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Polish Giant Wins Belt With KO of the Year


The social media world has gone into overdrive at the vicious KO of Marco Huck at the hands of previously unknown Krzysztof Glowacki.

Glowacki, a 29 year-old Polish boxer stunned the WBO cruiserweight champion with a brutal 11th round knockout on Friday night. The win ended Huck’s six-year championship streak and cemented Glowacki as one of the most devastating punchers on the planet.

The win was Glowacki’s 26th career victory.

“My trainer (Fiodor Lapin) told me to pace myself and I didn’t listen to him,” said a clearly euphoric Glowacki. “I knew the second part of the fight wasn’t mine, so I decided to go for broke. Not even for a second did I think I would lose this fight.

“This is the biggest night of my life.”

Huck’s promoter, Lou DiBella, said it was a magnificent fight, even though it was his man that ended on the canvas.

“Huck had pulled ahead and he is a beastly strong guy,” said DiBella. “But this Glowacki did not stop coming. He was like the undertaker. He was dead on the canvas and got up and went and got Huck. That was a great fight.

“This is the entertainment business, and that was entertainment.”

Huck spent most of his boxing career in his native Germany, but moved to America to build his career.

He remained firm against a strong-starting Glowacki, enduring a first round flurry of aggressive punches.

In the sixth round Huck stunned the Pole and came within a hair’s breadth of winning the fight.

Glowacki managed to stay in the contest. The two traded blows until the 11th round when Glowacki landed several bell-ringers on Huck’s chin, leading to the KO.

Huck was ahead on all three scorecards until he hit the canvas.

Beauty Queen a Nazi Sympathiser


Russian beauty queen Olga Kuzkova has been stripped of her Miss Russia Premier League beauty title after pictures of her supporting Nazism surfaced on social media.

The competition consists of each of Russia’s 16 football teams selecting a beauty to represent them. Ms Kizkova took out the title of Miss Charming.



But controversy erupted soon after when pictures of Kuzkova, dressed in a maid’s outfit with a swastika armband and a message supporting the incineration of Jews, surfaced on Vkontakte, a Russian social media platform.

The Moscow Times reported, “In one picture, Kuzkova gazes into the camera, her right hand extended in a Nazi salute as she stands in front of a wall bearing Nazi graffiti.

“Anbother features two photos spliced together. The first shows a Cadbury bubbly bar (a popular candy bar made up of oddly sized chocolate sphere. The second shows a group of small African children, clad in dirty clothing, posing for a group shot in what appeared to be a remote village. The insinuation is that the children and the chocolate bar looks alike. Kuzkova wrote: ‘I love chocolate, but after this image I developed an … aversion.’



Kzukova’s boyfriend is shown with the numbers “14/88” tattooed on his legs – a code for ‘Heil Hitler’. The photograph of the couple has the words ‘White Love’ written beneath it.

CSKA fans created a Facebook page to pressure the organisers to strip Kuzkova of her title.

The Russian Premier league duly did so. The Executive director of the league, Sergei Cheban, said to the Russian newspaper Sport Express: “We do not tolerate manifestations of fascism, nationalism, and racism.

“It is unfortunate that it happened. However I beg (everyone) to understand the situation.”

He said Kuzkova was willing to give up her title. Doing so, she realised would limit the potential damage to the CSKA.


Mundine – More Elusive Outside the Ring than In It

Genady Golovkin image:

Anthony Mundine continues to ask for fights he knows he will not get. At the same time he continues to refuse fights he knows he will not win.

And that’s the point.

After his open letter to Floyd Mayweather was deservedly ignored, Mundine has now expressed his wish to fight KO machine Gennady Golovkin.

There is absolutely no incentive for Golovkin to accept the fight. He has knocked out 30 of the 33 fighters he has faced and beaten the other three on points. He destroyed Daniel Geale last year in three rounds of absolute carnage; plus he once offered Mundine a fight – which Mundine turned down!

Granted, the offer from Golovkin was when the young Kazahk was still making his way into the sport.

“He (Mundine) wanted the fight to take place in Australia, under their television (rights) and under his terms; and even after I accepted those terms, it was still the same thing – he refused to take the fight,” said Golovkin.

Golovkin has since rocketed to the very pinnacle of the sport; while Mundine has continued to attract doubts and suspicions about his own fighting pedigree.

In similar news promoters for junior middleweight title-holder Demetrius Andrade claim Mundine is refusing to fight him. Andrade (21-0) had offered Mundine a fight, with both camps negotiating to meet in Australia in August.

“We agreed to terms with Mundine’s promoter, but we’ve heard nothing back since then,” said Andrade. “Mundine calls out Mayweather, but he won’t take a legitimate WBO world title fight at 154 pounds in his own country? Same old story I guess. Everybody wants something until they have a chance to really get it.

