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Joanna Jedrzejczyk Destroys Jessica Penne in UFC Berlin Title Defence


Women’s Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk has destroyed Jessica Penne to defend her 115 pound title in the main event on Saturday in Germany.

Jedrzejczyk went into the fight as an almost unbackable favourite. But no one could have anticipated the beating she put on Penne.

From the opening bell Jedrzejczyk was finding a home for her powerful, damaging striking combinations. Penne tried to stop her Polish rival with several attempted takedowns – even getting a deep body lock on one occasion. But Jedrzejczyk’s take-down defence was equal to the task.

Early in the second round Penne’s nose exploded from a brutal Jedrzejczyk elbow. Blood literally gushed down the right side of Penne’s face.

Jedrzejczyk worked to exacerbate the damage.

When Jedrzejczyk landed a furious combination, Penne’s nose again erupted, gushing blood like a geyser.



Referee Marc Goddard was having a very close look at Penne. But the plucky American fought back, trying relentlessly (and without success) to drag her opponent to the mat.

In the third round Jedrzejczyk was closing in for the kill.

She backed Penne against the cage and rained down Armageddon on her fast wilting opponent.

Goddard had seen enough – He stepped in and saved the victory from becoming a slaughter.

Jedrzejczyk won the fight by TKO at 4:22 in round three.

Daley Tells Blues to Fire-Up

Laurie Daley image:

New South Wales Blues coach Laurie Daley has said his side intends to be more ‘aggressive’ in Wednesday night’s must-win match against the Maroons.

The Blues side have made no secret of the fact they intend to niggle and intimidate the Queenslanders.

Blues playmaker Robbie Farah believed his side were ‘too clean’ in the first match and were unable to put the other side off their game.

Queensland Coach Mal Meninga shrugged off the talk. “Bring it on,” he said. “That’s good. We have prepared for  it all week – that’s what Origin is all aobut.,

“You need that attitude and character, that aggressive outlook and mindset to play Origin footy – that’s why it is so great. If that’s the case, we have prepared for it.”

When asked about the intended aggressive tactics of the New South Welshmen Meninga said, “I think NSW play with a fairly aggressive mindset … We want to be successful and we will do whatever is needed to win.”

Rain is expected on Wednesday night, which means the game may be dirty in more ways than one.

Laurie Daley said Origin was unpredictable at best, but the rain throws another random element into the mix. He believes his side will be able to rise to the challenge and win in front of what is expected to be a hostile Melbourne crowd

His hopes were buoyed by the injury of Maroons play-maker Cooper Cronk. Last year the Blues won both games where Cronk was absent.

The unpopular Daly Cheery-Evans is set to replace Cronk.

Daley Seeks Meeting With Referees Ahead of Origin Two

Laurie Daley image:

New South Wales Blues Coach Laurie Daley is requesting a meeting with referees boss Tony Archer to complain about Queensland’s bullying tactics in Origin Game One.

Daley believes his side was ambushed by the rough play dished out by the Queenslanders and believes the Maroons should have been penalised more than they were.

NSW officials believe there were five incidents of illegal hits which went penalised.


Daley’s whinging has drawn ire from both sides of the border. Even Blues legend Chris ‘Choppy’ Close blasted the coach: “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen,” was Close’s response.

“Please,” said a clearly exasperated Close, “this is State of Origin. This is bloody rugby league.

“Mal Meninga nearly killed Michael O’Connor (1991, Game Three).

“They need to get their hands off it.”


Laurie Daley seems to have conveniently forgotten that Billy Slater’s nagging shoulder injury is the result of a Beau Scott cheap shot during last year’s series.

He seems to have forgotten that the Blues have a well-documented history of having the best divers in the game (Ennis, Bird, Watmough etc).

Daley seems to have forgotten rugby league is a contact sport! All the more so at Origin level which is the highest standard of football on the planet.

He seems to have forgotten all about Andrew Fifita’s Chicken Wing tackle on Will Chambers.

Instead Daley is seeking to have a new interpretation of the rules implemented before he picks his side for Origin Two.

Why not make it a touch football contest while you’re at it Laurie?

