where it’s used to having good fuel. If I cut that supply off, my body just revolts.”

Oberst’s six meals have him consuming between 15,000 and 20,000 calories each day. That’s five times more than the recommended daily intake for Australian males!

His diet consists mainly of eggs, meat, pasta and rice.

He’ll consume 8 – 10 eggs during breakfast and then eat more hard boiled eggs throughout the day. Lunch usually consists of two large steaks.

Dinner is pasta – with more meat.

Apart from snacking on eggs, Oberst also sneaks away up to six cups of rice each day.

His main rule is to eat no less than 1.6kg of meat a day.

“Basically, I clean out the meat section,” he laughs when thinking about his grocery shopping – weekly trips that cost him around $450.

“It has to taste good and it has to have high protein content.”

But it’s not all work for Oberst. One day every four weeks he allows himself a day off where he can eat what he wants.

Super Samoan Mark Hunt Gets Last Minute Call Up to Fight for UFC Heavyweight World Championship.

Rising MMA superstar ‘Super Samoan’ Mark Hunt has been handed the chance of a lifetime. Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez announced today he has injured his right knee and will be unable to face Fabricio Werdum in November.

Mark Hunt gets a shot at the UFC world heavyweight title. Image:

Mark Hunt gets a shot at the UFC world heavyweight title. Image:

That was when UFC President Dana White picked up the phone and asked Hunt to headline UFC 180.

To call Mark Hunt’s story in MMA a fairy tale is an understatement. Between 2006 and 2010 he lost six consecutive bouts. His form was so bad the UFC even tried to kick him out, offering to buy out the remainder of his contract.

Hunt famously refused and has since turned his career around.

The Samoan slugger is the only fighter to have knocked out UFC powerhouse Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson; a fight that was won on guts as much as power.

His recent record is 5-1-1, with the only loss coming at the hands of former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos, in May 2013.

Hunt was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to fight for the UFC heavyweight belt. “I feel blessed to have this opportunity to fight for another world title,” he told reporters.

“This is something that doesn’t happen often to people. First K1 and now UFC – how can I say no, even though it’s on short notice? I’m dropping everything and flying to Mexico tomorrow so I can best prepare myself for this fight. I have to get into shape and acclimatise to that environment, which is really important.

“There’s nothing to lose when you’re competing against the best at the top level.”

There is plenty to lose against Fabricio Werdum. Werdum is an experienced, wily and powerful fighter, in the prime of his career and peak of condition. Hunt will need a strategy and will have to be able to protect himself from Werdum’s hammer-blow punches.

Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot. Image:

Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot. Image:

Golokvin Stuns Rubio for Another Knockout

Gennady Golovkin has stunned the world with yet another devastating knockout. Golovkin (31-0, 28 Kos – Yes, you read that right: 28 Knockouts from 31 wins!) took only four minutes to destroy his highly fancied rival Marco Antonion Rubio (59-7-1, 51 Kos) in Los Angeles on the weekend.

Rubio is no slouch.He is a boxer with an enviable record, loads of experience, and plenty of power. But he simply wasn’t in Golovkin’s class.



Golovkin appeared to stun Rubio early in the first round, sending the Mexican shuffling backwards and hiding behind his guard. The Kasakh pressed forward, opening up Rubio’s guard with a series of well-placed and well-timed punches. The end came with a left hook that virtually whistled through the air.

No one alive could have taken it.

Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr was ringside, “This guy looks like a monster,” he spluttered, “a killing machine. Golovkin is like a young middleweight Mike Tyson. He’s a guy who just destroys whoever they put in front of him.”

With each knockout Golovkin is finding it more difficult to attract marquee opponents. And who can blame them?

After the fight Golovkin told the crowd he wanted to fight the winner of the Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez fight. But it is doubtful either of them want to fight him. Headline fighters make a lot of money with each bout, regardless of the opponent. They really don’t want to risk long term injury form fighting someone they don’t have to; someone like Golovkin.

Golovkin is now based in California, training with Abel Snachez. He was based in Germany, but has thrived under the tutelage in his new environment.

Brock Lesnar Contemplates His Future

Once known as the undisputed baddest man on the planet, Brock Lesnar will be off contract with WWE on March 31st next year.

Already the sporting franchises are lining up to sign him.

Brock Lesnar. Image:

Brock Lesnar. Image:

Brock Lesnar made sporting history by winning the UFC heavyweight title in just his fourth career fight. He retired with a 5 – 3 record after a long struggle with diverticulitis and losses to Cain Velasquez in October 2010 and Alistair Overeem in December 2011.

