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Equiprent and the Motocross Fundraiser

 When a Perth Cricket club recently decided to raise funds for clubhouse extensions a call was made to the members for ideas. Nothing was off limits, everything would be considered – no matter how wild.

And so the idea of a motocross rally and show was born.

Several of the members had sons or daughters in motocross clubs. Motocross, for those unfamiliar with the sport, is an exhilarating, fast-paced, viewer friendly sport. It consists of riders negotiating a hilly, convoluted circuit and breakneck speed. All the action takes place in front of the audience

operatorThe idea put to the Cricket Club Board was to transform the cricket grounds into a motocross circuit and sell tickets to the one-night event. It would certainly beat the hell out of a lamington drive.

The first problem was to construct a course.

Fortunately one of the board members had previous experience with the mining industry. “It’s not as hard as you think,” he told his fellow board members. “Places like Equiprent offer equipment for just this kind of job.”

And they do.

An engineer donated his time to calculate the volume of soil required to construct a course, operatorEquiprent was asked about equipment able to transport and move the earth. They were even asked about hiring drivers for the machinery (which they also helped with).

In fact, had it not been for Equiprent an otherwise splendid idea would have been dead in the water.

It took a lot of planning and a lot of work, but the event went ahead. It was a roaring success.

The Importance of Health Insurance for Athletes

health insurance

Sport can often be an unpredictable and incredibly dangerous activity, which usually involves great risks in terms of harming your body. Regardless of which sport you partake in and what level you are competing at engaging in sport puts your health and wellbeing at great risk, making it all the more important for you to ensure you have the right protection through cheap health insurance in Australia.

Health insurance is an integral aspect of any athlete’s protection. Whether you play for a rugby team on the weekend, compete at a high level of gymnastics or simply play in a social soccer team, surprising injuries can pounce at any moment.

Although we all like to think we are invincible and nothing could ever harm us, anyone who has ever broken a bone, gotten stitches or even stubbed their toe should hospital billknow that injuries always creep up on us when we least expect it. Injuries do not often occur when we are doing the most outrageous skill or learning a new move – they become most frequent when you are doing a mindless activity and you lose concentration for a second or when extraneous variables (such as other people running towards your trying to thump and pin your body to the ground) are in play. We can not control what sort of things happen to our body and we can certainly not ensure that our bodies are completely safeguarded from harm or injury – however, one thing we can do is insure with HIF to better deal with such unsuspecting situations when they do arrive.

An Investment for Your Career

Protecting your career is an absolute must. And when you take endless risks for a living, doing everything you can to lessen the impact of injury when it does occur, is one of the most crucial things you can do. Ensuring you have the best private health insurance plan is not only critical to avoid exorbitant costs in cases of emergency, but it is also important to have piece of mind in knowing that you are protected. Feeling secure in that you are able to undergo the necessary recovery methods without
having to worry about costs will enable you to fast track your recovery by taking the best and most effective recovery methods available.

old lady stretchingAn Investment for Your Future

There is nothing more important than your own health and wellbeing. Although we often only worry about the present moment, looking the future allows us to appreciate the importance of taking extra care with our bodies now. Putting strain on our bodies through sport has huge repercussions on our quality of life later on. If you are constantly avoiding physio sessions or doctors appointments for niggling injuries that you think will simply disappear – health insurance will provide you with the security you need to freely improve your health now, and drastically eliminate aches and pains when you’re older.

Protection and piece of mind is key for people who are involved with sport or physical activity on a regular basis. Health insurance is imperative for active people who make the most of their bodily functions. Gym junkies, dancers, divers, performers, team sports players and anything in between all should have comprehensive cover to give their bodies the ultimate chance of full recovery in the case of an unexpected incident. If your sport or job also involves travelling, you must guarantee your protection overseas with full travel insurance. This will allow you to keep on sporting, performing or gymming with the consolation that your health and wellbeing is fully covered and protected.

McKnight’s Air and the Ice Hockey Emergency

Choose the right people. That’s the lesson I learned from this ordeal.

