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What Some Women Do to Sleep with Football Stars

Helen McCabe Image:

Jesinta Campbell, 23 year-old model and fiancée of Buddy Franklin, recently gave some surprising answers when she was quizzed about domestic violence and sportsmen.

Ms Campbell was taking part in a Let’s Talk discussion with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick and editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly Helen McCabe when she dropped her bombshell.

“With my experience of Lance,” she said, “obviously he’s such a gentleman, he’s the man that’s going to be my husband. I haven’t seen anything with him.

“But with other men I’ve definitely seen it – and the most shocking thing for me is the way you see some women, or women in general, act around these sports stars.

“I’ve seen things in clubs that would make their mothers’ skin crawl. I’ve seen girls lift skirts up and put men’s hands under their skirts.

“You see a lot,” she said, referring to the Melbourne nightclub seen. “It’s almost like they will do.

anything to have the glory of being with a footballer. How do we change that?” she asked

No one had an answer.

It’s heresy to even consider a woman’s actions (any actions) as provocative. Women’s groups have hitherto focused 100 per cent of their, and the nation’s, attention on changing the attitudes of men.

Campbell’s comments echoed sentiments espoused in the 2006 documentary Footy Chicks. The film followed a small group of women who pursued footballers as sexual conquests. It showed the extraordinary lengths, guile, and cunning used by the women for their own gratification, regardless of the often dire consequences for their prey.

Men, it seems, are the only ones held accountable for their actions.

King Calls for Mandatory State-Funded MRIs for Boxers

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Queensland boxer Shannon King took to the canvas on the weekend against talented super middle-weight Liam Hutchinson. The two fought at the Mansfield tavern on Saturday, the first sanctioned boxing match since the death of Toowoomba fighter Braydon Smith.

King is a boxing trainer, coach of Reds rugby star Quade Cooper, veteran fighter, gym owner and long-time advocate for mandatory, government-funded MRI scans for combat athletes.

Professional fighters are required to have regular scans in South Australia, but no such checks are required in Queensland. Individuals may decide to get the scans done, but they then face a hefty $250 bill.

“We need bulk billed MRIs for fighters,” said Smith. “It is $250 for each MRI, so promoters can’t afford that.

“If a promoter has ten fights, that’s 20 fighters and $5,000 – and who can afford that?

“If you are a professional athlete in a combat sport you should be able to access an MRI every six months for free from the government.”

At the same time king said, “Football is more dangerous than boxing. Since I have trained Quade (Cooper) he has had a shoulder reconstruction, a broken collarbone, and he was knocked out in a Test in England.

“In that same time I have had five boxing fights and all I have had is 12 stitches.”

On wonders then if King believes all footballers should have access to free MRIs as well?

Randwick Rugby Club Trials Concussion Patch

randwick concussion patch

Randwick Rugby Club is the first Australian team to trial a new concussion patch that monitors data from head impacts and allows medical staff to make better decisions around head injury treatment and prevention.

The first grade team wore the small patches behind their ears at the opening round of the Shute Shield competition last weekend, and will continue to use it in every game from now on.

The X-patch measures G-force and rotational acceleration to monitor the force, length and location of every blow to the head. The small digital device was created in 2007 by Seattle-based X2 Biosystems for American football and was used for research by the Auckland University of Technology. This study involved examining every hit sustained by a single amateur rugby union team in New Zealand throughout the 2013 season, and was published by the American Journal of Medicine.

The research found that across a 19-match season, the premier-level team experienced 20,687 impacts to the head greater than 10g, which is approximately the impact of a light punch. That equates to a massive average of 77 impacts to the head per player-position per match.

4,452 of these impacts were “above the injury-risk limit” – and this was in the amateur rugby union league.

Wearing the X-patch, according to Dr Matt Matava of the NFL Physician Society, “has allowed us to accurately diagnose concussions immediately following an injury [6 minutes after a hit]. The software also allows up to compare the players’ injury date to their baseline in order to asses changes in mental status.”

