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Rousey Retains Title with Demolition of Correia


Ronda Rousey (12-0-0) said she’d take her time with Bethe Correia (9-1); and I suppose by her standards she did.

MMA superstar and undefeated women’s bantamweight champion Rousey demolished Correia in 34 seconds – a full 20 seconds longer than her previous fight.

But it was the manner of her win that stunned the world.

Rousey is known – and rightly feared – for her expertise as a submissions specialist and judo expert. 9 of her wins have come through submissions, most of them through an almost patented armbar.

But Rousey said she wanted to send a message with this fight.

Correia sent an ill-informed tweet obliquely referring to the sad demise of Rousey’s father. It was a mistake.

Even though she apologised for the slip Correia kept trash-talking, attempting to belittle and intimidate her opponent – another mistake.

When the door to the Octagon closed Correia was made to pay for those mistakes.

Both women charged towards each other when the bell rang. They exchanged a flurry of punches, but it was Rousey who was the more accurate.

Though she is a striker Correia was overwhelmed by the ferocity and movement of Rousey.

As she backed up Rousey moved in to throw her. Correia sensed the attack and quickly backed away.

Rousey fired off several damaging blows as she continued to surge forward.

Correia was crowded against the cage wall and began to cover up.

From that moment Rousey just needed to find the money shot.

It didn’t take her long.

A blow to the left temple ended Correia’s night. She was unconscious before she hit the canvas.

The world was stunned.

Rousey has made a habit of destroying opponents, so fight fans should be used to seeing such total dominance from her. But for some reason the girl never fails to impress.

Rousey v Correia Today!


Ronda Rousey puts her bantamweight title on the line today against Bethe Correia. Bookmakers have Rousey at almost unbackable odds to win. And Rousey is focused.

In the lead up to the fight Correia twittered to Rousey saying she hoped the incumbent champion wouldn’t ‘kill herself’ when she loses to the Brazilian.

Rosuey was outraged – having lost her father by suicide when she was eight years old.

In response Correia apologised. But it seems to have made no difference to Rousey.

Rousey has vowed to ‘take her time’ with Correia.

“It’s definitely not going to be an Instagram fight,” said Rousey to TMZ.

“If I beat you quickly, that’s me at my nicest and most merciful. That means you get to go home unscathed with a paycheck. If I make the fight last longer, that means I don’t like you and I want you to go home looking different than the way you walked in. And I don’t like this chick.”

And Rousey can end fights quickly.

In her 11 UFC wins Rousey has only ever gone past the first round once. Herr last fight took 14 seconds before she forced Cat Zingano to tap.

But Rousey may need to be careful. Correia is a striker who thrives over longer battles of attrition.

Rousey’s rcord of 11-0 comes from 9 submissions and 2 Kos. She was named ESPY’s Fighter of the Year, edging out Floyd Mayweather Jr. She has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Maxim, and ESPN The Magazine, appeared in three movies (is soon to be shooting a fourth), and released a best-selling book.

Moreover, she is credited with singlehandedly popularising women’s MMA – and most notably the UFC.

But it all goes on the line today at UFC 190.

Horn Flies Into Invercargill for Fight With Plotnykov

Jeff Horn image:

Jeff Horn, a Brisbane boxer described by boxing great Jeff Fenech as ‘the hottest talent in the country’, has flown to Invercargill, New Zealand for the fight of his life.

When he steps into the 4000 seat Stadium Southland the man he will face is the hammer-fisted world number 10 Viktor Plotnykov. Plotnykov, 37, is a veteran with 32 wins from 34 fights. He has never been stopped in a career spanning 13 years.

But if Horn is to prove himself a contender for Floyd Mayweather’s welterweight (67kg) title belt he has to get past Plotnykov.

“The key to winning,” said Horn, “is not to let Plotnykov dominate from long range.” Plotnykov is a tall lanky fighter able to deliver damaging blows at a distance.

