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Jessica Eye Talks About Femininity and Fighting

Jessica Eye images:

Number 6 ranked women’s UFC bantamweight Jessica Eye spoke to Cosmopolitan magazine this week about the image of femininity in her sport.

The 29 year-old has followed the lead of division champion Ronda Rousey and spoken about issues that have affected her throughout her life and the stability her sport has provided.

“As a young girl, I did not know my mother,” said Eye. “I didn’t meet her until I was 16 years old. I missed out on some of the things that most females get to do, like talk to their mums about makeup.

“My father and my brothers raised me to be a tough tomboy. I was bullied at a young age and through my early teenage years by my father.”

But Eye was adamant she did have a very feminine side to her. She went further saying she believed most female sportswomen believed to be tomboys are probably the same.

Jessica Eye images:

Jessica Eye images:

“I think the biggest misconception about female athlete is that we’re tomboys and that we’re not pretty; we’re not girls – we’re just like male figures in the sport.. We’re not! We’re females too. We still like to get dressed up, we still like to put makeup on, we still like to go out on dates and be treated lkike women.”

Eye said she was pidgeon-holed by her peers because of her bodyshape growing up.

“I’ve always had an athletic build, so sometimes I didn’t fill out tank tops the right way, or I couldn’t wear certain outfits because my legs were bigger, my calves were bigger, or my body was more athletic than your typical female, with a big chest and a giant butt and skinny legs.

“To me, it took me getting older that I was like, ‘You know what, I like how I am.’ I like having big legs! I like having wide shoulders! I like those things now.”

One has to wonder – If Jessica Eye is so content with herself why tell us?

Aldo-McGregor to Fight on December 12th

Image: Twitter, Ariel Helwani

It’s finally happened.

The date and venue have been agreed upon for the Conor McGregor/ Jose Aldo featherweight unification bout.

The two will headline for UFC 194 on December 12 at the MGM grand Garden arena in Las Vegas.

UFC head-honcho Dana White confirmed the speculation in an interview with Yahoo! Sports.

The UFC had considered hosting the fight at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, as the MGM was unavailable for the proposed date of 5th December.

Hoever, officials at the MGM grand ‘moved heaven and earth’ (White’s words) to ensure the venue was available for December 12th.

And so terms were reached.

White added that the 12th actually works out better for his organisation as it doesn’t conflict with any other major sporting events.

However, t means the Ronda Rousey – Miesha Tate fight will most likely be moved to sometime early in 2016.

The Aldo-McGregor fight is expected to be one of the most watched fights in history. Even though Rousey has proven she is a massive draw for the UFC a third fight against Tate won’t have the interest of the first two.

UFC boss Dana White was adamant Rousey and Tate would have their own card (and not fight under Aldo and McGregor.

With the Aldo-McGregor fight now officially sanctioned and set the media are gearing up for what always is a lively, even controversial, promotion.

Mayweather All Hot Air and Dollars


Floyd Mayweather showed what he was made of on the weekend: Hot air and money.

In an interview on ESPN on Friday Mayweather was asked about how he felt losing the ESPYs fighter of the Year to UFCs Ronda Rousey.

Mayweather responded with, “A while back I didn’t know who Ronda Rousey was. So I’m pretty sre she got upset. I want to say congratulations to Ronda Rousey and the UFC. You guys have done a tremendous job and I’ve won probably six or seven ESPYs for Fighter of the Year. And I truly believe she deserves it. Congratulations to Ronda Rousey.”

But the ood changed when the interviewer asked how Mayweather felt about the comments Rousey made when she accepted the award.

Rousey was upset by remarks made by Mayweather. He made the quip, “I don’t even know who HE is.” So in her acceptance speech Rousey referenced Mayweather’s history of domestic violence: “I wonder how Floyd feels being beaten by a woman for once,” said Rousey. “I’d like to see yu pretend you don’t know who I am now,” she addd.

Mayweather responded to the taunt by saying to the ESPN interviewer, “I’ve yet to see any MMA fighter, or other boxer, make over $300 million in 36 minutes. When she can do that, then call me.”

The UFC fired back with a compilation of Rousey’s best wins with the title #[email protected].

At the same time Mayweather was spruiking his final fight against a no-name chump in the form of Andre Berto, on the 12th of September.

Mayweather insisted Berto was a worthy competitor despite his having lost three of his last six fights, including two losses to boxers who have already been beaten by Mayweather.

Currently fighting at 147 pounds, Berto (30-3, 23 Kos) seems easy pickings for Mayweather (48-0, 26 Kos).

Fight commentators are calling the match up ‘embarrassing.’ The hardest part of it will be spruiking the fight with any kind of authenticity.

