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New UFC Policy Divides MMA Community

IV Rehydration Image:

A controversial new rule change has the UFC community divided.

In its partnership with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) the UFC has announced IV’s containing more than 50ml of saline will now be banned.

Intra-venous (IV) rehydration was a commonly accepted practice for fighters to replace the massive amount of fluid lost through weight-cutting.

But the UFC and USADA drug-testers believe many fighters are misusing the IV rehydration program to blood boost.

This is where blood that has been taken from the fighter on a previous occasion is fed back in intravenously moments before the bout. There are super benefits to this: Blood carries oxygen, so having more blood means more energy fuelling the body.

There are also super risks associated with the practice: The fighter’s blood pressure goes through the roof! They’re vascular system is pushed to the limit as excess blood strains the carrying capacity of the arteries and veins.

The process was first used by competitive cyclists; a sport where a cardiovascular advantage means the difference between winning and being dropped by everyone else in the race.

But not everyone is happy with the ban on 50ml+ saline replacement.

According to an article in Bloody Elbow many influential fighters and trainers believe it will damage the health of competitors. Mike dolce, a famous and well respected nutritionist and weight-cut advisor, believes the IV ban will make fighters more susceptible to brain injuries.

Fluid serves to cushion the brain from impact. Less fluid means less protection.

“Someone will die because of that,” said dolce on Periscope Q&A.

“Let the USADA officials stand there and watch every athlete on a drip, that’s fine.

“I know they’re trying to get rid of drugs, which I think is awesome. But you can’t risk the health of the athlete. It’s just so close-minded. It’s dangerous.”

But not everyone agrees.

George Lockhart, a top MMA nutritionist, believed that when done properly oral rehydration is just as effective as intra-venous rehydration.

“There are a lot of potential downsides to IV rehydration,” he said to Bloody Elbow. “If you have too much fluid or too many electrolytes you can have some backlash, like diarrhoea among other things.”

“If you look at all the studies between oral rehydration and IV rehydration, if they rehydrate properly orally, they’ll gain the same weight back.

“If they don’t know how to rehydrate properly then it’s probably better to use the IV.

“But if they know how to rehydrate properly there’s no advantage to using an IV.”

The UFC fighters have been given until October before the ban will be enforced.

Reaction to Magalhaes Spitting is Nasty

Image: Twitter

The fallout from Caio Magalhaes brain-snap after his bloody loss to Josh Samman continues to gather momentum.

At The Ultimate Fighter 21 finale Samman rocked Magalhaes with a blow that had blood running from the Brazilian’s nose like a river.

Samman was then able to take his opponent to the ground, continue the barrage, and then force his opponent to submit via a rear-naked choke.

It was all one-way traffic.

But when the referee asked Magalhaes to shake hands things got nasty.

Samman is seen walking towards Magalhaes with his hand extended. Magalhaes taps his hand out of the way and spits a mouthful of blood at Samman.

To his credit, Samman merely walks away.

But not everyone has been so sportsmanlike.

The camps of both fighters are disgusted at his behaviour. And UFC boss Dana White is furious. White jealously guards the image of the UFC and such conduct does him and his sport no favours.

MMA fans around the world exploded on social media after witnessing the incident. Most of them have called for Magalhaes to be dropped from the UFC roster.

TUF Coaches for Season 22 Announced

Image: Twitter, Ariel Helwani

UFC supremo Dana White stunned the MMA world by announcing the coaches for The Ultimate Fighter season 22: Conor McGregor and Uriah Faber.

Where this differs from previous announcements is that the rival coaches usually face-off at the conclusion of the series. Not so this time. Conor McGregor has booked himself a fight against incumbent (but injury prone) champion Jose Aldo.

Fans seem quite happy with the announcement.

Faber has been an exciting, skilful and popular figheter, but is well past his prime. His recent loss against Frankie Edgar had White considering dropping Faber from the UFC roster – for his own protection.

Installing Faber as a coach without making him fight the lightweight contender appeases fans, gives the show’s contestants the benefit of Faber’s almost unique experience, while protecting the veteran fighter from further damage in the ring.

TUF-22 will feature two teams of lightweights selected along national lines. Faber will coach a team from the United States, while McGregor will coach a team made up of Europeans. Both coaches are articulate, strong-willed, and unafraid to say what they think – it should make great viewing.

The season will include a two-hour special and debut on September 9. It will run for 11 episodes and likely conclude with the title fight sometime in November.

Rumours suggest McGregor may face Aldo for the title as late as January 2. Faber may fight on the same card, but an opponent has not yet been selected.

Spitting Incident Mars TUF 21 Finale


Brazilian UFC middleweight Caio Magalhaes has shocked the MMA world by spitting blood on his opponent Josh Samman.


The two men had endured a grueling first round of their fight ahead of the season finale of The Ultimate Fighter 21. At 2:52 the referee had seen enough and called a stop to the bout.

