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Leslie Smith Almost loses Ear in UFC 180 Fight.


MMA superstar Leslie Smith had her fight stopped against Jessica “Evil” Eye. In today’s UFC 180 held in Mexico City both women were out for victory.

Eye, ranked number 6 came out hard, inflicting some brutal punches on 13th ranked Smith.Smith managed to return the compliment with a few well placed outside kicks, but was clearly getting the worst of the exchanges.

The second round began where the first left off – with both fighters keen to trade.

A stinging right cross tore Leslie’s ear. With blood gushing down the left side of her head the plucky fighter continued on. Thankfully referee Herb Dean was having a very close look at her.

Dean paused the fight so a doctor could evaluate Smith’s cut.

The doctor was horrified to find Leslie’s ear torn completely away from the side of her head. Her ear had been almost torn off. Another punch and it could have been.

But Smith pleaded with the doctor not to stop the fight.

The doctor wouldn’t hear of it.

She signaled the fighter wasn’t cleared to continue. The referee signaled the fight was over. But smith couldn’t hear him (as you would expect), and stalked forward ready to continue the stoush.

The referee intervened and the unhappy Smith was attended by her corner.




Koppenhaver Laughs at Ex-Girlfriend’s Testimony.

MMA fighter Jonathon Paul Koppenhaver (aka War Machine) has laughed while his ex-

Jonathon Koppenhaver. Image:

Jonathon Koppenhaver. Image:

girlfriend, Christy Mack, recounted the bashing and rape inflicted upon her.

Koppenhaver was arraigned and ordered to stand trial for 34 felony charges including attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnaping. The trial, to be held in a Nevada state court, could see him sentenced to life in prison.

Christy Mack sobbed as she testified to the assault and rape. She explained how she made her escape when she feared Koppenhaver left the room to fetch a knife. She ran to a neighbour’s house and knocked on the door for help early on August 8.

Koppenhaver let himself into Mack’s house with a key she had given him. Once inside he found computer shop owner, Corey Thomas, and Mack in bed together. He attacked Thomas causing him serious harm (for which he faces another battery charge).

Mack phoned the police while was beating Thomas. Thomas managed to escape when Koppenhaver turned his attention to Mack.

Mack says she remembers tasting blood when she regained consciousness on the floor of her shower. The water had been turned on. “I couldn’t breathe,” Mack told the court, referring to a kick to the abdomen by Koppenhaver. “I don’t remember getting out of the shower. I just remember being on the floor. Naked on the floor. Cold.”

Christy Mack. Image:

Christy Mack. Image:

Mack sobbed as the court were shown photos of her injuries: missing teeth, broken nose, fractured eye socket, leg injuries and a lacerated liver. She told the court she sustained the cut marks on her head from Koppenhaver  inserting a knife in her ear while threatening to kill her.

The knife snapped as Koppenhaver tried to cut her hair and wigs with it. As he left to fetch another, Mack made her escape.

The prosecutor, who saw Koppenhaver laugh at Mack’s testimony, asked that court records note him “laughing and shaking his head.”

Defence attorney Brandon Sua tried to object. However the judge had seen Koppenhaver’s reaction also, so the record stood.

Mr. Sua said Koppenhaver will plead not guilty at his arraignment on Thursday.

Jake Matthews Calls Out Joe Ellenberger

Matthews lands a left on Rocha. Image:

Jake Matthews secured an impressive victory over the respected Vagner Rocha at UFC Fight Night 55 on Saturday.

Matthews, the second youngest fighter I the UFC lightweight division, poured on the power and aggression from the beginning. He sunk in some painful leg kicks and showed strength beyond his years to out wrestled his decorated rival.

Matthews appeared to have won the first round, but was anything than complacent when the bell rang for the second. He kept his guard up and was constantly moving, slipping punches and mixing up his own attacks.

