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Hapless Rams in Hot Water for Nudie Run

The East Burwood Rams Football Club is under investigation for forcing its players to run nude around the oval as punishment for poor on-field performances.

The incident is said to have occurred Thursday May 22, with players as young as 17 said to have been forced to bare all to the Melbourne chill. The Eastern Football League is investigating the incident after a slew of complaints from outraged parents. “Once the investigation is complete,” said Chief Executive Phil Murton of the Eastern Football League, “the details will be assessed and any penalties or sanctions will be delivered based on the findings and in accordance with [league] procedures and rules.”

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The hapless Rams are winless since the first round of the season and seem to have the wooden spoon wrapped up.

To add insult to injury it seems the punishment run did nothing to benefit the team. Two days after the alleged incident Doncaster East put a 61 point hiding on them.

Club President Sue Bailey refused to comment on the incident.

Stadium Stomp is Coming to the Gabba.

This relatively new endurance sport began at the MCG on June 22 last year. It is described as part obstacle course, part endurance race, and all lung-busting, leg-burning, sweat-pouring fun.

Races have teams of competitors beginning in intervals before traversing a marked course that includes climbing all the stairs around the grounds … at least once. The race at the Gabba will have racers complete two laps of level 4 and one lap of level two before running a final full lap of the oval and collapsing over the finish line. It’s estimated this course will challenge competitors with over 5000 ascending steps.

Marshals are on hand to ensure the rules are strictly adhered to: No passing on the stairs except in designated passing zones; no passing or running down the steps; no skipping over steps (every step must be taken); no ipads or MP3 player during the race.

Stadium StompThe race organisers have made it very clear that sporting stadiums have been built for sport viewing, not sport hosting. That they have been given permission to host an event like this is a privilege, a privilege that comes with very strict guidelines.

But if those guidelines are followed, and if previous events in other locations are anything to go by, then the Gabba Stadium Stomp is likely to attract huge numbers of participants with all sorts of fitness levels. Many will be there only to see the stadium from new vantage. Most will be there to simply have fun. All of them will be there to challenge themselves.

Pistorius trial continues

Oscar Pistorius

The trial of one-time sporting hero Oscar Pistorius continues to generate huge media interest. Pistorius, who shot and killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013, has plead not guilty to the murder charge, claiming that he believed Steenkamp to be an intruder.

The controversy over the case has arguably already overshadowed Pistorius’ sporting achievements. Prior to Steenkamp’s death, Pistorius was heralded as a sporting hero – the first disabled person to compete at the Olympic Games, and a double amputee with a swathe of Paralympic medals under his belt, the man dubbed ‘Blade Runner’ was, for a time, among the most celebrate sportspeople in the world.

Olympics Day 8 - AthleticsNow, with a throng of media gathered outside the Pretoria courtroom and a 24-hour television channel devoted to the trial, Pistorius has gone from sporting hero to potential media scapegoat.

Pistorius has been visibily emotional during the case so far – particularly when lawyers recounted how Steenkamp had been injured by the three bullets that hit (and ultimately killed) her. Witness testimonies so far have contradicted Pistorius’ version of events, with nieghbours claiming that they could hear Steenkamp screaming both before and after shots were fired. This throws into doubt the athlete’s assertions that he thought he was shooting at an intruder.

In a more recent development, a friend of Pistorius has claimed that the runner once fired a shot in a restaurant, and asked a third party to take the blame in an attempt to avoid public and media scrutiny.

The controversy of the trial can be explained not only by Pistorius’ high profile, but by the high rate of gun ownership in South Africa, which is attributed to the high crime rate there. The victim’s mother, June Steenkamp, attended the first day of the trial to signal her forgiveness of her daughter’s killer.

If found guilty, Pistorius could spend 25 years in jail.

Teresa’s Momentum Health Solution

I met Teresa for coffee yesterday. I was early, so I got to see her hobble in: her right foot in a moonboot. She swayed gingerly through the crowded room, careful of people about to move their chairs.

Teresa is an attractive thirty-something Philippine girl. We’ve known each other for years. Teresa is fit, lithe and always injured. Teresa is a runner.14462487-silhouette-of-a-woman-athlete-running-at-sunset-or-sunrise-fitness-training-of-marathon-runner

I didn’t need to ask, just raise an eyebrow. “Retro-calcaneal bursitis,” she said, sipping her latte. “Inflammation of the heel. A repetitive strain injury brought about by too sudden a change of either pace or running surface.”

Teresa relies on the exercise rehabilitation staff at Momentum Health. She knows them so well they send each other birthday cards.

“They must look at you the same way a casino looks at a problem gambler?” Teresa and I are way past being subtle.

“A gambler loses in the end,” she replied, “I always leave better than I arrive.”

Fair enough.

I changed tack. “But you have to admit they must rely on people like you for their livelihoods?”

“I choose the lifestyle, so I choose the consequences,” she sighed. “They’re not ghoulishly wishing me ill.” She had another sip of her coffee.

“They’re called Momentum Health Solutions,” I said, perhaps a little more sharply than I intended. “I don’t see any ‘solution’ to your constant injury problems. Granted, they fix up each and every current injury as they happen. But that’s not the problem,” I rammed the point home, “is it?”

Teresa thought for a moment. “Can you guess the top three sports needing exercise rehabilitation?”

It was my turn to think. “I’d have to say contact sports. Things like MMA, boxing, football.”

“That’s what I said. But it’s running, surfing, and gym work.”

I must have looked skeptical.

“Yep, the specialist told me. The top three sports requiring rehabilitation and physiotherapy all have one thing in common.”

I leaned forward.

“And just being told this, I think answers your question about whether or not the ‘Solution’ belongs in Momentum Health Solutions.”

I waited.

“The Momentum therapists have noticed that the sports with the highest incidence of injuries are those without a coach or trainer.”