The X-patch was adopted by London rugby union team, Saracens, in January. It has also already appeared in NFL, NHL, US Lacrosse and in the coming season will be used by all 20 major league soccer teams in the United States.

The technology is currently focused on simply monitoring head impacts and acquiring data. However, Dr Adrian Cohen of NeckSafe, said at the Randwick club season launch on Thursday: “one of the things that interested me was the role of technology and actually getting some objectivity into what is going on.”

“We can see what is going on and get a firm understanding of the things that lead to injury and what we can do,” said Dr Cohen.

Eventually, when adopted more widely, this technology could revolutionise our understanding of and ability to prevent head injuries in contact sports. It will help in particular to monitor the smaller, repetitive hits, which can do even more damage than the obvious knock out hits.


How the Titans Became Embroiled in the Cocaine Sting


Despite the roll call of Titan’s players about to face the Southport courts, police say they are only minor players in a much larger and more elaborate drug distribution syndicate.

Players at the highest echelons of rugby league Karmichael Hunt, Greg Bird, Dave Taylor, Ashley Harrison, Steve Michaels, and Beau Fallon – along with lesser known footballers Jamie Dowling, Kalifa Faifai Loa and Joe Vickery were etted by the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission in a sting targeting organised crime.

The police will allege they were caught sourcing ‘columbia’s finest on several occasions between June and December 2014. Sourcing the drug is different from dealing it, but a breach of the law nonetheless.

The sting centred around former first grade rugby league player John ‘Leather’ Touma and his ex-Roosters teammate John Tobin.

Touma moved to the Gold Coast after a drug deal going wrong saw him shot in the stomach.. Once on the glitter strip he allegedly began sourcing suppliers and distributors.

It was Greg Bird’s ill-fated Bucks party, aboard a booze cruise on last year’s Mad Monday, which saw the Titans dragged into this mess.

Police will allege Touma, was contacted by several sports stars looking for cocaine. Touma delivered on their orders. In doing so he left a trail of text messages, video, and photographic evidence capturing the transactions.

Beau Falloon and Jamie Dowling are due to face the Southport Magistrates Court this Thursday. Their appearance will likely set in motion a protracted legal process that could possibly destroy the Gold Coast Titans.

Titans’ Cocaine Investigation Widens

"VariousPills" by MorgueFile : see [1]. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

John Thomas, whose original name was John Touma, has sold his Mermaid Waters unit as he goes to ground in the wake of the Titans’ drug scandal.

A former Roosters player Touma sold his property between May and December of 2013. Yet a note on the door yesterday said he had sold the property because of the rain.

Thomas’ property is listed on his bail undertaking.

Touma was arrested on December 19 last year. He was charged with trafficking cocaine and possessing five mobile phones, a large sum of cash, and a Ford Territory allegedly used in the commission of a crime..

Touma was released on a $10,000 surety on the condition he reside at his Christina Court home.

Within weeks was Touma was again in court, this time charged with possession of and supplying cocaine to John Rowland Tobin, another former Roosters player.

Yesterday, however, Touma was nowhere to be found.

Nor did his solicitor, Stephen Buchanan respond to a request for his client’s whereabouts.

Falloon and his girlfriend Elise Abood, Hunt and Dowling will have their first court appearance on March 5. Touma and Tobin are due to appear before a magistrate on 11th of March.

Prosecutors believe Touma is at the centre of a drug syndicate embroiling current and former NRL players. It has been alleged that Thomas was identified as the cocaine ringleader through phone intercepts organised by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

In time the investigation widened to include Gold coast Titans players Beau Falloon, Dave Taylor, Greg Bird, Jamie Dowling, and Kalifa Faifai Loa and former Titan Joe Vickery. All of them have since been charged with supplying of cocaine.

Others to be charged in conjunction with the investigation are Queensland Reds player Karmichael Hunt and former rugby league players John Tobin, Jason Smith, and Matt Seers.