“He’s very tall,” Horn continued, “and rangy. Plotnykov has a great jab and right hand and he likes to sit back and control the distance.

“My job is not to let that happen, but take charge straight away. I feel I have the power and workrate to trouble him immediately.”

Both Horn and Plotnykov made weight at an identical 66.15 kg.

Horn has been preparing for the bout by sparring with taller and heavier opponents. He claims to have completed 60 rounds with larger opponents during the past two weeks.

The fight will be streamed live and free on on the web.

Rousey Unbackable Favourite Against Correia in UFC 190


This weekend ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey (11-0-0) puts her bantamweight title on the line against Brazilian Bethe ‘Pitbull’ Correia (9-0-0). The bout, UFC 190, will take place in Correia’s home country.

Rousey goes in as an almost unbackable favourite (with some bookmakers offering Rousey as 18-1 on to win), having sailed through her last three fights. But Correia is at least saying she can pull off the upset of five centuries.

If so, Correia will need to be extremely watchful of Rousey’s judo and armbar.

Rousey either dominates or at least equals everyone in her division in all aspects of the MMA game. But she brings something to the table they don’t: Olympic level judo skills and a go-to armbar that is almost impossible to stop.

Rousey has made it almost a habit of setting her opponents up with demolishing stand-up before getting  in close and hurling her opponent to the mat. Once off balance they become easy pickings for Rousey’s speedy transition to an armbar that ends the night.

Everyone knows the armbar is coming, but no one has been able to stop her.

Rousey has finished 82% of her fights by submission. While Correia has finished none in the same way. The Pitbull also gives away 2 inches in height.

Correia’s strengths are her strikes (6.07 significant strikes landed per minute on average) and her takedown defense (80%).

Correia’s KO/TKO percentage is almost par with that of Rousey (22% Correia, 18% Rousey)

Rousey has arguably become the most dominant athlete in any sport. She has often courted controversy, but no one can discredit her achievement as one of the greatest athletes in the modern era.

But, as Anderson Silva showed against Chris Wiedman, no one is untouchable inside the Octagon. Silva wore the mantle of most dominant fighter in the UFC until he was unceremoniously KO’d by Wiedman at 1:18 in the second round of UFC 162.

All it takes is a moment’s distraction.

Boxing’s Fight of the Year Contender

Image: Youtube

World Championship Boxing has been on the decline in recent years. This decline has only hastened after the disappointing Mayweather/ Pacquiao fight and the insipid year amongst heavyweight boxers.

The number of boxing matches that have sparked public interest have been so few that they have become newsworthy events on their own!

So when Jean Pascal and Yunieske Gonzalz decided to actually fight (instead of trying to score off each other) the boxing world took note.

The two lightweights weren’t even on the maincard, but it well and truly got everyone’s attention as the two men exchanged some brutal and intelligent blows.

Pascale (30-3-1), a former lightweight champion, started slowly. But he built up throughout the 10 rounds to win by decision (96-94) and give Gonzalez his first loss (16-1).

Gonzalez was outraged at the decision. His corner had to restrain him as he lashed out after the verdict.

“I am so sad,” said a clearly stunned Gopnzalez, “that (fight) was taken from me. He did not win. I did. I am the real winner.””

And Gonzalez did manage to land several big rights throughout the aggressive match. Twice he appeared to rock the former champion. But as Gonzalez seemed to tire in the later rounds Pascal poured on the pressure.

“I was controlling the fight,” said Pascal. “The fight was following exactly the rhythm I wanted.”

Many are want this fight considered for fight of the year.

Why is Edgar Not Being Given a Shot for the Featherweight Belt?

Edgar image:

Questions are being asked as to why Frankie ‘the Answer’ Edgar is being passed over – yet again – for a Featherweight title shot.

He was crushed to be overlooked when Chad Mendez was asked to step in for injured Jose Aldo at UFC 189.

Edgar would clearly have given Conor McGregor stiffer competition for the interim belt.

Edgar made sure to attend the event and make his presence known to McGregor.

