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Allenby Attack Takes Another Turn


The alleged assault on professional golfer Robert Allenby has taken another twist.

Nine News reporters spoke to another homeless local , Toa Kaili, who said that it was he and his friend who discovered Allenby. They told the reporter they found Allenby unconscious and uninjured on the footpath on the night of the attack.

Kaili then suggested Allenby injured his face after falling and hitting a rock.

“I was like, ‘OK mister, you were passed out on the sidewalk,’ said Kaili to the Hawaiian news station KHON2 News.

He alleges Allenby was uninjured but confused and that he flew into a rage when he realised his wallet and phone were missing.

Kaili alleges Allenby accused him of robbery, “You better give me back my stuff!

“You know who the hell I am?

“I have millions of dollars! I’m a professional golfer!”

Kaili said he told Allenby, “Hey no, brother, we’re the one who woke you up. We’re the ones that were helping you.”

The Honolulu police are still treating the incident as a robbery. They are reviewing CCTV footage, interviewing witnesses, and sifting through the entries on Allenby’s credit card.

EX-Crim’s Allowed Back Into NRL, So Why Not Me? Asks Todd Carney


NRL outcast Todd Carney hasn’t run out onto the paddock for his Catalan Dragons yet already he is considring a return to Australian Rugby League.

“I haven’t been in jail, haven’t bashed my wife, haven’t sold drugs to kids or done drugs, and those are the players who seem to be allowed back in,” he said to reporters.

Nor, it must be said, has he been involved in performance enhancing supplements.

Carney blew onto the national rugby league seen as a precociously talented 17 year-old in 2004 with the Canberra Raiders. Since then he has amassed a string of alcohol-related offences that has seen him banned from driving, banned from setting foot in his home town of Goulburn and, eventually, banned from playing rugby league in Australia.

And while many of his offences have been dealt with in the courts none of them were serious enough to warrant time in prison and none of them were deemed to be cheating.

Cronulla and New South Wales Captain Paul Gallen got a paltry one month on the sideline for cheating. He plead guilty to taking performance enhancing peptides in 2007. Previous Outrageous Sports articles have detailed the jaw-dropping improvements in Gallen’s meters run per game since that time. And yet Todd Carney gets banned for life for a series of embarrassing off-field misdemeanours and infractions.

Carney delivered the predictable script on how the change to the Dragons has been good for him: “Good headspace”, “allows me to focus on my goals”, “this is a new chapter for me”, etc, etc.

Where he goes off-script is on the subject of alcohol.

He admits it’s the common denominator behind his problems with the NRL, but he refuses to give it up.

“I never said I won’t drink and I never will because I think – well, it’s not part of rugby league, but it’s something I enjoy. The minute say I’m off the drink there’s eyes watching to see if I have a drink.

“There’s ways to work around it, moderation. Over here it’s completely different. It’s not always there to go for a drink and do whatever. It’s not something I stress over. The focus on me is to get better at football and lead a good life.”

Carney then returned to the script saying, “I gave myself to the Catalans Dragons and that’s where my main focus is.

“I’ve signed for three years, which will take me to 31 years of age,” he pauses. “It definitely leaves an option to go home. But that’s up to the NRL.”

Pacquiao – Mayweather Fight Moves a Step Closer to Happening


Manny Pacquiao’s management team have laid out terms under which the Filipino legend would fight Floyd Mayweather.

Carl Moretti, the vice president of Top Rank (who promote Pacquiao), said to ESPN earlier in the week, “Top Rank and Manny have agreed to the terms on our side. I don’ know about the other side.

Pacquiao has suggested a May 2 bout.

Rumours are circulating that Pacquiao is so keen for the fight he has agreed to take only 40 per cent of the fight purse.

The 60 per cent left for Mayweather would be an attractive incentive for the American.

Pacquiao, furthermore, has apparently also agreed to the gloves to be used in the fight and to a drug protocol.

Disagreements on drug testing have been a sticking point between the two fighters. Events in 2009 and 2010 fell through because of their inability to agree on a drug testing process.

But so keen is Pacquiao for the fight he has agreed to be tested by the often controversial US Anti-Doping Agency.

Should the two eventually meet in the rring their contest is likely to break viewing records. Mayweather is unbeaten (47-0, with 26 knockouts); while Pacquiao is an eight-division world champion with an astonishing 57-5-2, 38 knockout record.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind these are the two best pound-for-pound boxers in the world today. A fight between them on May 2 would decide which of them is the greatest.

Coach Henry Bolstered by Return of Douglas

Neil Henry. Image:

2014 NRL whipping boys the Gold Coast Titans have been boosted with the return of Luke Douglas. Douglas had his 215 consecutive match streak ended last year when he was swept up in the ASADA investigation into illegal use of peptides by former Cronulla players.

