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Allenby Saga Takes Another Turn


The story of pro golfer Robert Allenby’s abduction and robbery has been contradicted by yet another witness.

Chris Khamis, 47, a homeless man in the area where Allenby alleges he was bashed and robbed, has come forward. He alleges that Allenby hurt himself by falling over and hitting his face on a rock.

He told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser he was with Allenby shortly before the golfer injured himself. Allenby seemed depressed with his result in the Sony Open earlier that day. Khmais also said Allenby believed he had been drugged while at a strip club he’d recently been to.

When asked about the actual incident involving Allenby hurting himself Khamis is honest: “There was not crime (when I was present). It was his stupidity.

“He (Allenby) passed out and hit his head. I was there. Nobody pushed him out of a car.”

Khamis’ testimony echoes that of another man, Toa Kaili, who told the Herald Sun that Allenby was “beyond tipsy”.

Kaili said he had been with the golfer on several occasions during the evening, only at their last meeting did Allenby have a “busted up” face.

On the previous occasion, said Kaili, Allenby was passed out on the footpath. He says it took him 10 minutes to revive him and another 8 minutes to get him to his feet.

“He was beyond tipsy,” said Kaili, “he was blitzed.”

“He (Allenby) then started saying, ‘Where’s the other guy? You gave him the keys: to get the keys.’”

Kaili then claims Allenby turned on him and his friend, accusing them of robbing him.

Angry at being treated this way Mr Kaili says he then left, leaving him with his friend Chris Khamis.

When he returned 30 minutes later Allenby was wiping blood off his face.

“What the hell happened?” he asked his friend.

Mr Khamis responded, “I tried to hail him a cab. He was rocking back and forth, nodded off and face-planted into this damn jagged rock.”

Honolulu police are still treating the case as “a second-degree robbery and fraudulent use of credit card.”

However, there has been no indication the police are investigating Allenby’s allegation of kidnapping.

Allenby Attack Takes Another Turn


The alleged assault on professional golfer Robert Allenby has taken another twist.

Nine News reporters spoke to another homeless local , Toa Kaili, who said that it was he and his friend who discovered Allenby. They told the reporter they found Allenby unconscious and uninjured on the footpath on the night of the attack.

Kaili then suggested Allenby injured his face after falling and hitting a rock.

“I was like, ‘OK mister, you were passed out on the sidewalk,’ said Kaili to the Hawaiian news station KHON2 News.

He alleges Allenby was uninjured but confused and that he flew into a rage when he realised his wallet and phone were missing.

Kaili alleges Allenby accused him of robbery, “You better give me back my stuff!

“You know who the hell I am?

“I have millions of dollars! I’m a professional golfer!”

Kaili said he told Allenby, “Hey no, brother, we’re the one who woke you up. We’re the ones that were helping you.”

The Honolulu police are still treating the incident as a robbery. They are reviewing CCTV footage, interviewing witnesses, and sifting through the entries on Allenby’s credit card.

Allenby Gives His Saviour $1,000


How much is a human life worth? Well if you’re Robert Allenby that’d be exactly $US 1,000.

Pro Golfer Robert Allenby was bashed and kidnapped on Friday night, after leaving the AMUSE Wine Bar in Honoulu at 10:50pm. Surveillance footage shows five men surrounding him, knocking him to the ground and kicking him.

Allenby was then bundled into the boot of a car where he fell unconscious.

He was found by Charade Keane, a homeless woman, about 10 km from his hotel.

The men had apparently dumped Allenby after robbing him. But alone and injured he was an attractive target for other predators. Keane could see Allenby was in danger from other groups; she went ran to his aid, attempting to intervene before he became the victim of yet another beating.

“Where am I?” were the first words Allenby said to her

“And she kept dragging me and dragging me,” said Allenby, recalling the incident.  “And we kept looking behind us and they kept following and following.

“I have two hours of my life I don’t know anything about.”

Robert Allenby met his saviour for the first time since being released from hospital. He gave her a sincere hug and thankyou. “I appreciate what you did for me,” he told her.

Allenby then then produced $1,000 an said it wasn’t much, “but at least you get meals and all that.”

“I know I don’t have to do it, but I’m going to, and you have to take it.”

Allenby is currently ranked number 27 for PGA career earnings. His winnings work out to $27,329,892.

Women’s Golf – LPGA Classic

The LPGA Classic in New Jersey is hotting up with the first round now in the books. American Jennifer Johnson stunned the gallery at the Stockton Seaview Golf Club when she matched the course record with a nine-under, 62, to snatch the lead from Japan’s Haru Nomura, 63 and Christina Kim, on 64.

Jennifer JohnsonAustralian golfer Sarah Kemp shot a respectable four-under 67 to sit five shots off the lead. While Lindsay Wright posted a 68 and Karrie Webb (last year’s champion) finished with 69.

