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Matador Gored in Groin


The matador doesn’t always win.

Well-known Spanish bullfighter Franscisco ‘Paquirri’ Rivera Ordonez was taken to hospital on Wednesday after coming off second against a bull.

Paquirri was said to be in a serious, but stable, condition after being gored in the groin during a bullfight in Huesca, north-eastern Aragon.

The bulls horn was said to have sunk 25 centimetres into Pacquirri’s groin, but had missed his vital organs.

Footage of the fight went viral as the bull impaled Pacquirri on one of its horns and hoisted him into the air for a few seconds.

Pacquirri’s father, of the same name, also a bullfighter, was gored to death in Andalusia in 1984. While Paquirri’s grandfather, Antonio Ordonez, was reputed to be one of the greatest bullfighters in history.

But deaths from bulls don’t just come in the ring.

On Sunday a man who was using his mobile phone to film a bull run through the streets of Villaseca de la Sagra, in central Spain, was gored in the neck. He died very quickly in front of horrified onlookers.

Russian Soccer Star Gets Made an Offer He Can Hardly Refuse


Russian porn star Alina Yeremenko – a.k.a. Alina Henessy has raised more than eyebrows during a Q&A with a Russian sports reporter.

She began by rating national soccer players on a scale of 1 to 10.

And she pulled no punches.

Poor Sergei Ignashevich scored a very modest 3!

But this was leading somewhere …



The very popular Aleksandr Kokorin came in with a perfect 10. To add to the kudos Yeremenko promised the 24 year-old soccer stud a 16 hour-long sex session if he scores five moree goals before the season comes to a close, – “as a thankyou.”

Reporters are eagerly awaiting a response from Kokorin. But fans seem to think the liason would tarnish the striker’s image.

“I’m not sure having sex with her is going to be the incentive he needs,” said Dynamo fan Leon Golubev to the Mirror. “I don’t thnk he is that basic.

“If he only scores three [goals] does that mean she’ll just have an eight hour session with him?” asked Oleg Andreeff, a Moscow supporter.