I’m the owner of an ice skating rink in Perth. Now Australians don’t really have ice skating sports at the forefront of their consciousness. So any opportunity I get to increase awareness of the sports an ice rink offers, well, I do what can.Ice hockey

Late last year I heard about an ice hockey team in the Stanley Cup ( the major ice hockey event in North America) deciding to have their end of season trip in Australia. So I phoned the club and worked my way to one of the management and explained how a ‘friendly’ ice hockey game between their boys and whatever I could piece together here would be in our mutual interest: If they played a game while out here then they could write the entire trip off on tax. And for me to have a Stanley Cup team playing at my venue … Well it’d certainly make the papers at least.

So the wrangling began. They didn’t care too much about appearance money. The tax write off alone was incentive enough.

When the final phone call was made I walked out of my office and looked at my rink.

It was like getting punched in the stomach.

The place was a dump. The air-conditioning was shot, the ice was thick with puddles, and the humidity was all wrong. There was no way I could show this to a Stanley Cup team.

I’d been planning renovations and upgrades for a long time. Now I had no choice. The pity was I was panicked. So the first people to answer my call got the job.

They were into the air-conditioning within a couple of days, refitting and re-piping the ducts. A new generator and cooling unit and everything was ready to go.

Fortunately I had the presence of mind to organise a test night.

I wanted two teams to try out the new ice, make sure it was up to standard. So I called in some ex-players, asked them to put two teams together and took out some adds in the paper inviting the public to the game.

Everything went well on the ice. The air-conditioning and cooling units worked like champions. But at about 10 minutes into the game we had a problem with the toilets – none of them would flush. Since I’m a licensed venue, selling drinks at a game is my major source of income. If the toilets don’t work people are less likely to drink. People less likely to drink reduce my profits.

I called in our maintenance guy. He came back with a shrug and said there was nothing he could do – it was the new air-conditioning that was responsible.

What had happened was the idiots I’d hired to install the new system had routed the pipes going to the rink too close to the pipes flushing the toilets. The water going to the toilets had frozen!

This was three days before the Stanley Cup team arrived.

MckCuriously the original contractors were unable to be contacted. I doubt I would have got them back anyway. Fortunately McKnight’s Air stepped up when I needed them. Within hours they were on pipes connecting the cooling unit to the rink.

They actually came back to me before doing anything and said it would be cheaper and faster for me if they left the rink pipes where they were and rerouted the flushing pipes.

I told them they had less than two days and to do what they needed to do to make it work.

You have never seen a team of guys work like these boys. The foreman was constantly liasing between me, the suppliers and his boys doing the work. It was a massive job and the deadline was unmissable.

With six hours before the whistle blew they were done.

Fortunately I’d taken the McKnight’s Air advice. Had I not, and replaced the pipes leading to the rink, the ice on the rink would have been mush.

As it was the Stanley Cup team enjoyed the venue (though I’m certainly not in the league of the auditoriums in North America). The fans enjoyed the game and the beer and I dodged a bullet.

The Evolution of Gaming – Insurance

And here it is, the next step in personal insurance.

The world of sport has moved online and the stars here attract as much attention as the stars on the telly every weekend. And now, it seems, they’re beginning to be treated with as much attention.

But first some background:

In ancient Phoenicia traders would approach lenders to insure against the piracy or loss of their trading ships. In the London coffee houses merchants would trade insurance bonds with one another on the safe delivery and good quality of their stock. By the 1940’s personal insurance was providing premiums against damage to homes and loss of property. This was quickly followed by a slew of insurance products covering debilitating events most likely to befall an individual. By the 1980’s one could insure cars, boats, even pets. In the 1990’s rock star David Lee Roth stunned the world by taking out paternity insurance (wouldn’t you like to read the indemnity clauses on that one!). But now the market has taken another step.

HIF were approached earlier this year about insuring an online game character. Don’t scoff, it’s big business. Many players spend years building up their characters and sell them (for real money) to other players not willing to put in the work. It’s not yet an industry. But there is a cashed-up elite who want the kudos of an impressive game character without putting in the time themselves.

