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Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Injured in On-Field Stunt

Injured Ravens Cheerleader. Image:

A cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens has been seriously injured after a fall mid-routine. The cheerleader, whom the Ravens have refused to identify, was flipped in the air but missed being caught during the Baltimore vs Tennessee game.

Paramedics rushed to her aid on the sidelines. However, the girl was taken to hospital where she received treatment for head back and neck injuries.

A spokesman told waiting reporters the woman was given the all-clear to leave hospital. She walked out under her own power.

This is the second controversy this month for the Baltimore cheerleaders.

Last week NFL cheerleader Molly Shattuck, 47, was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of third-degree rape, for counts of unlawful sexual contact, and three counts of supplying alcohol to minors. Ms Shattuck was arraigned in Sussex County Superior Court, in Georgetown, on Wednesday and released on a bond of $84,000.

The charges were laid on September 26 when a 15 year-old boy told police Shattuck had begun a relationship with him. He alleged the relationship culminated with sexual activity at a vacation rental home in August of this year.



Brazilian Olympic Officials Extend Invitation to Pistorius

Officials from the Olympic and Paralympic games in Brazil had said they would welcome Oscar Pistorius in 2016 should the runner be declared eligible.

Pistorius was last week found guilty of negligently killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He has been sentenced to a five-year jail term, but is expected to be released after 10 months.

Oscar Pistorius. Image:

Oscar Pistorius. Image:

However South African Olympic and Paralympic officials say that Pistorius will not receive their blessing to compete until the full five year sentence is served.

Rio communications director Mario Andrada said, “He was judged by the South African judicial system. As soon as he fulfils his obligations with that system he will be a free man and a free man is entitled to compete wherever he wants.

“We have to keep in our prayers and thought both families. It was a tragedy … but he will be welcome in Brazil like anybody else”

Pistorius (also known as the Bade Runner) was the first Paralympian to race alongside able-bodied runners at the Olympics. He competed in the 400m and the 4x400m relay in the London Olympics, in 2012.

He then competed in the Paralympics claiming gold in the 400m and 4x100m. But he was controversially beaten in the 200m by Alan Oliveira. Pisotrius claimed Oliveira had an unfair advantage by using longer blades. Animosity has simmered between the two ever since.

The Rio organisers would love for them to compete against each other again.

Brock Lesnar Contemplates His Future

Once known as the undisputed baddest man on the planet, Brock Lesnar will be off contract with WWE on March 31st next year.

Already the sporting franchises are lining up to sign him.

Brock Lesnar. Image:

Brock Lesnar. Image:

Brock Lesnar made sporting history by winning the UFC heavyweight title in just his fourth career fight. He retired with a 5 – 3 record after a long struggle with diverticulitis and losses to Cain Velasquez in October 2010 and Alistair Overeem in December 2011.

The UFC was devastated to see him go. Lesnar remains to this day the highest grossing pay-per-view fighter ever contracted by the MMA franchise.

Jim Ross, from FOX Sports told that he believes Lesnar was never at full strength. Diverticultis is an insidious, strength sapping condition that takes a long time to completely heal. The incredibly punishing training and fighting he endured as a UFC fighter would have significantly impacted on that healing process.

Since leaving the UFC Lesnar has been with the WWE, on a seven figure contract. He has continued his strength and conditioning training, but without the physical violence of actual combat. Many believe he is now in better physical condition than he was as UFC heavyweight champion.

If Lesnar decides to come back to the UFC fold he is likely to cut a swathe through the heavyweight rankings. If he decides to remain with the WWE he will continue to ride a wave of almost idolatrous support amongst fans.

The third option is for Lesnar to simply turn his back on them both and return to his reclusive home in Minnesota. Lesnar has shown he is quite content fishing and hunting in the woods around his home and being a family man.

Korean Zombie Out for Two Years

Today saw some bad news for MMA fans with one of the worlds’ most popular fighters announcing and extended lay-off.

Chan Sung Jung (aka the Korean Zombie) has already been out f competitive MMA after reciveig a savage shoulder injury n his last UFC bout against featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Jung lost the august 2013 bout by TKO and severely injured his shoulder in the process.

UFC President Dana White is likely to remove Jung from the featherweight rankings because of his inactivity. The 27 year-old Jung is currently ranked sixth.

Chan Sung Jung hyper-extends his right shoulder against Jose Aldo. Image:

Chan Sung Jung hyper-extends his right shoulder against Jose Aldo. Image:

The Korean Zombie rocketed to international acclaim after winning his second UFC fight against Leonard Garcia with a submission victory. The submission was the first and only submission by Twister in UFC history. It was proposed for Submission of the Year in 2010. Jung’s first fight against Leonard Garcia was a candidate for Fight of the Year; with both men showing enough skill, stamina and cunning to transfix everyone fortunate enough to watch the bout.

Jung was again a contender for Submission of the year in 2012 for his d’acre choke victory over Dustin Poirer. This was the same year in which he knocked out Mark Hominick.