Samman attempted to shake hands with Magalhaes after his submission victory, but a heavily bloodied Samman spat a gob of blood at him.

Both men needed this victory – badly. Magalhaes would have entered into the top 15 middleweights with a win. While Samman was desperate for a win after 20 months of injuries and the tragic death of his girlfriend.

Samman appeared too strong in the striking and too slick iin the grappling. He beat Magalhaes face to a pulp and then strangled when the pair went to the canvas.

Magalhaes was still full of fighting, even after he’d tapped; but by then, of course, it was too late.

UFC boss Dana White was disgusted by the act. He said Magalhaes will be held to account for such a display.

Octagon Girl Charges Husband with Attempted Murder

Brittney Palmer image:

UFC Octagon girl (and heart-throb of millions) Brittney Palmer has allegedly been attacked by her husband Aaron Zalewski, in their Los Angeles home on June 11.

TMZ sports reported that Zalewsski, 34, had been arraigned on charges of attempted murder, spousal battery, and criminal threats, around 1:25 am on June 12.

Palmer claims Zalewski overheard a phone call in which a casting director called Palmer ‘babe’.

Zalewski became enraged at the familiarity and attempted to wrestle the phone from Palmer.

Zalewski then noticed Palmer was attempting to record their conversation. He then allegedly threw Palmer and told her to “Pack your f***king bags and go!”

Instead of allowing Palmer to leave the tussle continued with Zalewski allegedly pinning Palmer face down on the mattress with his knee in the middle of her back.

Palmer is quoted in the report as saying she called the police once she escaped. The police arrested Zalewski upon arrival.

Zalewski was released pm $1 million bail and was scheduled to appear before the Los Angeles Municipal Court early in the week.

McGregor Eyes Fight Against Mayweather


UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor has spoken openly of his wish to fight Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor was on the set of the Conan O’Brien show spruiking his upcoming fight against Chad Mendes at UFC 189. But before the interview drew to a close McGregor threw out his challenge.

The two men fight in approximate weight division and there would certainly be an enormous interest in the fight from supporters of both sports.

McGreegor realised there would be no way to entice Mayweather into MMA, so instead he said he would box against Mayweather.

“If you’re asking would I like to fight Floyd Mayweather, “said McGregor to O’Brien, “I mean, who wouldn’t like to dance around the ring for $180 million?

“I certainly know he would not want to step into my world. The world of pure unarmed combat where there’re no limitations, but I most certainly would step into his world. I would certainly box him if the opportunity arose; most certainly.”

McGregor has made no secret of the fact he is chasing big-money fights. And he understands Mayweather is looking for one last lucrative fight before finishing his career. To that end he added:

“There’re no real fights in boxing left for Floyd anyway. After the Manny fight happened, there’s no more real draws. If you’re looking for a fight that would generate interest, it must be a cross and match up of different styles.”

McGregor believes there are plenty of weaknesses in Mayweather’s arsenal he could exploit to win.

He believes that if Mayweather were foolish enough to attempt to fight him in an MMA format the fight would end very quickly and violently.

“I’ve said it before, I don’t think boxing is the style of fighting that can beat Floyd; but saying that, there are many, many forms of fighting that can beat him. If we were to get it on, I would most certainly dismantle him.”

McGregor Scoffs at Aldo’s Withdrawal

Imae: Twitter

UFC featherweight contender Connor McGregor hasn’t held back on champion Jose Aldo’s withdrawal. The two were due to fight at UFC 189 this Sunday, but Aldo withdrew after suffering a cracked rib during training.

McGregor took to the media claiming he would have ‘butchered’ Aldo had the Brazilian not ‘pussied out.’

McGregor believes Aldo’s replacement, Chad Mendes, and he should be fighting for the actual title, rather than an interim belt when they meet next Sunday:

“Every time I looked into that man’s (Aldo’s) eyes I saw fear,” raged McGregor.  “I saw glass. I anticipated he would not show. When he got his opportunity to pull, he pulled.

“It’s something I expected. I don’t blame the man; I was going to f***ing butcher him. Rip him limb from limb. I wouldn’t want to face that either.

“He’s gone. He was beaten mentally before he was beaten physically.

“I don’t know whether he’ll be back. He’s gone running and I don’t think he’ll be back.

“If a man pussies out, and he’s pussied out time and time again, then he should be stripped (of his belt).

“If you’re fit to fight and you’re not going to fight (then) the belt rightfully should be stripped and this (fight should be) for the regular featherweight belt.”

McGregor dismissed Mendes as a mere stand-in.

“You can’t even pass guard,” McGregor scoffed at Mendes. “You’re a wipe-out on the mat. What are you going to do? Hold me down? I will butcher you from the bottom. I’ll get back up and butcher you on my feet.

“I hear a quiver in his (Mendes’) voice.

“I see me butchering his facial structure. I feel he’s in the wrong weight class. He gasses to quckly.

“ I think Chad is a substitute. The B-level. I think he’s a wrestler with an overhand that gasses quickly.