The problem for the people who create these characters is that their avatars are exposed to pretty much the same risks we all are. They can get injured, punished or die just as we can. They can make bad decisions or just have bad luck.

Plus there are events to which characters are exposed that we are not. Imagine a cataclysmic outage wiping all character records from the game database (solar flares known as a Carrington Event,may achieve this); or hackers scrambling the server network: All very unlikely, yes, but still possible.

And for these few (I hesitate to call them professional) dedicated gamers this could entail the waste of years of hard work.

I know about this because the person to approach HIF is a friend. He didn’t tell me about the negotiations, or their result. But there is an ever growing concern and demand to insure against these precious online avatars.

Variety Santa Fun Run

variety santa fun run

Whether it classifies as a sport could be contested, yet it’s outrageousness is undeniable. The variety Santa Fun Run is a splendidly ridiculous event in the heart of Melbourne that calls on people to “Be a Claus for a Cause”. The fun run is held on the 1st December and is a family-friendly event that aims to raise funds for the children’s charity, Variety.

You can choose distances of either 2km, 5km or 10km. Don’t let the title of run fool you though, because you can traverse the distance around Albert Park Lake in any way you want – it doesn’t matter whether you tumble, hop, jump or roll via pram your way around the course, as long as you wear your official 5-piece Santa suit (which is included in the registration fee) you are good to go.

All entrants of the Variety Santa Fun Run are encouraged to fundraise for the worthwhile cause of helping disadvantaged children. By donning your Santa suit and truly getting in the Christmas spirt this yuletide season, it is also important to think of those less fortunate than us who do not have the same opportunities or abilities as us. Variety works with families to aid and provide support for children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. Simply by entering this fun run and raising a small amount of money, you can help Variety help kids to live, laugh and learn.

Online registration closes at 4pm on Friday 29th November so be sure to register online today! On the day of Sunday 1st December you should be at Palm Lawns, Albert Park Lake by 8am to register. The handy location of the course makes it close to apartment accommodation Melbourne, providing you with the perfect excuse to make a weekend of this fun-filled Christmas event. The 2km run starts at 9am and then the 5km and 10km start at 10am. There is also a finish festival for all the jolly Santa’s upon completing their Variety Santa Fun Run. Here you will find a a number of family-friendly entertainment activities as well as food and drinks for a fun and festive day out.

To get yourself in the festive spirit, give something to others this Christmas and do something fun, exciting and active, there seems to be no valid excuse not to attend the Variety Santa Fun Run in Melbourne. Simply stay at Melbourne apartment accommodation hotel adjacent to the event to ensure you can get there on time and can enjoy a fun and stress-free weekend. For a fee of just $45 for adults, $15 for children and free tickets for children under 4, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend your Sunday. The small fee also means you can afford to stay at the lavish Grand Hotel Melbourne over the course of the weekend. Check out the Variety Santa Fun Run website for more details.

Extreme Surfing

big wave nazare

Tow surfing, extreme surfing and big wave surfing are various names to describe the incredibly exhilarating and outrageously risky activity of surfing the biggest, most hazardous waves in the world. The unpredictability of the ocean makes surfing a difficult and onerous sport for any average Joe surfing regular-sized waves. However, some thrill-seekers just don’t get a big enough kick of adrenaline by surfing the boring waves of anything under a tame 10-feet. Extreme surfing involves traveling the world in search of the largest, most impressive and most dangerous swell the globe has to offer. And as a surfer in Portugal proved yesterday, some punters do manage to be courageous and lucky enough to surf these gigantic waves.

Brazilian surfer, Carlos Burle, is believed to have set a new world record for surfing the biggest wave of all time in Portugal yesterday, after traversing his way expertly down 100 foot high swell. The wave appeared just off the coastal town of Praia do Norte, which is about 130km North of the country’s capital, Lisbon. Garret McNamara currently holds the official world record for riding a 78ft wave at the same spot in 2011. Guinness World Records is awaiting an application from Burle to determine if he will hold the new official title of riding the world’s biggest wave.