Matthews lands a left on Rocha. Image:

Matthews lands a left on Rocha. Image:

Towards the middle of the second round Matthews landed a hard superman punch on Rocha. Rocha sagged backwards and tried to cover up. Matthews pressed forwards delivering a flurry of punishing punches. Rocha sunk to the canvas, Matthews dived on him – going for a rear naked choke. Rocha scrambled, but Matthews dug in some hooks and tightened his grip.

It then became a battle of strength.

The referee waited for Rocha to fight back. When he didn’t he raised the Brazilians right leg – it flopped back to the canvas, inert. Jake was peeled off his insensate opponent and declared the winner.

When asked if he could feel when Rocha lost consciousness an elated Jake Matthews responded, “I could feel him go limp, yeah, but I knew he wasn’t going to tap, so I had to squeeze every bit of energy into that choke.

“I knew I had it (the hold) deep, but you never want to let anything like that off, because in the last second when he’s about to tap you let it go, so you never know.”

But Mathews admitted he still has a lot to learn. “I’ll work on my overall game plan,” he told the thrilled Sydney crowd.

“My striking’s come a long way, especially since my fight in Auckland in June, so I’ll keep working on my stand up and there’s little things I’ve picked out here.

When asked who he would like to fight next Mathews called out American Joe Ellenberger, “I’ve been having a look around and II want to fight some bigger names.

“I’m a big Conor McGregor fan, so I’d love to get on that card in January. I’d like to fight Joe Ellenberger No disrespect, but he’s got a good name behind him and I thought ‘why not?’ It’s another step up again. So if Ellenberger’s down for Boston in January, let’s do it!”

Rockhold, Bisping Thrill Sydney UFC Fans



Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping settled their differences the old fashioned way. In front of an enthusiastic and vocal Sydney crowd the number 5 and number 9 ranked UFC light heavyweights slugged it out, with Rockhold emerging the victor by way of a guillotine choke.

Bisping entered the ring clearly the crowd favourite. The crowd went wild as he swaggered in, the roars almost deafening. Rockhold, by comparison, was greeted with boos.

After months of trash talking and very public feuding the two lost no time in getting down to business. Bisping looked overly cautious against his larger and higher ranked opponent. But while Rockhold dominated the center of the ring and kept moving forwards, it was Bisping who went on the offensive.

But Bisping’s strikes were weren’t followed up. The Englishman shoot off one or two range-finders and then be moving backwards, out of Rockhold’s range.

Rockhold shot in for a take-down attempt, which was stopped by Bisping. Bisping complained of a head butt. But replays showed it was an accidental head clash.

Once the video had been reviewed referee Herb Dean had the two begin from where they left off: with Bisping held in an over-under clinch against the cage by Rockhold.

Bisping managed to wrestle away and the two traded some stinging blows.

Early in round two Bisping was rattled by a kick to the head. He staggered backwards, Rockhold pounced; he hammered Bisping with some brutal head shots and crammed him against the cage. As Bisping tried to sweep Rockhold, and regain his feet, he got caught in a guillotine choke and forced to tap.

Both men were gracious after the fight, though their animosity was still very evident.

Bisping looked dejected when approached by the ring commentator. When asked about the bad blood between him and Rockhold he said, “To be honest none of that really bothered me. Trash talk is one thing … it makes it entertaining for you guys in the build-up to the fight. Now of course, it was all genuine. I didn’t care for the guy, but you’ve got to respect him.

“It’s the way I psych myself up for a fight. If I’m going to come in here and exchange blows, I’m going to have fun with it and congratulations to the guy.

“I felt good. I felt the first round was even and I felt great but he caught me with something and more power to the mother f#@!er. Well done.”

To everyone’s relief Bisping promised to continue fighting. “I’m going nowhere,” he told the MMA world.

Rockhold was equally generous (and honest), “It’s in the past now … I don’t think we’ll ever be friends but I’ve got a lot of respect of Michael as a warrior. He’ll get in with anybody and he works hard and he gives it everything he’s got and I’ve got respect for that.