“I’m here to shut this man down. Break that pay-per-view record and cash those big, fat cheques, and f*** anyone who doubts me.”


Aldo responded by posting x-rays of his fractured ribs on Twitter. These, he says, proves he is in no fit state to fight McGregor.

He then drove home his disgust of McGregor by saing that Mendes and McGregor were merely fighting for a ‘toy belt’.

“The Octagon is my kingdom and there is only room for one king – it’s me.

“If he wants to participate, he has to be the court jester.

“If you (McGregor) beat Chad Mendes, the only thing you’ll have is a toy belt to show friends, drunk in the bars of his country. Because that’s what an interim title is for me – a toy. The champion is me.”

Aldo Out of UFC 189, Mendes In


UFC President Dana White announced the withdrawal of Jose Aldo from UFC 189.

Aldo was to have defended his featherweight belt against Irishman Conor McGregor on the 11th of July at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

However, Aldo suffered bruised ribs and cartilage damage during sparring more than a week ago, and his recovery has been slower than anticipated.

Aldo had been optimistic to return in time for the bout. However, No. 1 ranked featherweight Chad Mendes was put on notice.

Aldo’s coach, Andre Pederneisras, said that Aldo’s rib was too painful “he will not be fighting,” said White to the media.

“So Chad Mendes now will fight Conor McGregor for the interim belt. Hose Aldo’s pulled out of five title fights. Conor’s ready to go. The No. 1 guy in the world, Chad Mendes, is ready to go. So it makes sense. They’ll fight for the interim title and whenever Jose Aldo is ready then that fight can happen to unify (the belts).”

Mendes is stepping in to face one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet with just two week notice. Mendes, however, is super-confident:

“This is a fighter I’ve watched since he got in the UFC and a fighter I knew I would be facing very soon,” said Mendes on FOX Sports.

“So I’ve watched all his fights, I’ve watched past fights before the UFC. I feel like he has a lot of holes in his game and I feel like my strengths fit right into that.

“This will be a fun night for me: getting in there and getting to beat the crap out of Conor, getting a belt and getting paid. It’s going to be fun. There’s no doubt I’m taking this fight on short notice. This is a guy I know I can beat.”

Welterweight champion Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald will battle out the co-main event.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk Destroys Jessica Penne in UFC Berlin Title Defence


Women’s Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk has destroyed Jessica Penne to defend her 115 pound title in the main event on Saturday in Germany.

Jedrzejczyk went into the fight as an almost unbackable favourite. But no one could have anticipated the beating she put on Penne.

From the opening bell Jedrzejczyk was finding a home for her powerful, damaging striking combinations. Penne tried to stop her Polish rival with several attempted takedowns – even getting a deep body lock on one occasion. But Jedrzejczyk’s take-down defence was equal to the task.

Early in the second round Penne’s nose exploded from a brutal Jedrzejczyk elbow. Blood literally gushed down the right side of Penne’s face.

Jedrzejczyk worked to exacerbate the damage.

When Jedrzejczyk landed a furious combination, Penne’s nose again erupted, gushing blood like a geyser.



Referee Marc Goddard was having a very close look at Penne. But the plucky American fought back, trying relentlessly (and without success) to drag her opponent to the mat.

In the third round Jedrzejczyk was closing in for the kill.

She backed Penne against the cage and rained down Armageddon on her fast wilting opponent.

Goddard had seen enough – He stepped in and saved the victory from becoming a slaughter.

Jedrzejczyk won the fight by TKO at 4:22 in round three.

Steamroller Kennedy to Make Octagon Debut

Image from Kennedy’s Facebook page.

Steve Kennedy (22-6-0), of Perth, is the latest Australian to be seconded into the ranks of the UFC.

His call-up comes as he is asked to fill in for injured Sergio Moraes.

Kennedy will be fighting local boy Peter Sobotta (14-4-1) in the 77kg welterweight division in UFC Berlin.

The thought of fighting Sobotta in front of his home crowd doesn’t worry Kennedy. In fact, the man known as ‘Steamroller’ intends to make his debut impressively and ask questions of his much favoured opponent.

“I didn’t change (my training) specifically for peter. I trained with a few of the good southpaws (left handers) around (his Kickass Gym in Perth) just to switch over my brain.”

In an interview with Kennedy (originally from Watford, England) told of how “your brain needs to work a little differently when you fight southpaws. I’ve done plenty of camps for them. I am going to make it ugly and ask a real question of him – How bad he wants to win. And we’ll see if he can answer it.”

Kennedy has spent the week dieting to make weight for the bout. “We always struggle to make weight,” he said philosophically. But an opportunity to break into the UFC is not one Kennedy will relinquish without giving it his all.

Kennedy’s debut against Sobotta features on the main card (one of four such fights).

The headline will be the much anticipated title fight between incumbent UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion Polish Joanna Jedrzejczyk (9-0-0) and season 21 TUF housemate American Jessica Penne (12-3-0).