Stuart Walks Out on Press Conference

Ricky Stuart image:

Another dummy-spit by Canberra Raiders Coach Ricky Stuart should see the club facing a hefty fine.

Stuart (no stranger to tantrums) walked out of a post-match press conference and forbade the media from approaching any of his players after their loss to the Broncos on Friday night.

“Todd Greenberg (NRL head of football), he was at the game tonight, and I just really hope he saw what I saw,” said Stuart to the media.

“It’s a lot healthier for our club if I don’t go any further into this press conference.

“In respect to all the media, it has nothing to do with you, but it’s just a lot healthier if I don’t continue.”

Stuart then got to his feet, said ‘thanks’, and left with Captain Jarrod Croker.

Canberra’s loss to the Broncos was its third in a row and their fifth from six matches at home. The win puts Brisbane at the top of the NRL table.

The Broncos scored four tries to the Raider’s two despite having Justin Hodges and Sam Thaiday out due to Origin commitments.

Everyone is wondering why Stuart refused to front the media. His team was clearly outplayed and there were no controversial refereeing decisions. If anything, the scoreline flattered the Raiders.

Jack reed crossed for the Broncos in the 13th minute, followed by Jordan Kahu (on the other side of the field) a few minutes later.

The Raiders fought back to 12-12 via Blake Austin and Jarrad Kennedy.

But a brilliant try on the stork of halftime to Lachlan Maranta took the wind out of the home team.

Corey Oats hammered the final nail into the Raiders coffin at the 58th minute mark. Two penalty goals filled in their grave.

Gould’s ‘Gifted’ Comments Disrespectful to Maroons

Phil Gould image:

According to Channel 9 commentator Phil Gould the New South Wales Blues lost last nights Origin opener, the Queenslanders didn’t win it.

If Gould’s commentary was to be believed the Maroons didn’t actually do anything to win the game 11-10, they were “gifted” the match by their rivals through on-field mistakes and poor performances.

Gould was his usual unashamedly parochial self, saying ‘complimentary’ things about the Queenslanders while making sure these compliments were contingent upon Blues errors.

“There’s only one team playing out there! Only one team is playing. Only one team is playing,” he said.

If that was true, and the Blues were just standing around not playing, then an under-8 girl’s side could have won against them.

Things that passed unnoticed (or at least uncommented by the vocal New South Wales supporters in the 9 commentary box):

  • The disallowed try by Slater may actually have been a bad call.
  • In the second half Slater was impeded in a chase for the ball into the in-goal area (replayed twice but commented on not at all).
  • Greg Inglis had his worst Origin game (maybe worst first grade game) ever.
  • Will Chambers tore the Cockroach defenders apart and has emerged as the heir apparent for Hodge’s centre spot.
  • Queensland played a canny game to maintain possession (55% – 45%), if anything should have won by a lot more than one point.

For Phil Gould to argue that the Queensland Maroons were ‘gifted’ the game is insulting and disrespectful to players and fans alike. Such childish whinging should never be a part of professional sports commentary.

Gould needs to remember there are two sides in an Origin match and not just call for one of them.


Don’t Let Divers Decide Origin!

Worst diver in the game, Greg Bird. Image:

Maroons great Trevor Gillmeister has aired his fears about fakers deciding the State of Origin.

In the lead up to the first game in the three game series Gillmeister has urged players not to stay down in hopes of drawing a penalty.

“The only thing that concerns me, that they’re (the referees) trying to keep out of the game, is if someone gets a bloody love tap on the nose and stays down and gets a penalty,” said the Maroons hard man.

“I just hope that someone from either side doesn’t lose an Origin series for that.

“Nine times out of ten blokes get to their feet (after being awarded a penalty) and they’re fine anyway …”

“I think we have to try and make sure that the ownership is back on the players not to take dives.

“We have a crack at the soccer blokes who do it, so we have to take a bit of responsibility ourselves.”

Origin rival and NSW great Paul Harragon agreed.

“For me we all hope that there is not a penalty that is wrong that decides Origin or one of those dubious (diving) things,” said Harragon.

“I hope it doesn’t come down to that, but it doesn’t worry me too much.”