“I don’t understand. We offered this guy a chance to win the championship of the world, in his home country, and he looked for a way out instead? What kind of fighter is he? Any real fighter would do anything for that kind of opportunity.”

Mundine’s camp responded with the following statement:” The simple facts remain – we haven’t accepted the terms given by Team Andrade, which lock Mundine into three fights and low dollars.

“At this stage of Anthony’s career we feel we are being smart. We have to be calculated, as every deal we enter affects his legacy. And deals which detract from this strategy are bad deals for Mundine.”

Mundine’s legacy is already written – He’ll be remembered as a fighter who was more elusive outside the ring than in it.

Octagon Girl Charges Husband with Attempted Murder

Brittney Palmer image:

UFC Octagon girl (and heart-throb of millions) Brittney Palmer has allegedly been attacked by her husband Aaron Zalewski, in their Los Angeles home on June 11.

TMZ sports reported that Zalewsski, 34, had been arraigned on charges of attempted murder, spousal battery, and criminal threats, around 1:25 am on June 12.

Palmer claims Zalewski overheard a phone call in which a casting director called Palmer ‘babe’.

Zalewski became enraged at the familiarity and attempted to wrestle the phone from Palmer.

Zalewski then noticed Palmer was attempting to record their conversation. He then allegedly threw Palmer and told her to “Pack your f***king bags and go!”

Instead of allowing Palmer to leave the tussle continued with Zalewski allegedly pinning Palmer face down on the mattress with his knee in the middle of her back.

Palmer is quoted in the report as saying she called the police once she escaped. The police arrested Zalewski upon arrival.

Zalewski was released pm $1 million bail and was scheduled to appear before the Los Angeles Municipal Court early in the week.

Josh Papalii Called Back Into Maroons’ Origin Squad


Maroons coach Mal Meninga has opted to fight fire with fire, bringing 110kg hitman Josh Papalii back into the Queensland side.

The Maroons were outgunned by the Blues’ ferocity in game two of Origin.

New South Wales coach, Laurie Daley, modelled the strategy of game two around putting the Queenslanders off their game. To this end he unleashed hulking firebrand David Klemmer on their ranks.

Not even the most ardent Queensland fan could deny the impact Klemmer had on the game. At 2 meters tall (every inch of it mongrel), Klemmer battered the Queenslanders.

Coach Meninga needs an answer for Klemmer’s power and aggression in the deciding game three. And that answer comes in the form of wrecking-machine Josh Papalii.

Papalii was controversially dropped from Origin 12 months ago after a poor showing in game 1 at Suncorp Stadium.

But he was chosen for this year’s decider over rookie Dylan Napa because of this experience; with coach Meninga keen to give him the opportunity to redeem himself.

It is an opportunity Papalii is eager to embrace.

“I don’t want to let this Queensland jersey go,” he told reporters upon his announcement in the state squad. “I’m not coming here to play awful ever again, I’ll be leaving nothing behind.”

When asked about Klemmer, Papalii’s answer was: “I have played against Klemmer before and he wasn’t hard to miss, he’s massive. He is a good, young player, so I can’t wait to go up against him. It’s my job to come on and lift the team, just like he (Klemmer) does.”

Papalii has the ability to hurt the opposition. Last year he crash tackled Blues skipper Paul Gallen from behind. The tackle had Gallen whinging about cheap shots, but it was enough to rattle him.

The Maroons players are hoping Papalii is the antidote needed to take the Klemmer sting out of the New South Wales side. He has the ability, it just remains to be seen whether he has the nerve.

Danny Green Announces Comeback


Boxer Danny Green announced his return to the ring on Wednesday and made it clear he wants another shot at Anthony Mundine.

The two haven’t fought since 2006 when Mundine outpointed Green for an unconvincing win in Sydney. At the time it was the most lucrative fight in Australian history.

The decision has been talked about ever since it was made.

When he learned of Green’s comeback Mundine laughed. He described Green as an ‘irrelevance’.

But with both men in the twighlight of their careers it is likely the big payday will lure them into one final showdown.

Mundine is 40, Green 42, so their high earning days are running out.

Green said, at his return announcement, that he had never stopped training and felt he was still in great shape.

But he’ll have to work his way back up to compete against Mundine.

The first step will be defeating the dangerous Slovakian Tamas Kovacs, at Hisense Arena on August 19. Kovacs is 20 15 years Green’s junior (27) and will be no push-over for The Green Machine.

Green is well-spoken, outgoing, and a devoted family man. Since his retirement from competitive boxing he has worked tirelessly against street violence and has become a respected community figure.

Drug Cartels Target High School Athletes


American drug law enforcement agents are horrified at the increasing number of drug overdoses amongst high school athletes.