The UFC was devastated to see him go. Lesnar remains to this day the highest grossing pay-per-view fighter ever contracted by the MMA franchise.

Jim Ross, from FOX Sports told that he believes Lesnar was never at full strength. Diverticultis is an insidious, strength sapping condition that takes a long time to completely heal. The incredibly punishing training and fighting he endured as a UFC fighter would have significantly impacted on that healing process.

Since leaving the UFC Lesnar has been with the WWE, on a seven figure contract. He has continued his strength and conditioning training, but without the physical violence of actual combat. Many believe he is now in better physical condition than he was as UFC heavyweight champion.

If Lesnar decides to come back to the UFC fold he is likely to cut a swathe through the heavyweight rankings. If he decides to remain with the WWE he will continue to ride a wave of almost idolatrous support amongst fans.

The third option is for Lesnar to simply turn his back on them both and return to his reclusive home in Minnesota. Lesnar has shown he is quite content fishing and hunting in the woods around his home and being a family man.

Korean Zombie Out for Two Years

Today saw some bad news for MMA fans with one of the worlds’ most popular fighters announcing and extended lay-off.

Chan Sung Jung (aka the Korean Zombie) has already been out f competitive MMA after reciveig a savage shoulder injury n his last UFC bout against featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Jung lost the august 2013 bout by TKO and severely injured his shoulder in the process.

UFC President Dana White is likely to remove Jung from the featherweight rankings because of his inactivity. The 27 year-old Jung is currently ranked sixth.

Chan Sung Jung hyper-extends his right shoulder against Jose Aldo. Image:

Chan Sung Jung hyper-extends his right shoulder against Jose Aldo. Image:

The Korean Zombie rocketed to international acclaim after winning his second UFC fight against Leonard Garcia with a submission victory. The submission was the first and only submission by Twister in UFC history. It was proposed for Submission of the Year in 2010. Jung’s first fight against Leonard Garcia was a candidate for Fight of the Year; with both men showing enough skill, stamina and cunning to transfix everyone fortunate enough to watch the bout.

Jung was again a contender for Submission of the year in 2012 for his d’acre choke victory over Dustin Poirer. This was the same year in which he knocked out Mark Hominick.

In fact, Jung has won five fight-night bonuses from his six fights in the UFC and WEC.

Jung had been scheduled to return to the UFC on Fight Night Pass earlier this month. However he was unable to make the bout in Sweden because of the existing shoulder injury.

Dana White has speculated in the press about hosting a UFC event in Korea in 2015. However, it seems unlikely Jung will be on the card.

Unfortunately men in South Korea are required to complete a two-year military service. It is now time for Jung to enlist. His manager, Brian Rhee, told MMA junkie that Jung will still be training regularly, he just won’t be fighting competitively.

Rin Nakai Set to Shake Things Up Against in UFC 175

Rin Nakai. Photo:

Rin Nakai. Photo:

UFC President Dana White has described his latest signing, Japanese fighter Rin Nakai, as “very interesting.”

The former Pancrase fighter, who has worked as a muscle-fetish model, is scheduled to fight women’s bantam-weight (61.2 kg) contender Mischa Tate in late September. And both girls are looking forward to the bout.

Nakai has accrued a cult following in Japan where she is known for walking into the ring wearing a prom dress. Nakai has her own muscle-fetish Youtube channel where she is filmed performing everyday tasks such as cooking and working out while wearing lingerie.

When asked whether Nakai would be allowed to wear a prom dress into the Octagon White said, “As long as everybody is legit and has legit records and they fight, they can wear prom dresses or wedding dresses – I don’t care what they do.”

Nakai and Tate will be fighting in UFC 175. Aussie Mark Hunt will get his shot at Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson in the heavy-weight headline fight.

Alex Chambers, Aussie Straw-weight in the UFC House

Alex Chambers, Aussie straw-weight in the UFC House. Photo:

Alex Chambers, Aussie straw-weight in the UFC House. Photo:

Australian Straw-weight fighter (52 kg) Alex Chambers is going into ‘the house’.

The diminutive 35-year-old mixed martial artist has fought her way into the Ultimate Fighter house. Here she will be coached by and fight some of the most vicious, ruthless and highly-trained fighters in the world.

But Chambers is more than just a pretty face: She has a science degree, is in love with astrophysics, and has 23 years of martial arts experience to back her up.

Chambers describes herself as ‘a bit of a tom-boy’. At the same time she admits to enjoying dressing to the nines when going out. Her long-term boyfriend takes it in stride. Chambers says he’s very understanding.