“I do (believe I’m next I line for a title shot),” said Edgar after the fight at the MGM grand Garden arena.

“Who knows how long Aldo is going to take (to return to defend his belt).”

With the announcement of McGregor as coach for the TUF 22 series it seems as though the UFC are picking McGregor’s fights so as to groom him for the top spot.

And Edgar could certainly derail those plans.

“Credit to Conor,” said Edgar about the win over Mendez, “he was able to stay composed. He was able to get back on his feet. Chad seemed to slow down, get tired taking a fight on short notice like that, and Conor capitalised. He kept Chad at bay, but he was eating some big shots. I was just impressed how when he did get back to his feet – he was composed.”

But Edgar believes he offers a little more than Chad.

“I think my takedowns are there like his, and I feel like I got good ground and pound. I don’t really slow down too much, you know?”

Anyone who saw Edgar demolishing Hall-of-Famer B J Penn (twice) will be forced to agree. Edgar’s movement, angles, and power have made him one of the most destructive forces in the featherweight division.

A fight between himself and McGregor would be a fair contest for the division belt.

Blind Fighter Making Waves in MMA

Image: Youtube

Englishman Lee Michael Hoy is finding success in the most unlikely of places: MMA.

What makes Hoy’s success so unlikely is that he is blind – and has been since birth.

In a story first aired in the New York Post, Hoy explains how he was diagnosed with a condition known as toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a parasite in the retina.

He can see a little, but that depends on glare, depth, and the distance of the object he is focusing on.

At the age of 24 he walked into the Bolden Lane (South Shields) Fighting Fit gym to learn self-defence. He soon fell in love with the sport.

In an interview with the Shields Gazette Hoy said, “I’m a totally changed person because of the sport. I can walk the streets with my head high.”

Feruz Hussain, the head coach at Fighting Fit, said, “It’s amazing to see what he has achieved. He didn’t believe he would be able to do any of it when he first started.”

Hoy has won bronze medals in his last two grappling competitions. He regularly trains with, fights, and beats sighted opponents. On August 8 he is scheduled to appear in a boxing demonstration and is hoping to inspire others – sighted and visually impaired alike – to take up the sport he loves.

Jeff Horn Cautiously Optimistic Ahead of Big Fight

Image for Plotnykov:

Australian Jeff Horn says he is fit and ready for the biggest fight of his life.

He is set to step into an Invercargill, New Zealand, boxing ring next week to face the terrifying Viktor Plotnykov, a wiry Ukranian giant-killer.

Horn has been battling his way through a line of taller, heavier sparring partners in preparation for the fight. His coach has had him practicing the skills they believe Horn will need if he is to emerge triumphant against the truly intimidating Plotynykov. These include: subtle feints, a right hand lead, weaving, and something only few boxers can do: switching from orthodox to southpaw stance midway through delivering a flurry of high speed punches.

These are all tools to put Plotnykov off balance.

Horn earned the right to face Plotnykov after defeating Ghana’s Richmond Djarbeng in New Zealand on 13th June. And the welterweiht Horn (67kg) believes he will have totaled close to 60 rounds against some of Australia’s hottest boxing prospects in preparation for the bout.

Horn has spent ring time with boxing royalty such as Sam Banney, Adam Copland, Nathan Weber, and Miles Zalewski. On Tuesday he went ten brutal rounds with Reagan Dessaix (79kg light-heavyweight) to prepare him for the much larger Ploynykov.

“All my sparring partners have given me great work,” said a barely out of breath Horn. “it’s a team effort when I fight, and I’ve got a great team behind me. I feel very fit and strong and I know Plotnykov will be in great shape and ready to give his best as well. I’m not underestimating him, he’s a terrific fighter, but I’ve always said I’m ready to fight anyone in the world.

“Plotnykov is going to be a tough challenge, we’re in no doubt about that,” said coach Glenn Rushton. “He just beat (former Commonwealth Champion) Denton Vassell in Belfast and has been ranked as high as number 7 in the world.