Burle modestly told Stab Magazine following his emergence from the massive wave, “It was a mix of good timing, fate and all that stuff together”. Although, right placing, right timing and a bit of luck would certainly be of assistance to these surfers in catching these massive waves, we still think you’ve got to have some serious guts to go out in that environment and actually catch a wave on which one singe foot wrong or one off turn could result in concussion or even death.

To highlight the danger of extreme surfing, Burle actually saved the life of fellow Brazilian surfer, Maya Gabeira,  prior to his momentous wave. Burle reveals that seeing his friend almost drown was “the worst situation I have ever faced”. Gabeira got caught inside a giant wave and reportedly disappeared for about five minutes. Burle then saw her floating face down heading for the rocks nearby. He raced over to her, grabbed her and took her to the beach where she was immediately treated with CPR.

Although Gabeira was fine, this dramatic, near-death experience highlights the immense risk extreme surfing entails and the necessity of intense training and effective safety measures when engaging in the sport.

If you find the thrill and excitement of surfing alluring, but aren’t quite ready to face waves the likes of Praia do Norte, never fear because there are much safer and more controlled places to surf that still give you an adrenaline burst. The best way to start is to buy online Elnino Softboards in Australia then head out to your local coastline. Australia has a plethora of ideal beginners surfing spots dotted all over the country, meaning there is no better place to kickstart your hobby. And being an island with never gromending stretches of idyllic beaches, it seems almost cruel not to make the most of Australia’s incredible surf. Try to go to places with relatively small swell to begin with so that you can become accustomed to the tactics and techniques involved with the art of surfing, before moving to the more extreme surfing spots.

The ideal time to start surfing is when you’re still a youngster. With Christmas on the horizon and the weather only getting warmer for the Summer break, there has never been a better time to buy online foam Elnino surfboards in Australia and treat your little one with a perfect gift that will keep on giving for years to come. Check out all the great surfing gear from The Grom to ignite your kid’s passion for the great Australian pastime of surfing.

Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix World Championships 2014

melbourne grand prix

As the 2013 formula one grand prix season comes to a close, people are already turning their attention to next year’s dramatic F1 season. And all eyes are on Melbourne, the official location of the 2014 formula one grand prix world championships opening round.

Melbourne has been locked in to host the action-packed formula one Australian formula one grand prix on 13-16 March 2014 after a World Motorsport council meeting in Dubrovnik. A number of fresh changes have been made for next year’s season, making the anticipation for the series even more intense. These include new races, technical alterations to cars and new driver line ups. 24-year-old Australian Daniel Ricciardo is set to replace Mark Webber for the most coveted seat in the F1 as team leader for Red Bull in 2014.

Melbourne is under pressure to open the esteemed 2014 formula one grand prix in extravagant style thanks to the dramatic changes being made to the sport. But Australian Grand Prix Cooperation Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Westacott is confident the tireless work of event organisers will “ensure that the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship begins in the best possible way – with world-class entertainment on-track and off.”

Formula one enthusiasts are thrilled to be having the opening race for the world championships on home turf. As well as attracting Formula one grand prix fans from all over the globe, the race will be sure to entice melbourne grand prix2a huge Australian audience, with thousands of Aussie devotees flocking to Melbourne to gain a glimpse of the exhilarating competition.

Grandstand ticket prices to the 4 day event range from $320-$565 depending on location, vantage point and catering options. You could also become a member to go into the running to take a ride in a Swisse Formula 2-seater rider witness action behind the scenes and gain access to an advantage bar and to exclusive content.

Tickets are already starting to sell out for the Melbourne formula one grand prix and with just 138 days to go until the big event, tickets will become harder to acquire with each passing day. Plan your trip to Melbourne on 13-16 March 2014 today to avoid missing out on tickets, flights and Melbourne hotel Accommodation. With such a huge crowd expected to flock to the city, Melbourne CBD hotels will rapidly become full around that time. Check out Urban Hotel Melbourne for an affordable and convenient stay that will place you right in the centre of the racing action.