The teams are:

New South Wales Blues team for State of Origin Game 1:
1. Josh Dugan, 2. Daniel Tupou, 3. Josh Morris, 4. Michael Jennings, 5. Will Hopoate, 6. Mitchell Pearce, 7. Trent Hodkinson, 8. James Tamou, 9. Robbie Farah (c), 10. Aaron Woods, 11. Beau Scott, 12. Ryan Hoffman, 13. Josh Jackson

Interchange: 14. Trent Merrin, 15. Boyd Cordner 16. David Klemmer, 17. Andrew Fifita

Queensland Maroons team for State of Origin Game 1:
1. Billy Slater, 2. Darius Boyd, 3. Greg Inglis, 4. Justin Hodges, 5. Will Chambers, 6. Johnathan Thurston, 7. Cooper Cronk, 8. Matt Scott, 9. Cameron Smith (c) 10. Nate Myles, 11. Aidan Guerra, 12. Sam Thaiday, 13. Corey Parker

Interchange: 14. Michael Morgan, 15. Josh McGuire, 16. Matt Gillett, 17. Jacob Lillyman 18. Dylan Napa

Taishan Dong Pulverizes Hapless Opponent

Dong with friends image:

Heavyweight boxing giant Taishan Dong has moved to 5-0, 3 KOs with a devastating knockout of his most recent opponent.

American Lance Gauch (5-9, 3 KOs) was poleaxed by Dong in California on Friday. Referee Ray Corona didn’t even bother with a count and waved Dong away.

The hapless American conceded more than 30 cm in height to his seven-foot opponent. He appeared to be on the back foot from the opening bell.

Dong sized up his opponent, pushing him backwards with dangerous combinations.

When the opportunity presented itself, Dong landed a right that put our Gauch’s lights.

Reports say Gauch was left for 10 minutes before being placed on a stretcher and taken to a nearby hospital.

Dong has had his fights carefully chosen by his Oscar De La Hoya ‘Golden Boy Promotions’ managers. The company bought him to America and are hoping to establish him as a serious heavyweight contender. Doing so will allow them to crack into the Chinese sporting market.

“Mr De La Hoya wanted to open the Chinese market,” said Dong to Fox Sports earlier this year,” because he believes in me. He knows I can become a champ.”

Dong has knocked out his first two opponents. His next two went the distance (four rounds).

“Nowadays I am more patient and can overcome any challenges that arise during the fight,” said Dong to Fox Sports. “I will give the best of myself. I will try to understand my opponent’s strategy from the beginning and therefore defeat him.

“My maximum potential has not been revealed yet. That is why I train hard, in order to become a world champion.”

New Watchdog to Oversee Victorian Combat Sports

Simone Bailey image:

33 year-old Melbourne lawyer and boxer Simone Bailey has spoken about the legal ramifications of lifting the ban on Mixed Martial Arts in her home-state of Victoria.

Ms Bailey specialises in personal injury and commercial law and has a 32-7 boxing record. So when she talks about the legal requirements of combat sports – people listen.

In a fascinating interview with Ms. Bailey, who has a nine-year amateur boxing career, spoke about how she was initially ‘horrified’ by the brutality of MMA.

“I remember someone being lifted by their legs, dropped on their head and being kicked out (of the ring)” she told reporters.

“I couldn’t watch. I just kept thinking of the athlete involved.”

But Ms. Bailey recognises there is a huge demand for the sport. And with Victorian Sports Minister, John Eren, lifting the ban against US-based Ultimate Fighting Championship, the state is set to host its first sanctioned MMA event.

But there will be precautions.

Ms. Bailey has been seconded into the Government watchdog, the Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board. The Board aims to oversee events and protect competitors.

“We are looking at all the rules and regulations that apply to these sorts of events and are speaking with a number of doctors and (other) people to make sure we have as many resources as possible.

What they want to avoid are the unsanctioned underground bouts that take place without legally-required medical equipment and practitioners in attendance and standard insurance.

While she is still uncomfortable with MMA Ms Bailey recognises there is a big demand for it in Australia (as there is around the world).

“It’s a really popular sport. People are training in gyms every night, working their butts off to compete.

“I don’t know if you can turn that around. There is a huge demand for it, so you need to make pathways … but in as safe a way as possible.”