Koreans Inbee Park (the current world number one) and Na Yeon Choi sit four shots off the pace on 66.

Johnson credits who great first round to being able to deal with the nerves she felt at the 17th. “… that’s when I was eight-under and I was trying to beat my 63,” she told reporters. “So then, I started getting a little nervous because my goal was to get to 10-under, but I only got to nine. But when you shoot something you’ve never shot before, nerves are going to happen.”

Second placed Nomura was pleased with her performance, “All in all, my putting was on, my shot was really good … everything was perfect today.”

The current leader, Jennifer Johnson finished the day with 10 birdies – five in a row between the 9th and 13th holes, and one bogey.

Melbourne Madness


Melbournians could be forgiven for breathing a collective sigh of relief at the end of this week, when the Australian Open – this year characterised by extreme heat in the early rounds, and shock exits of some loftily-seeded players – wraps up and the international tennis stars shuffle off. That sigh seems unlikely to eventuate, though, given the slew of other events sure to keep sports fans entertained.

Melbourne has, in the past, been heralded as the sporting capital of the world. Whether or not this label is deserved, it’s certain that the city is never short on high quality sporting drawcards, with international stars forever jetting in and out. If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that it’s been a busy season for the Melbourne hotel industry – and for good reason.


If you’re not a fan of the sport, you could be forgiven for feeling like this year’s summer of cricket has dragged on for far too long. Unfortunately, as a cricket abstainer, you’d also be in the minority there.

Australia and England will face off once again at the MCG on the last day of January. At this point the result seems all but assured. It’s important, though, that the Australian team don’t rest on their laurels, as so many teams in their position would do. Redoubling their efforts and not relying purely on the momentum of this summer will ensure that Clarke and co. maintain the incredible winning streak they’ve been experiencing.

To get a true indication of just how taxing this summer has been for English fans, you could consider checking in to a Melbourne CBD hotel populated by Poms. Their howls of woe and admissions of lethargy are sure to make this match all the more enjoyable for Australian spectators, and victory all the sweeter for our own excellent team.

Formula 1 Grand Prixmelboure-shin

As soon as the words “Grand Prix” are uttered, most of us can almost hear the roaring of engines, and smell the burning of rubber. This year – as always – the event will not only attract adrenaline junkie drivers and their incredible machines, but also a nest of celebrities and a sea of crowds. The Grand Prix is certainly in the top tier of annual sports outings hosted by Melbourne – along with the Open and the Melbourne Cup – and is not to be missed by motoring enthusiasts. The high esteem in which the event is held means that leaving bookings to the last minute can result in a desperate, often disappointing scramble for tickets and accommodation. Rev-heads who have brains to match, then, should be sure to book a room at Hotel Urban Melbourne as far in advance as possible. On your marks, get set…!


Compared to the adrenaline of the Grand Prix, the 2014 Handa Australian Women’s Open is sure to be a civilised – if at times still cutthroat – event. This year’s tournament will attract many of the world’s top ten female golfers, including defending champion Jiyai Shin. The standard of the game is excellent, so we can only hope that the media gives this tournament the attention it warrants.

The Evolution of Gaming – Insurance

And here it is, the next step in personal insurance.

The world of sport has moved online and the stars here attract as much attention as the stars on the telly every weekend. And now, it seems, they’re beginning to be treated with as much attention.

But first some background:

In ancient Phoenicia traders would approach lenders to insure against the piracy or loss of their trading ships. In the London coffee houses merchants would trade insurance bonds with one another on the safe delivery and good quality of their stock. By the 1940’s personal insurance was providing premiums against damage to homes and loss of property. This was quickly followed by a slew of insurance products covering debilitating events most likely to befall an individual. By the 1980’s one could insure cars, boats, even pets. In the 1990’s rock star David Lee Roth stunned the world by taking out paternity insurance (wouldn’t you like to read the indemnity clauses on that one!). But now the market has taken another step.

HIF were approached earlier this year about insuring an online game character. Don’t scoff, it’s big business. Many players spend years building up their characters and sell them (for real money) to other players not willing to put in the work. It’s not yet an industry. But there is a cashed-up elite who want the kudos of an impressive game character without putting in the time themselves.

The problem for the people who create these characters is that their avatars are exposed to pretty much the same risks we all are. They can get injured, punished or die just as we can. They can make bad decisions or just have bad luck.

Plus there are events to which characters are exposed that we are not. Imagine a cataclysmic outage wiping all character records from the game database (solar flares known as a Carrington Event,may achieve this); or hackers scrambling the server network: All very unlikely, yes, but still possible.

And for these few (I hesitate to call them professional) dedicated gamers this could entail the waste of years of hard work.

I know about this because the person to approach HIF is a friend. He didn’t tell me about the negotiations, or their result. But there is an ever growing concern and demand to insure against these precious online avatars.