Melbourne’s Wrestleclash – Brawl in the Bierhaus

brawl in the bierhaus

When it comes to outrageous sports, wrestling is a pretty ridiculous concept as is. However, when you have the combination of six of Australia’s top pro-wrestlers, a Bavarian-inspired Oktoberfest theme, beer, dirndls, bratwürst, a no disqualifications round and a women’s round, ridiculous becomes a very tame description.

The main event of Melbourne’s Wrestleclash is a 6 man tag tournament in which the three amigos take on Team Bavaria, consisting of the ferocious Rocky Menero, Slex and Mr Juicy. The event is held in the heart of Melbourne and is the city’s premier sporting, comedy and party event. On 18th October, the unique space of 100 Pound Bend will be transformed into a Bierhaus and play host to some of the most fierce wrestling matches in the country.

The last Wrestleclash on 23rd August was a completely sold out event, which saw an enormous crowd cheering on the victorious Amigos.This tournament saw the some of the strongest and most powerful men and women in the country grappling, dick punching, suicide diving and ‘slexecuting’ their way to the top of the wrestling rink.

Mr Juicy has now recruited two savage allies, who together will be representing the German nation and taking revenge on the masked Mexican amigos with the spirit of Oktoberfest willing them on in their Wrestleclash.

If you too want to have your turn of testing your Oktoberfest spirit with a classic German tradition, why not take on Mr Juicy in the ultimate metre and litre challenge? In this battle of wills (and stomach size) a challenger from the crowd will go head to head with Juicy to determine who can eat a metre of bratwürst sausage and a litre of beer in the quickest amount of time.

With the last Wrestleclash filling out quickly, the next instalment of this entertaining sporting event on 18th October is set to do the same. So be sure to book your ticket for the most exciting celebration of Oktoberfest in the country, today. At just $20 per person and cheaper prices for group bookings, you simply can’t go wrong.

If you’re living outside of Melbourne and want to make the worthwhile trip to Victoria’s capital city for this thrilling Wrestleclash event, check out Swanston Street CBD Melbourne hotel accommodation for a conveniently located room that will allow you to make the most of the intoxicating atmosphere of the Brawl in the Bierhaus. 

Surfing, an outrageous sport!

The Grom elnino outrageous sports surfing

You might be thinking, surfing has been around for a while, and it’s not exactly an outrageous sport. Well, it’s time to think a little harder. Surfing involves jumping on a little board made of relatively fragile fibreglass, strapping it to your leg and running straight into the ocean. You paddle out past the breaking waves, then proceed to catch these monsters back in, with nothing to protect you. Surfing is outrageous, no matter what anyone says, and it certainly is impressive too. To watch the heavyweights like Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore take on some of the biggest waves in the world, skating over coral reefs and dodging other surfers, is outrageous. The entire sport relies on good balance and a hell of a lot of guts, because let’s face it, not many of us would paddle out to waves that spell disaster. It’s about time these athletes got some outrageously deserved recognition…

To get started…

You’ll need a board, a wetsuit (if the water’s cold), and that’s basically it. Once you’re out in the water, surfing doesn’t require much more. Initially, you’ll need to get a leg rope and wax for your board, but as far as outrageous sports go, the requirements are pretty minimal. If you’re dying to get out in the water, buy online an Elnino Sorftboards in Australia - you can’t go wrong. The major Aussie brand, The Grom, has got your back when you decide it’s time to get serious about surfing. And if you’re new to the sport – a grom if you will – go buy online Foam Elnino Surfboards in Australia. You’ll find all the extras you need for surfing here too – board covers, board racks, wetsuits and more.

surfingThe pros…

The pro surfing champions are making headlines around the world, and not just for their sponsorships or swimsuits. No, surfing superstars are showing the world just how dangerous, exhilarating and outrageous surfing is as a sport, and putting surfing on the map. Insider Monkey did a killer countdown of the top 11 surfing champions in history. It’s unfortunate that no girls made it on the list, despite showing the boys how it’s done as of late. At the rate they’re going, it won’t be long before female surfers go down in surfing legend history. On this particular list, names like Gerry Lopez, who was arguably the best tube rider ever, and Andy Irons, who when alive was a keen rival of Kelly Slater, sat proudly on the list.