In fact, Jung has won five fight-night bonuses from his six fights in the UFC and WEC.

Jung had been scheduled to return to the UFC on Fight Night Pass earlier this month. However he was unable to make the bout in Sweden because of the existing shoulder injury.

Dana White has speculated in the press about hosting a UFC event in Korea in 2015. However, it seems unlikely Jung will be on the card.

Unfortunately men in South Korea are required to complete a two-year military service. It is now time for Jung to enlist. His manager, Brian Rhee, told MMA junkie that Jung will still be training regularly, he just won’t be fighting competitively.

Hacky Sacking To The Top: A Sporting Event With A Twist!

We take our Sack seriously, dude!

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m the President of the State Association for Competitive Hacky Sack. The game doesn’t appeal to all types, but most fans are usually fans for life. The matches are hard fought and won through sheer will and physical prowess. Like most sports, the serious level of this competition demands that competitors be in top shape. To take out the coveted ‘Golden Sack’, you need to be one tough hacky sacker!

In reality, we’re a bunch of close friends who grew up playing the game at university. It was the mid nineties, so we figured we’d embrace the trend and become involved with the University Team. To tell you the truth, the obsession would last longer than our tie dyed shirts and camouflage pants. We had no idea it would blossom into a lifelong romance and one that keep us coming back.

Each year, a select group of competitors (or, mates) get together and head out to an exotic locale to stage our annual tournament. The winner takes all in a round robin tournament designed to test the limits of endurance. It’s hotly contested and no competitor has ever triumphed more than twice. Usually, we finish it up in a day and spend the rest of the weekend having a riot of a time!

This time, we drew Broome out of hat packed with the names of Australian cities. We were looking forward to the sun and a bit of an escape from the crushing winter which was smothering the south of the country. The only problem was that we were a rather large group of us and finding accommodation was always tough. Most times, people would just flatly refuse to host the tournament and a bunch of middle aged idiots in shorts and beanies. We’d always been on our best behaviour, but there was something about an adult hacky sack tournament that seemed to turn people off.

After a bit of research online through Trip Advisor, I happened upon the Kimberley Klub in Broome. They had a ton of positive reviews and all the feedback seemed to indicate that it was a cool place to holiday. The dorms and individual rooms looked ideal for our purposes and pretty plush. I picked up the phone and placed an awkward call explaining our hacky sack traditions. To my surprise, they didn’t seem to mind at all. Not wanting to push my luck, I quickly made the booking for twelve of us.

In the end, it was a blessing. This year’s hacky sack tournament was the most fun ever and it turned out that the Kimberley Klub was an awesome place to chill out and enjoy the matches! At certain points, we even had a crowd of bemused onlookers egging us on. It was fun time for everybody and it was all made easier by the professional, friendly and never judgemental team over at the Kimberley Klub. It’ll be tough to top this year’s tournament next year… but we’ll give it a go!

Rousey Steps in to Save UFC Again, But at what Price?

UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey destroyed her opponent Alexis Davis in a mere 16 seconds to defend her bantam weight title for the fourth consecutive time. What makes this even more incredible is that this was Rousey’s third fight in six months.

Rousey was asked to fight on short notice after the headline fighters were cancelled. She has already done this on several occasions; virtually saving the UFC with her star power and willingness to fight at the last moment.

For Joe Rogan, then, to ask Rousey about fighting in the upcoming UFC 176 is the worst form of usury. Rogan, of all people, must know that a 16 second fight takes just as much preparation as a full five-rounder. So to ask her about fighting again on August 2 is virtually disrespectful.

Rousey defeats Davis in 16 seconds. Photo:

Rousey defeats Davis in 16 seconds. Photo:

And by all accounts the wear and tear is adding up. Rousey admitted that a cyst beneath her right knuckle was ripped open from the overhand that sent Davis reeling and signalled the beginning of the end for the plucky opponent. Rousey didn’t want Davis to recover and so kept up a flurry of blows with no regard to her damaged hand. After the fight she required 9 stitches to close the tear.

On top of this Rousey said in a post-fight interview that she will be undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery in the coming days. She expects this to keep her out for four weeks.

But the UFC appears to be more concerned with using Rousey for a quick buck rather than nurturing her for the long haul.

It would be in everyone’s interests for the UFC to give a year off. First, the great champion herself would get some much needed (and deserved) time for rest and recuperation. Second, it would give the women’s welterweight division time to produce a worthy opponent.

While Rousey’s opponents thus far have all been skilful, highly trained athletes, none of them have even come close to pushing the champion. Rousey’s judo and devastating arm bar have proved the difference on many occasions. But even without these weapons of mass destruction Rousey appears untouchable. She out-muscles, out-scores and out-lasts every contender even without her signature skills.

MMA fans adore Rousey’s dominance in the ring. The UFC adore Rousey’s willingness to save their hide when a main card falls through. Female fighters adore Rousey for legitimising and cementing a respected place for women in combat sports. Why then is Rousey being used by the UFC with such wanton disregard for her well-being?