UFC 20 is the first of the franchise to feature all-women fighters. As per the previous seasons, all the fighters are there to battle it out for a lucrative UFC contract. Chambers, who was given the nickname ‘Astrogirl’ by the other contestants, has thrown herself into training for the event. She works-out six days a week, often twice or three times a day. It’s brutal, punishing training, but necessary when you’re competing against the best in the world.

At 35 Chambers realizes she doesn’t have long to make her mark on the big stage of UFC. “It’s more of a mentally challenging sport than physically challenging. So I’m constantly battling myself in training.”

She’ll be battling more than just herself when she goes into ‘the house.’ Fights can be won or lost before even entering the ring, when you live with your opponents.

Ronda Rousey Breaks Director’s Rib

Ronda Rousey. Photo:

Ronda Rousey. Photo:

Mixed martial arts sensation turned silver screen starlet Ronda Rousey has broken the rib of her director, Patrick Hughes.

Rousey has been hot property in movie circles, with the looks and fan base to have directors lining up. Already she starred in ‘fast and Furious 7” and the latest ‘Entourage” movie. However directors might be a little more cautious when they hear about this incident with Aussie director Patrick Hughes.

Rousey and Hughes were on the set of “Expendables 3” when Hughes noticed how nervous Rousey appeared. She was working with A–listers like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and was feeling the pressure.

The cast and crew were preparing for a scene with Ronda and Sly at the bar when Hughes approached Rousey.

“I went up and said, ‘Well, what do you do before a big fight?’

“And she says, I like to spar in my room. I get that nervous energy out.’

“And I said, ‘So you need to hit something? Let’s find something to hit.’

“And she said, ‘But I want to hit you.’

“She was like, ‘Put your arms up.’ And I was thinking, ‘Ronda’s just going to do this.’

“I put my hands up and she goes WHAM! Next day, I was getting dressed and my kids were there at the time. My seven-year-old daughter said, ‘What’s that?’ And I had this huge black mark.

“I had a broken rib. And I said, ‘I got beaten up by an actress.”

Ronda will only admit to the sparring, claiming she didn’t hit Hughes hard enough to break his rib.

Paul Gallen’s Incredible Post-2011 Running Stat’s

Figures cataloging meters gained per year by Paul Gallen have attracted widespread scrutiny. Gallen, along with 16 other ex-Cronulla players, last week plead guilty to ‘unwittingly’ taking performance banned enhancing substances.

Paul Gallen, late bloomer? Photo

Paul Gallen, late bloomer? Photo

Gallen took the reduced sentence in an effort to put the ASADA drug probe behind him. However, these fresh figures are cause for more consternation.

The figures detail the number of games played by Gallen each year and the number of times he ran for more than 200 meters.

Running 200 meters in an NRL game is an incredible achievement. It is something done only by the very elite. Even then, players in certain positions (such as fullback) are more likely to run further per game owing to the distance they have from attacking players when they receive the ball.

Forwards, such as Gallen, usually receive the ball within 10 meters of the opposition. The going is much, much harder for them.

However, Gallen’s meters gained per match were off the charts during and since 2011; the year the banned substances were introduced.

Since 2011 Gallen has run for more than 200 meters in a match on more than 24 occasions! And that’s in only 61 top grade matches. This is a stunning 39 per cent of matches played!

The next best runner for over 200 meters in a game is full back Jarrod Hayne. Hayne ran for over 200 meters in a match only 12 times in 66 games. This means Hayne played five more matches than Gallen but only managed to run over 200 meters on half as many occasions. And Hayne is a full back!

The closest forward to Gallen’s numbers is fellow Cronulla player Andrew Fifita who has run for more than 200 meters 6 times in 76 games (4.5 per cent of the time).

In State of Origin games, since 2011, Gallen has averaged a jaw-dropping 160 meters per game. This is unbelievable at this elite level of football. During the regular seasons since 2011 Gallen has averaged 186 meters per game; a full 42 meters more per game than the next best, South Sydney’s colossus Sam Burgess.

In the first eight rounds of the 2012 season Gallen averaged 218 meters each game.

Maybe Gallen is simply an incredible athlete? If so, then why didn’t he show such promise prior to 2011?

Year                      Games                  200m+                  Year                      Games                  200m+

2001                     02                          0                            2011                     20                          6

2002                     21                          0                            2012                     16                          9

2003                     17                          0                            2013                     16                          8

2004                     19                          3                            2014                     9                            1

2005                     25                          4

2006                     18                          1

2007                     19                          2

2008                     20                          2

2009                     16                          3

2010                     23                          5

Pre 2011             180                       20                          Post 2011            61                          24


Source: Fox Sports Stat’s