“I’ve had Jeff sparring bigger guys all throughout this preparation to make sure he is razor sharp for an opponent who is used to landing punches on the back-move. Jeff has done an enormous amount of work on his leg strength, using a weighted vest in training, to give him the explosive power he will need to cut off the ring against Plotynkov.

“He has been going though 10-round sparring sessions every second day so that doing 10 rounds on fight night is second nature to him.

This fight will be all about Jeff controlling the distance and shutting down Plotnykjov’s strengths: his jab, his right hand, and his movement.”

Horn is conceding 5cm in height to the Ukranian. Horn is undefeated in 11 pro fights, but Plotnykov has won 32 of his 34 professional fights and has never been stopped. His last loss came in 2012.

Mundine – More Elusive Outside the Ring than In It

Genady Golovkin image:

Anthony Mundine continues to ask for fights he knows he will not get. At the same time he continues to refuse fights he knows he will not win.

And that’s the point.

After his open letter to Floyd Mayweather was deservedly ignored, Mundine has now expressed his wish to fight KO machine Gennady Golovkin.

There is absolutely no incentive for Golovkin to accept the fight. He has knocked out 30 of the 33 fighters he has faced and beaten the other three on points. He destroyed Daniel Geale last year in three rounds of absolute carnage; plus he once offered Mundine a fight – which Mundine turned down!

Granted, the offer from Golovkin was when the young Kazahk was still making his way into the sport.

“He (Mundine) wanted the fight to take place in Australia, under their television (rights) and under his terms; and even after I accepted those terms, it was still the same thing – he refused to take the fight,” said Golovkin.

Golovkin has since rocketed to the very pinnacle of the sport; while Mundine has continued to attract doubts and suspicions about his own fighting pedigree.

In similar news promoters for junior middleweight title-holder Demetrius Andrade claim Mundine is refusing to fight him. Andrade (21-0) had offered Mundine a fight, with both camps negotiating to meet in Australia in August.

“We agreed to terms with Mundine’s promoter, but we’ve heard nothing back since then,” said Andrade. “Mundine calls out Mayweather, but he won’t take a legitimate WBO world title fight at 154 pounds in his own country? Same old story I guess. Everybody wants something until they have a chance to really get it.

“I don’t understand. We offered this guy a chance to win the championship of the world, in his home country, and he looked for a way out instead? What kind of fighter is he? Any real fighter would do anything for that kind of opportunity.”

Mundine’s camp responded with the following statement:” The simple facts remain – we haven’t accepted the terms given by Team Andrade, which lock Mundine into three fights and low dollars.

“At this stage of Anthony’s career we feel we are being smart. We have to be calculated, as every deal we enter affects his legacy. And deals which detract from this strategy are bad deals for Mundine.”

Mundine’s legacy is already written – He’ll be remembered as a fighter who was more elusive outside the ring than in it.

Bisping Claims Gutsy Win – at a Cost


British middleweight favourite Michael Bisping has ground out a split-decision over Thales Leites. In a brutal five rounds on Saturday night. Bisping managed to outpoint his more fancied rival despite sustaining a hampering toe injury in the first round.

Leites strode into the centre of the cage, controlling the distance and the Octagon for much of the match.

Bisping responded by circling and firing off lighting jabs whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Both men sunk in deep, painful leg kicks throughout the match. Both men charged at the other druing the entire fight, trying to exert their dominance.

And while both men used their aggression to unleash a volley of stinging punches it was Bisping who managed to land the greater number.

But it was Englishman’s toe injury that dominated much of the post-fight talk.

Photo’s show a large chunk of flesh hanging off the inside of Bisping’s left big toe. It obviously hampered his movement and provided ringside commentators with some grisly fodder.

But Bisping was able to adapt to the set back.

He now moves to a 17-7 UFC record. And he lost no time in calling out others in his division, notably Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza – both heavy-hitters whom the ferocious Michael Bisping would like to test out.