“I look to finish whatever way I can. The neck was out completely, the guillotine’s one of my favourite moves, so I went for that.

“I hurt him with the kick and I was looking to set that up, taking my time and finding range and I found it.

Rockhold now moves to an impressive 13 – 2. He believes he is the top contender and cannot be overlooked for a title shot.

Dylan Andrews to take on Smiling Sam Alvey

Dylan Andrews. Image:

Dylan Andrews. Image:

MMA big-hitter Dylan Andrews has told of the anguish he brings into his fights.

Andrews’ parents were drug dealers. They grew marijuana everywhere.

“My bedroom, yeah,” Andrews said to reporters this week, “cannabis everywhere.

“My family grew drugs to make ends meet, to survive really. And where I slept was like the hydroponic room.

“It was tough because I could never have friends over. I couldn’t really have friends at all.

“My parents, they were always worried about some kid talking and getting them arrested. So it wasn’t much of a life.

“As a little kid, you should wake each day to a hug. But how can that happen if you’re the only happy person in the house?”

Smiling Sam Alvey. Image:

Smiling Sam Alvey. Image:

Dylan Andrews had a lacklustre performance in The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes in which virtually every member of the Australian side were outclassed by their Canadian rivals.

However, Andrews persisted and fought his way into the House for TUF 17 (team Jones versus team Sonen). Andrews was picked last but fought with brilliance and guts to make his way to the semi-finals. There he was beaten by TKO by the red hot favourite Uriah Hall.

Dylan Andrews is remembered, though, for winning arguably one of the best and closest fights in TUF history against Zak Cummings; a fight he won by majority decision after two rounds.

Andrews will meet Sam Alvey this Saturday, November 8, at UFC Fight Night 55 Rockhold vs Bisping.

Dan Kelly Thrown MMA Lifeline

Dan Kelly. Image:

Dan Kelly. Image:

Aging Daniel Kelly has been thrown a lifeline – being called upon to fight in UFC Fight Night 55, on the 7th of November.

Kelly was part of the disastrous UFC TUF Nations Australian side. The Aussies were hopelessly outmatched. They were decimated by the rival Canadian team. Kelly, along with most of the other Australians, lost their first match.

Since that time Kelly has been forced even further away from the sport by a small crack in his collarbone. It was a niggling injury that refused to come right. Because of it Kelly had to forfeit a fight for an AFC title. Kelly had been emailing Joe Silva asking for fights. He was pleading: ‘I’ll fight on any card, anywhere you like.’

Silva relented and offered him a fight against American Luke Zachrich.

Kelly was thrilled, “I’d been in email contact ever since I fought at AFC in Albury And, to be honest, when I pulled out of the Steve Kennedy fight in August I thought I wasn’t going to have a chance of getting a shot.”

But one has to wonder if Joe Silva has done Kelly any favours.

Zachrich has won 11 of his last 13 fights – six by submission (3 armbars, 2 keylocks, 1 rear naked choke) and five by knockout.

Zachrich was also a member of Forrest Griffin’s Ultimate Fighter Season 7 team; and has therefore trained under the best in the sport.

“He’s got good boxing, good jiu jitsu and he used to play gridiron in college, so he’s pretty well rounded,” said Kelly of Zachrich.

Kelly is particularly wary of Zachrich’s boxing. “His last fight in the UFC he fought a guy with world champion jiu jitsu and just picked him apart with boxing.

“I want to see how good he is standing because I’ve been working really hard on mine. But obviously my background is judo, so hopefully I can take him down.”

Luke Zachrich/ Image:

Luke Zachrich/ Image:

Kelly says he is looking forward to the fight. He recognises it as the opportunity of a lifetime.

“The way I look at it – In the UFC if you lose two in a row in most cases you’re out. So I’ve got two chances.

“If I win the first one, it extends by two, maybe three. If I win two, I’ll get another two fights, so it becomes a four-fight deal.