By admitting their involvement Luke Douglas, Albert Kelly and 17 other past and present Cronulla players received a one-year ban (backdated from August).

The ‘slap-on-the-wrist punishment was roundly condemned by all professional sports people as it effectively meant players played during their ban.

Red faced NRL executive, coaches and players just want the whole affair to die quietly.

Since the Titans didn’t make the finals Douglas and Kelly effectively sat out one month of their twelve month suspension.

But new Titan’s coach Neil Henry is just glad to have him back. After the execution of his predecessor, John Cartwright, Henry is under enormous pressure to deliver results. He is hoping those results come from the new tier of experienced players, like Douglas and Kelly, after the departure of club old timers Luke Bailey, Mark Minichiello and Ashley Harrison.

But one has to wonder what sort of example they set – confessed drug cheats who escaped punishments.

Coach Henry has taken the unusual step of moving one of the fastest men in the NRL, winger Anthony Don, into the centres. He has also begun pre-season training earlier in the year, at a new venue (an all-boys high school), with his own limited experience of the club, its culture and people. In the end he has to gel a rag-tag group of beaten individuals, with little experience of playing together, into a team. And then send them into one of the fiercest competitive environments in Australian professional sports.

Good luck to him.

Wanderlei Silva Blasts NSAC for Incompetence

Wanderlei Silva. Image:

Retired MMA legend Wanderlei Silva has expressed his scorn for the Nevada State Athletic Commission for the farcical way it has handled the drug testing and licensing of fighters. His comments come in the wake of the Jon Jones debacle and the introduction of CM Punk into the UFC.

Jones failed a drug test prior to defending his light heavyweight title against Daniel Cormier recently. However, the NSAC was unable to do anything against the fighter because the test took place outside of competition time window.

“Are there laws or are there no laws?” Silva railed. “Sometimes there are laws and sometimes there are none? There are no proocols to be followed.

“You are lost – you don’t know what you are doing. This sport has to be regulated. The way it’s going can’t continue. This commission is a mess.”

“Instead of regulating it,” complained Silva, “you are damaging the sport.

Silva was himself issued with a lifetime ban earlier this year for allegedly evading a drug test. To this day Silva maintains his innocence claiming he didn’t understand who the English-speaking people with clipboards were and what they were doing in his gym (Silva speaks no English).

Silva has publicly supported Jones, who has since gone into rehab. “You will step out of this and use this as a lesson,” said Silva, “for many people have the same problem.”

Silva then took aim at the NSAC’s licensing of another WWE fighter joining the UFC ranks. Silva believes the licensing of CM Punk to be dangerous and risky.

“Did this guy ever compete? Did he ever get punched in the head? Did he ever compete in anything? No. Then it’s dangerous to put him inside the cage against a professional fighter..

“If he takes a blow to the head and dies, what will the commission say? Sorry?”

Silva is currently seeking a court review of the lifetime ban he was given by the NSAC.

Never Ending NRL Season Begins 2015

NRL Club Championship Trophy (left) and Toyota Cup. Image:

2015 looks to be the start of the NRL’s never ending season.

Having no care for possible player burnout the NRL is set to kick off the season two days prior to the Nines, beginning on January 31.

Paul Kind the head of commercial NRL said that “rugby league as a sport delivers a 12-month calendar with better variety than any other code in the country.”

“You look at the Nines – we follow that up with the All Stars two weeks later, a World Club Challenge series in the UK, into a 30-week premiership, and Origin (series) which includes going to the MCG.

“So no other sport can offer that sort of variety.”

Kind said all 15 NRL teams are behind the Nines.

“If you go back 12 months, if anyone doubted the success of this competition it was going to be around the way the clubs and players embraced it.

“From what we saw in Auckland, apart from capacity crowds and wonderful atmosphere, was the way the clubs supported the concept.

“We love this event. We think it’s got huge potential to get even bigger.”

One wonders if sides will need two or three teams to rotate mid-season so as to avoid player burn out?

Greg Bird Shames Himself AGAIN!

Greg Bird does it again. Image:

Greg Bird has become the fifth Titan in eleven months to be arrested for alcohol related offences. This latest comes as he was seen urinating on or near a marked police car in Byron Bay.

Bird was celebrating with confessed drug cheat Paul Gallen, Josh Morris and others on Sunday after getting married. Several witnesses saw him leave the pub at 7:45 pm and stagger into the hotel car park. Whereupon he did what footballers do best and made a spectacle of himself.

Bird fronted the media after his Monday court appearance. When asked about the incident he said, “”It’s put a dampener on or wedding weekend.”