Punters can name their own odds on a Titan’s premiership this year.


In breaking news, the NRL has taken control of the beleaguered Titans in an effort to save the club from dissolution. The NRL is now the club’s sole shareholder. It has said it will not interfere with the day-to-day running of the club, but instead aims to restructure the Titans’ for longevity.

The Titans still lack a major sponsor, but the investment made by the NRL assures their existence while the root and branch changes are made.

More Named in Titan’s Cocaine-Syndicate


The drug scandal engulfing the Gold Coat Titans just gets worse.

Two more players have been charged and ordered to appear in court.

This brings the number of Titans’ players facing legal action for possessing or supplying cocaine to four.

Outside back Kalifa Faifai Loa and former squad member Joe Vickery were served with court notices over the weekend.

They have refused to comment on the charges against them.

The Titans already have players Beau Falloon and Jamie Dowling on charges of allegedly supplying cocaine to friends and colleagues.

This latest announcement has plunged the club into yet more crisis meetings.

Coach Neil Henry stepped into the vacant spot after his predecessor, John Cartwright, was unceremoniously sacked late last year. Over the summer Henry has tried to drill last year’s whipping boys into something approaching a competitive side.

But the Titans have been hamstrung by stupendous debts, long-running allegations of financial impropriety, an endless list of off-field run-ins with the law, mediocre on-field results, loss of training facilities, and ever dwindling game-day attendances.

As such, attracting and keeping fans and sponsors has been, and will continue to be, a real challenge for the club.



BREAKING NEWS: Titans and Australian Test players Greg Bird and Dave Taylor have been named person’s of interest by investigators. Police are now concentrating their probe on six Titans and Karmichael Hunt, from the Reds.


Footy Show Fight Night Gives Boxing a Black-Eye


In a ridiculous night of mismatches Sonny Bill Williams emerged victorious against a grossly obese Chauncy Welliver. Known more for his ability to take rather than deliver punches Welliver never looked a chance. His body wobbled seismically with each blow, he finished the second round conceding Williams was ‘too strong’, and he never landed a significant strike against his opponent.

At 137 kg Welliver was having his first fight in two years. He was clearly underprepared and was gasping before the end of the first round.

But he did his best to put on a show – He laughed at Williams’ shots and clinched when he could, leaning his full bulk on his opponent. That he could take the best punches Williams threw at him might be cause for concern should Williams ever consider fighting a real opponent.

In fact, the script was followed by all the fighters at the Footy Show Fight Night with all the footballers winning against vastly less experienced and prepared fighters.

Like Williams, Gallen was unable to put away his opponent, despite ridiculous advantages in conditioning and training. His mixed martial arts opponent looked uncomfortable being restricted only to boxing. Nevertheless he used his height and reach intelligently.

Several times Gallen rushed in, swinging for Queen and Country, only to be jabbed away – his punches windmilling through empty air.

The glorious victories of both fighters opens the door for a possible match-up between them. Such an event, should it happen, will most likely be held after the NRL season.

Footy Show Fight Night Debacle


Regardless of the outrageous mismatch All Blacks superstar Liam Messam says he is ‘shaking’ ahead of tomorrow his boxing debut tomorrow night.

For his first professional fight the New Zealand giant is facing Rhys Sullivan, a man who has been knocked out in all three of his previous fights.

To say the fight card is mismatched in tomorrow night’s inaugural Footy Show Fight Night is an understatement. There would be more competition in just shooting the non-footballers on the card.

But Messam went through the usual media hype to spruik the match and I suppose I’m duty bound to report it: “When we (he and Sonny Bill Williams) were driving here I saw ANZ stadium across the road and I thought, ‘I could easily go out there and play in front of a full stadium in a Bledisloe Cup game’.  I walk in here, I’m shaking, the nerves are going.”

Messam says he has watched boxing all his life. He has trained since he was a teenager, but only started boxing as an amateur after becoming friends with Sonny Bill Williams at the Chiefs Super.