“It’s very important to win. You don’t get many chances and I want a bit of redemption from the house, because that didn’t go that well for me.”

Mark ‘the Super Samoan’ Must Cut 20kg in 23 Days to Make Fight Weight

UFC light-heavyweight contender Mark ‘the Super Samoan’ Hunt needs to cut 20kg in 23 days to make weight for his showdown against Fabricio Werdum.

Mark Hunt. Image:

Mark Hunt. Image:

Hunt was relaxing after his stunning knockout victory over iron-chinned Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson when the surprise call-up came. Cain Velasquez, originally scheduled to fight Verdum, had injured his right knee – would Hunt like to step in?

Hunt accepted the fight, even though he hadn’t trained in 34 days.

“I’m focusing on losing weight,” he told MMAJunkie, “because there’s a bit to lose.

“I’ve put on 20 kilos and that’s easy to lose. But it’s not going to fall off.”

Even though Hunt believes he will have no problems cutting the required weight he still has issues over his fight fitness. On top of that, he faces a 16-hour flight to Mexico City where he will fight on November 15.

“Three weeks … that’s not enough time to go to another country and acclimatise for a fight. But I’ll deal with it how I deal with it: I’ll try my best and that’s all I can do, really.”

Fabricio Verdum: Image: Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Verdum: Image: Fabricio Werdum

Hunt said he had no excuses for not making weight. If he thought otherwise he wouldn’t have accepted the fight.

In the face of all these challenges the Super Samoan this he still fancies his chances against the highly trained, experienced and powerful Verdum.

“I’ve been fighting for 24 years, and in two different sports. I won the K1 world title and now I’m fighting for another world title. I’m no strange to this sort of business.

“Verdum is one of the best fighters in the world. Everyone’s well versed in everything, but this is the division where you are going to get knocked out, so it doesn’t matter.”

Bisping – Rockhold Get Heated at Pre-Fight Press Conference

Luke Rockhold vs Michael Bisping. Image:

Luke Rockhold vs Michael Bisping. Image:

Already bitter rivals, Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold have boiled in a pre-fight conference.

The two original fell out after Bisping defeated Rockhold’s training partner Cung Le. Rockhold ran into Bisping in a coffee shop the next day where he accused Bisping’s father and friend of trash talking. Rockhold suggested that Bisping wouldn’t get past the first round if the two were to meet in the Octagon.

“I had no choice by to butt in,” said Rockhold suggesting he had to bring the trash talking to an end. “It was an unavoidable situation.”

Michael Bisping retorted, “You’re an absolute liar! No one was looking at you. You showed a lack of class and I’ll punish you for it next week.”

The conference deteriorated from there.

Rockhold called Bisping a “prick everywhere in life.”

“It’s definitely a bonus to shut his mouth and set the record straight on that night.

“He’s a guy I haven’t respected for the way he carries himself around the sport.

“I’ve been around a while and I hear a lot of things and I see a lot of things and I really don’t care for the guy and I’m looking forward to shutting him up for myself and a lot of people.”

Asked how he arrived at this opinion of Bisping Rockhold responded, “He just doesn’t seem to be a nice guy to most people.

“You’ve got to treat people the way you want to be treated and it seems like he’s a prick everywhere in life. I don’t know what he’s not happy about. So I’m looking forward to making everyone else happy.”

Bisping responded, “Luke, I don’t know you. I don’t care for you. And we haven’t shared a single proper conversation. So you’re basing your facts – or what you perceive as facts – on absolutely nothing.

“We had one conversation, on that sparring match in question, that everyone talks about. You don’t know me as a person so kiss my f—ing arse you lanky piece of s–t.

“I’ll see you in Australia you a—hole. We’ll put this to bed then.”


Both fighters rejected the suggestion they were fighting on emotion; each of them saying they didn’t care enough for the other to dignify them with hatred.