One can only wonder if he meant this as a pun or sly jibe; or if the Titans’ co-captain simply didn’t understand the subtext the word ‘dampener’ brings with it.

Greg Bird has a long rap sheet already. He was accused of glassing his girlfriend in the face and then lying and attempting to blame his flatmate to cover it up. He has racked up numerous alcohol related misdemeanours. And he has an atrocious judiciary record for on-field infractions.

The Titans’ management wouldn’t be drawn on any further censure that may be applied to bird.. Titans boss, Graeme Annesly said, “We have the option to consider anything that is appropriate under the terms of the contract, but I don’t want to forecast what might happen.

As for Bird’s new bride – she may be disappointed, but at least she wasn’t glassed in the face.

Watts Calls Gallen a Malingerer Before their Fight

Anthony Watts isn’t having any of Paul Gallen’s excuses ahead of their much anticipated boxing match. Last Tuesday Shark’s captain Gallen admitted himself to hospital for an infection in his groin.

Watts doesn’t believe him. He says Gallen is creating an excuse not to fight him, or to explain the loss if he does.

“I think it’s just an excuse for when I flog him,” Watts told the media.

“There’s a big chance – huge chance (I will knock him out).

“I’ll come out pretty strong. I’m not going to give too much away, but it’s going to be a war.”

Gallen has said he is prepared to fight regardless of the infection.

“It’s not ideal,” he said, “but once I go in there, there’s no excuses.

“I’m fine, I trained yesterday and I will train today and I’ll be ready to go on Wednesday.”

Watts recently had syringes found at his home. He has a history associated with illegal drugs. Gallen is a confessed drug cheat. It’s likely someone is getting knocked out.

Florian Stuns MMA World Agreeing with Nick Diaz

Kenny Florian. Image:

Ex-UFC fighter, now commentator, Kenny Florian stunned the MMA world by agreeing with Nick Diaz’s statement calling Georges St-Pierre a coward.

Georges Rush St-Pierre. Image:

Georges Rush St-Pierre. Image:

Diaz said St-Pierre was scared to fight Anderson Silva: “he didn’t take the fight. He could barely say two things and he’d get the fight, just like that. But he didn’t want the fight.”

Diaz was responding to comments by St-Pierre stating that he (Diaz) had made a mistake in taking the fight against Silva. The fight will take place in Silva’s natural weight class rather than at a catch weight between the two.

Florian weighed into the war-of-words with: “Any champion or fighter always wants the odds to be in their favour. For him (Diaz) to go up in at 185 pounds and fight a guy like Anderson Silva who many consider the greatest of all time, well, I think it’s a smart decision by Geroges. Geroges wanted to fight more at a catchweight of 175 (pounds), maybe even 170 pounds, where it would be in his favour.

Nick Diaz. Image:

Nick Diaz. Image:

“So is GSP scared? Yes, and that’s also what made him one of the best champions of all time.”

Diaz and St-Pierre have had a long running dislike of one another. In the lead up to their March 2013 title fight St-Pierre was promising to ‘put a beating’ on Diaz such as he’d never had. The normally calm and professional champion was incensed at Diaz. For his part, Diaz had insinuated St-Pierre has used performance enhancing drugs. Their fight ended with St-Pierre dong as he promised – and putting a beating on Diaz such as he (nor anyone else) had ever seen.

Lance Armstrong Banned from Non-Competitive Cycling Event

Lance Armstrong has been banned from taking part in a non-competitive cycling event in South Carolina this weekend.

Lance Armstrong. Image:

Lance Armstrong. Image:

The Gran Fondo Hincapie (named after former US Postal cycling teammate George Hincapie) is a 128 km touring trek around Greenville, South Carolina. But USA Cycling has claimed it is an ‘authorized’ cycling activity and therefore within the authority of the US Anti-Doping Authority (UsADA). As such the lifetime ban imposed on Armstrong by USADA prevents his participation.

Bill Kellick, a spokesman for USA Cycling, said that USADA asked USA Cycling to investigate Armstrong’s eligibility to ride upon learning of his intention to do so. Several of Armstrong’s ex-teammates had signaled their intention to join the ride, including Hincapie.

George Hincapie was integral to Armstrong’s downfall. Hincapie testified against his former leader in the 2012 US Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation into the use of performance enhancing drugs in cycling.

Armstrong later admitted using banned drugs throughout his dominant career. He enlisted the aid of drug testers, other cyclists, aids and either bullied or persuaded anyone who sought to oppose him.

In a television interview, with talk show host Oprah Winfrey in January of 2013, Armstrong admitted his guilt. Soon after he was stripped of all seven of his Tour de France victories and given a lifetime ban from the sport.