A recent report highlights a pervasive use of heroin, leading to addiction, and often death amongst teenagers.

The seven-month study, by Sports Illustrated, believed cartels focus on athletes recovering from injuries. These people often have a history of painkiller use (either prescription or blackmarket) and are ripe to ‘graduate’ to hard drugs like heroin.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has identified this demographic as ‘at risk’.

The pressure and rewards of sporting achievement, even during high school, can be enormous. Scouts from many top-tier sporting teams regularly attend high school sports matches and carnivals in the hopes of spotting athletes worth signing.

As such, many teenagers are willing to take enormous health risks and compete despite being injured. When they are unable to be given prescription painkillers they look to the blackmarket.

“The cartels have developed a strategy,” said DEA chief of operations Jack Riley in the Sports Illustrated article, “with the help of street gangs, to put heroin in every walk of life. They recognise how vulnerable young athletes are.

A research project carried out by the University of Michigan found that approximately 11 per cent of high school athletes will have used a narcotic painkilling substance (including OxyContin or Vicodin) for non-medical purposes by the time they reach their final year of school.

Passed-Out Soccer Star’s Photo’s Go Viral

Grealish images:

19 year-old soccer sensation Jack Grealish has been photographed ‘paralytic’ in the gutter while on holiday in Tenerife, Spain.

The footballer has a history of trouble, with Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood already warning the young tyro of his behaviour in April.

In the previous incident Grealish was pictured inhaling nitrous oxide (Laughing Gas).

“I explained to him his behaviour can’t be tolerated by the football club,” said Sherwood at the time of the first incident. “We can’t condone that behaviour.

“It doesn’t matter how young he is, he is now in a responsible position as a professional footballer.

“He’s got to make sure it won’t happen again, he’s assuured me it won’t.”

Well it has.

Briony King image: Twitter

Briony King image: Twitter

In a statement about the current viral photographs Aston Villa have said, “The club is aware of the photographs of Jack Grealish currently circulating.

“We will be meeting with the player, but any action will remain an internal matter.

“There will be no further comment from the club.”

WBA has a Dead Man Ranked 11th in Flyweight Division

Ali raymi Wiki and image:

For a long time there have been eyebrows raised at the rankings system used in professional boxing. Suspicions of incompetence or foul play must have been confirmed this week when the latest World Boxing Association (WBA) listings were relased.

Yemen’s Ali Raymi was listed as holding down 11th position in the Flyweight rankings. What’s so strange about this? Well Ali Raymi is dead.

The 41 year-old was killed in an air strike in his home country in May of this year. While he was boxing Raymi amassed an impressive 25 wins from 25 fights with 25 knock outs. All of which pushed him up the Flyweight rankings.

In fact, Ali Raymi was so good 21 of his opponents never even made it past the first round.

However, on closer inspection a few questions emerge. All of Raymi’s fights in 2014 were against the same man: a Prince Maz, an unknown who seemed to pose no contest.

Raymi last fought on March 28 of this year. He crushed another no-namer, one Omar Moxamad, again in the first round.

And then there is the extraordinary feat of maintaining his ranking from beyond the grave.

Boxing commentator for ESPN Dan Rafael isn’t surprised: “I don’t even blink at such pure nonsense anymore,” he wrote, “I have no respect or regard for, or expectations of the folks who put together the WBA’s rankings month after month.

“Raymi’s No. 11 ranking is so utterly and absolutely indefensible.”

NSW Blues Injury List Lessens

Laurie Daley image:

Paul Gallen, Brett Morris, and Robbie Farah are expected to be cleared from injury and available for Blues selection.

For Coach Laurie Daley their convalescence couldn’t have come a t a better time.

The Blues meet the Maroons at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on June 17 for a must-win second Origin match. This is the first match to be held at the MCG since 1997, and ticket sales have been somewhat sluggish.

Daley has until 7:45am on Tuesday to name his squad and he is keenly awaiting the fitness reports of his most experienced players: Gallen, Morris and Farah.

Gallen was cleared to play for Cronulla yesterday against the Sydney City Roosters. Boyd Cordner is expected to be dropped to make way for the incumbent Captain. While winger Daniel Tupou is pegged to be relegated to make way for Morris.

Robbie Farah, however, is another story.

Farah braved the Origin I battle field, returning after receiving painkilling injections for a grade three AC shoulder joint injury in the first half. Since the game, Farah has spent every waking moment undergoing rehabilitation.

Despite the severity of the injury Farah remains confident of his chances to play..

But Coach Daley has said he wants all 17 of his squad ready to train on the day they are named.

Sharks hooker (and one of the biggest divers in the game) Michael Ennis is expected to replace Farah, should the vice-captain be unavailable through injury.

The Blues will go into camp the day the squad is named.