Rockhold is currently ranked fifth in the world. He and Michael Bisping (ranked ninth) will thrash out their differences in Sydney’s Allphones Arena in Sydney on November 7th, in UFC Fight Night 55.

Super Samoan Mark Hunt Gets Last Minute Call Up to Fight for UFC Heavyweight World Championship.

Rising MMA superstar ‘Super Samoan’ Mark Hunt has been handed the chance of a lifetime. Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez announced today he has injured his right knee and will be unable to face Fabricio Werdum in November.

Mark Hunt gets a shot at the UFC world heavyweight title. Image:

Mark Hunt gets a shot at the UFC world heavyweight title. Image:

That was when UFC President Dana White picked up the phone and asked Hunt to headline UFC 180.

To call Mark Hunt’s story in MMA a fairy tale is an understatement. Between 2006 and 2010 he lost six consecutive bouts. His form was so bad the UFC even tried to kick him out, offering to buy out the remainder of his contract.

Hunt famously refused and has since turned his career around.

The Samoan slugger is the only fighter to have knocked out UFC powerhouse Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson; a fight that was won on guts as much as power.

His recent record is 5-1-1, with the only loss coming at the hands of former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos, in May 2013.

Hunt was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to fight for the UFC heavyweight belt. “I feel blessed to have this opportunity to fight for another world title,” he told reporters.

“This is something that doesn’t happen often to people. First K1 and now UFC – how can I say no, even though it’s on short notice? I’m dropping everything and flying to Mexico tomorrow so I can best prepare myself for this fight. I have to get into shape and acclimatise to that environment, which is really important.

“There’s nothing to lose when you’re competing against the best at the top level.”

There is plenty to lose against Fabricio Werdum. Werdum is an experienced, wily and powerful fighter, in the prime of his career and peak of condition. Hunt will need a strategy and will have to be able to protect himself from Werdum’s hammer-blow punches.

Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot. Image:

Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot. Image:

Chris Wiedman Saves Elderly Neighbour

After a string of MMA fighters have made the news for all the wrong reasons the sporting franchises must be breathing a sigh of relief with Chris Wiedman.

The devout Christian and middleweight champion recently saved the life of his 94 year-old neighbour after she fell into a glass table, cutting herself badly.

The elderly lady was on blood thinning medications for a heart condition and was bleeding profusely. Wiedman spoke to

I was cleaning the car when I heard someone call out for help down the street.

“I run over to her and she’s bleeding everywhere. All over the place. I run over, she drops her phone and begs, ‘Help me! Help me!’ So I take her and I bring her into her garage.”

Wiedman couldn’t get through to emergency services, so he dialled a friend who is a local police officer.

“The entire time she’s going in and out a little bit, she’s getting very dizzy.

“And she’s a bloody mess, so I grabbed a bunch of paper towels and I was trying to hold the paper towels on her wounds – she had big wounds and she was bleeding so much, her whole body was covered in blood, I didn’t know where the blood was really 100-percent coming from. I didn’t know if it was multiple wounds. She’s saying she fell into a glass table. So just kept going through paper towels trying to keep pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. I ended up finding out later that the reason she was bleeding so much is that she was on different heart medications and stuff that thins her blood.

Chris Wiedman. Image:

Chris Wiedman. Image:

“So I was there trying to have her talk about normal things to distract her, but she’s saying, ‘I want to live one more year! I want to live one more year!’ I’m telling her, ‘You’re fine! You’re fine! You’re not dying today! You’re going to be fine! People are coming right now, they’re going to take you and stitch up your head. You’re going to be fine! You’re not dying!’”.

It took 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. Paramedics were able to stabilise the lady, but Wiedman was unsure how his neighbour’s recovery was progressing.

Chris Wiedman is best known for breaking Anderson Silva’s leg last year, ending the great fighter’s impressive winning streak. Wiedman is currently 12-0 in the UFC and is rated as one of the most dangerous fighters in the world.