Rousey is one of the top three drawcards in the UFC stable. Having her fight too often will only shorten her career. And with her third feature length movie in pre-production it seems obvious the UFC will miss Rousey more than Rousey will miss the UFC.

Sam Willoughby in Career Best Form Ahead of BMX World Championships

Sam Willoughby Ready to bring home the World Championship. Photo:

Sam Willoughby Ready to bring home the World Championship. Photo:

2012 BMX World Champion and London Olympic silver medallist Sam Willoughby is a man on a mission. His determination has allowed him to reclaim his World Cup in Rotterdam earlier this year. But now he wants to keep the title until the Rio games in 2016.

Sam has been training demonically since surrendering his World Championship title in 2013. He believes he is currently in career best form. “Last year I set out to win as much as I could in the U.S.,” he told New Limited reporters. “I didn’t really focus on the World Championships and World Cups, and I was successful in winning 20 out of 24 races, including the World Cup.”

Winning his second World Cup, in Holland this year, tells Sam his training is on the right track. He is now more selective in his racing; as evidenced in his choosing to skip the third round, and two high profile meets in the U.S., prior to entering the World Cup.

The World Championships run from July 22-27. Sam will have one final race in Pennsylvania before then and plans to unleash his A-game.

Entrants Being Decided for Crossfit 2014 Games

Athletes are getting to the pointy end of the season with the Crossfit Games to be held on 25th of July. Thousands of men and women have been whittled down to 50 males and 50 female competitors. The Open three-day event will decide who among them is the fittest on earth.

The Crossfit Games identify the true fitness of its competitors by incorporating a wide range of exercises all based on functional movements. The Crossfit mantra is to ‘move large loads, over long distances, quickly.’

Crossfit Games - Photo:

Crossfit Games – Photo:

To this end, competitions are almost exclusively interval events; that is – different exercises tax different body parts in different ways. So, for instance, athletes may be required to perform a certain number of overhead squats (holding a weighted barbell at full extension above their heads while squatting) before moving onto a series of rope climbs. The main muscles used for the first exercise are the assistor muscles used for the second. This allows a constant aerobic demand to be put on the cardiovascular system while making a maximum demand of the anaerobic system of different muscles in turn.

For anyone who has never been to a Crossfit event I have this recommendation – GO! Or at least watch a stream of the event from the Crossfit website.

Even if you do not exercise yourself, these events are the most absorbing sporting spectacles today. And this is because the events are designed to push each and every athlete to their absolute edge.

Rather than competing against each other each athlete is, in effect, competing against themselves. So spectators are treated to the human element of sport – the determination required to persist, the desire to go beyond anything they thought they could do. Because no matter how well trained an athlete is there will be some point at which they break. Crossfit is designed to get its participants to that point.

Hapless Rams in Hot Water for Nudie Run

The East Burwood Rams Football Club is under investigation for forcing its players to run nude around the oval as punishment for poor on-field performances.

The incident is said to have occurred Thursday May 22, with players as young as 17 said to have been forced to bare all to the Melbourne chill. The Eastern Football League is investigating the incident after a slew of complaints from outraged parents. “Once the investigation is complete,” said Chief Executive Phil Murton of the Eastern Football League, “the details will be assessed and any penalties or sanctions will be delivered based on the findings and in accordance with [league] procedures and rules.”

Photo from

Photo from

The hapless Rams are winless since the first round of the season and seem to have the wooden spoon wrapped up.

To add insult to injury it seems the punishment run did nothing to benefit the team. Two days after the alleged incident Doncaster East put a 61 point hiding on them.

Club President Sue Bailey refused to comment on the incident.

Stadium Stomp is Coming to the Gabba.

This relatively new endurance sport began at the MCG on June 22 last year. It is described as part obstacle course, part endurance race, and all lung-busting, leg-burning, sweat-pouring fun.

Races have teams of competitors beginning in intervals before traversing a marked course that includes climbing all the stairs around the grounds … at least once. The race at the Gabba will have racers complete two laps of level 4 and one lap of level two before running a final full lap of the oval and collapsing over the finish line. It’s estimated this course will challenge competitors with over 5000 ascending steps.

Marshals are on hand to ensure the rules are strictly adhered to: No passing on the stairs except in designated passing zones; no passing or running down the steps; no skipping over steps (every step must be taken); no ipads or MP3 player during the race.

Stadium StompThe race organisers have made it very clear that sporting stadiums have been built for sport viewing, not sport hosting. That they have been given permission to host an event like this is a privilege, a privilege that comes with very strict guidelines.

But if those guidelines are followed, and if previous events in other locations are anything to go by, then the Gabba Stadium Stomp is likely to attract huge numbers of participants with all sorts of fitness levels. Many will be there only to see the stadium from new vantage. Most will be there to simply have fun. All of them will be there to challenge themselves.