“It (boxing) has helped me all my career. When I moved up to the Chiefs I was doing a lot of boxing in the off-season. I just never had the gonads to jump in the ring and turn it into a fight,” said Messam.

“I’m lucky enough to have had three fights now (Fight for Life charity events). It definitely helps the fitness side of things and the mental side of things – You’ve got to be pretty mentally tough to be boxing.

“You’ve also got to keep your cool in the ring, and that helps in footy. When you get into pressure situations in a big game, you know you can really dig deep and just do your job when it matters most.”

He’ll have no trouble doing his job tomorrow.

SBW to Fight Gal?


Channel Nine boss David Gyngell has spoken openly about his wish to broadcast a boxing superfight between dual international Sonny Bill Williams and NSW Origin captain Paul Gallen.

This weekend Williams and Gallen fight carefully picked opponents in the inaugural Footy Show Fight Night at All Phones Arena. Channel Nine will be broadcasting the event live on GEM and using its results to determine the future of free-to-air boxing.

“I’m obviously a huge fan of Sonny personally and also professionally,” said Gyngell to reporters. “He’s a magnificent athlete disciplined and dedicated to rugby league, union, and boxing.

“I grew up following boxing as a sport and we genuinely believe that done right, there’s huge scope for it to appear on free-to-air television.

“We’ve got some sponsors involved for this fight and we’re dipping our toe in the water to test the market. Obviously in the bigger picture the fight everyone is talking about and would love to see is Sonny Bill up against Gal.

“There’s guaranteed to be huge interest in New Zealand given sonny is a current All black. And then n Australia, Gal would also have all of NSW wanting to watch.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to show people there’s a way to broadcast boxing on free-to-air and there’s a genuine interest in the sport.

“I’ve been lucky enough to watch Jeff Fenech fight all over the world and I’m excited about the prospect of Channel Nine becoming more involved in the sport.”

Gyngell has thrown his weight into establishing and covering the Footy Show Fight Night. He has Erin Nolan hosting the event, and commentary from Jeff Fenech, Danny Green and Anthony Mundine throughout the evening.

Lopsided Fights for Footballers at Footy Show Fight Night


The fighting footballer farce continues …

Footballing legend turned part-time boxer Sonny Bill Williams is slated to fight an aging, pudgy journeyman for the Footy Show Fight Night at Sydney Olympic Park’s All Phones Arena, on January 31.

Chauncy Welliver has had 70 fights, won 55 of them drawn five and lost 10.

Williams says his opponent was at one time world ranked. But he neglected to add that was more than four years ago. For Welliver the fight is a much needed payday. For Williams it will be little more than another sparring session.

Williams has fought professionally only six times, with the only real match being against a semi-retired Francios Botha (See Youtube fight here).

And it ended in a complete farce:

With only three months training Botha was stiff competition for Williams. The dual international footballer was seriously tiring as the fight progressed. Each round his South African opponent was becoming more dominant – scoring more and harder shots. The fight was scheduled to go the mandatory twelve rounds but inexplicably the referee called a halt to the fight at the end of round ten!

Had things continued, boxing experts agree, Williams would have been knocked-out.

Barely able to stand, Williams was awarded the bout on points.

The Williams camp said both fighters had agreed to fight only ten rounds. The ringside judges and fans, however, hadn’t been notified. Betting agencies had to refund millions of dollars and the sport of boxing received another black eye.

Williams has been training with the Mundine camp (itself no stranger to fighting mismatches and benefiting from seriously flawed sporting decisions) in New Zealand.

The fight will be broadcast live on free-to-air television channel Nine.

Aside from Williams, Cronulla and NSW Captain Paul Gallen is riding high after winning by default against another footballer with drugs in his past, Anthony Watts (watch Youtube highlights here). He will have another easy fight against Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Brown and All Black Liam Messam will probably fight someone from the crowd.