Kelly Slater came in second, winning just about every award ever possible for surfing. He’s World Champion 11 times over, and can be described as to surfing what Michael Jordan is to basketball. Number 1 spot went to Jay Moriarty, whose surfing legend lives on despite his death at just 22. At 16, he rode Mavericks, California’s biggest waves, and became a virtual surfing celebrity overnight.

And just in case we haven’t convinced you of the outrageousness that is the surfing culture, we leave you with a video of Laird Hamilton, one of the best big wave surfers of all time, showcasing the real intensity of surfing. For this reason, it’s fair to say this sport is downright outrageous.




Motocross is one of those sports we’ve come to accept as normal. But when you think about it, and I mean really think about it, it’s pretty darn outrageous. The sport involves motorcycle racing on enclosed off-road circuits, and runs regardless of the weather. Motocross involves plenty of physical fitness, as well as mental preparation for all of the dangers that come with it. Motocross is a sport enjoyed by adults and children across the world, with the adrenalin the biggest attraction to the sport. The outdoor tracks, with twists and turns every few metres, encourage riders to challenge themselves, and embrace the rush that comes with participating in motocross.

This video might give you a better idea of how dangerous the sport can be:

How to protect yourself

When getting serious about motocross, it’s important to realise that with the thrills comes a dangerous side. Safety is a major concern for motocross riders, and continues to face opposition due to its injury and death rate. Whether you’re new to the sport, or are an out-of-control veteran, pain doesn’t discriminate. The pros advise you to dress for the crash, not the ride, and to not worry about if you get injured, but when. The basic safety gear you absolutely need to have? These usually cover it:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Neck brace
  • Chest brace
  • Knee braces
  • Elbow pads

Taking on the sport with the expectation of a crash, you might also consider one of the companies offering Cheap Health Insurance in Australia. As a motocross rider with a lot of talent and passion for the sport, you’ll want to ensure you’re adequately covered in the event of an accident. Which, let’s be honest, is a very likely occurrence. HIF offers you some spectacular rates for cover that includes hospital, ambulance and extras like physiotherapy. The covers you can look into are tailored to suit you personally as a motocross rider with specific health insurance needs. It will give you just that extra peace of mind before you hit the dirt tracks.

motocrossThe perks of motocross

Motocross comes with plenty of amazing opportunities and perks that balance out the risks. You can find huge success with motocross, and even earn a living travelling the world performing for crowds. You can pick up sponsors like Red Bull who pay you to perform wicked tricks for motocross enthusiasts. Recently, pro motocross rookie Shane McElrath, talked to Red Bull about the perks of turning MX pro, and why all the hard work and injury risk is worth it in the end. Top of his list included the strong family atmosphere that motocross teams form, the incredible tracks he gets to ride, and the fans that support their every ride. On an international scale, the stakes are raised, and so are the chances of injury, so covering yourself everywhere you go is super important. Having adequate Travel Insurance when you’re heading overseas is especially important for motocross pros, because of the dangerous nature of their profession. Sure, the sponsors can pay for your hospital bill when you don’t land that jump quite right, but can they cover your wage when you’re out of action following the crash? Maybe, but is it another risk you want to add to the already long list? Maybe not. Keep yourself covered, and rest assured that whenever you’re taking on the big leagues overseas, your insurance policies have your back no matter what.

Motocross is one of those outrageous sports that both the participants and spectators absolutely love to get involved in. The thrilling atmosphere, the held breaths as you fly over the jumps, and the cheers when you nail tricks make this sport one of the most exciting sports of all. Safety always comes first, but a very, very close second is the rush that comes every time you sit on a motorcycle. And what else can beat that feeling?