Cena Takes WWE US Championship After Brutal broken Nose

Image: Twitter

The WWE is known for its theatrics: Hulking wrestlers performing throws that should kill an ox, chest-thumping histrionics – and everyone with a story to tell.

But things do sometimes go wrong, and that’s when wrestling fans really get to see what their idols are made of.

On Monday Night RAW John Cena took a brutal knee to the nose. He was visibly stunned by the impact and his nose shattered like a twig.

Images: Twitter

Images: Twitter

Blood began gushing from his face. But the 115 kg hulk pressed on.

Social media went into overdrive as Cena refused to exit the ring.

Doctors assessed the damage on several occasions during the match, but Cena refused to withdraw.

His heroics were rewarded when he eventually won the bout and retained his United States Championship.

LFL Players in Court for Wages


In a stunning admission the women employed in the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League) have not drawn a wage since 2009!

The Legue’s founder and chairman, Mitchell Mortaza, said on “If we paid a dime to a player, we wouldn’t sustain a season of play.”

Mortaza worked hard to get a Legends of Football League in Australia. But he was unable to secure a TV deal; without which the league’s success was doomed.

When he returned to the American league he walked back into a storm of controversy.

Mitchell Mortaza:

Mitchell Mortaza:

Despite an average attendance of 5000 to each game the players haven’t received payment since the inaugural season of 2009/10.

The players (incredibly) have to pay their own health insurance.

Despite the flimsy outfits this is a rough game, injuries do happen. But it’s the players who must pay for their own treatments and rehabilitation.

Mortaza points to the state of the league. It has shrunk from its original 12 teams to 6. Mortaza believes there isn’t any money to give.



Whether or not he is right will be examined by a court.

Lawyers are contesting the ‘contractural’ status of players.

“These women have to be there for practices, or they don’t play. They have to be there for promotional events, or they don’t play. They have to look a certain way. That’s not an independent contractor-client relationship. It’s an employee-employer relationship,” said a lawyer to Grantland.

These girls should at least be receiving the minimum wage.

Feminists are using the furore to push their own barrow. They decry the skimpy outfits saying they detract from audiences’ appreciation of the athleticism of the players.



Severe Health Cost of Speed Eating Competitions

Nathan's Famous image:

The American medical fraternity is taking aim at the nation’s growing hunger for speed eating contests.

Health experts point to a study: ‘Competitive Speed Eating: Truth and Consequences’ published in the American Journal of Roentgenology in 2007, to warn competitors not only of the events, but also the training required for them.

Chicago-based psychiatrist and eating-disorder expert Kim Dennis likens speed eating (whether competitive or for training) as a variant of self-harm.

“Putting all of the health risks aside,” said Dennis, “there are certainly some psychological or psychiatric risks with regards to the development of an eating disorder for people who had any sort of genetic predisposition to have one.

“Somebody eating 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes is self-abusing to some extent.”

The health risks alone should be enough to warn anybody away from such a frivolous pursuit: the very real possibility of developing morbid obesity, profound gastroparesis, gastric ruptures, and dangerously low sodium levels; risks of seizures, fainting, vomiting … the list goes on.

The United States is the home of speed eating. Not only do they have their own bona fide organisation (Major League Eating), but they have some real money to be won from the more prestigious competitions.

Professional speed eaters (yes, there are people who make their living doing this) Matt Stonie won US$10,000 for first place in the Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest on July 4 this year.
Stonie revealed he binge ate up to 60 hot dogs three times a week to prepare for the event.
He also admitted he (and other competitors) didn’t really know what they were doing when it came to training.

“A lot of us don’t know what we’re doing,” Stonie admitted.

“We’re just experimenting. Sometimes people go a little gung-ho, a little overboard, and hurt themselves.”

Even the organisation behind the speed eating events is concerned at the health risks associated with the sport and tr4aining. “It’s ridiculous,” said George Shea, co-founder of Major League Eating and organiser of the Nathan’s Famous contest. “You don’t need to do it (training) … there’s no arms race to 100 (hot dogs).

But like in any competition people are always after an edge over their rivals. If that edge comes from training (and frequent binge eating) then that’s what they’ll do.

New UFC Policy Divides MMA Community

IV Rehydration Image:

A controversial new rule change has the UFC community divided.

In its partnership with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) the UFC has announced IV’s containing more than 50ml of saline will now be banned.

Intra-venous (IV) rehydration was a commonly accepted practice for fighters to replace the massive amount of fluid lost through weight-cutting.

But the UFC and USADA drug-testers believe many fighters are misusing the IV rehydration program to blood boost.

This is where blood that has been taken from the fighter on a previous occasion is fed back in intravenously moments before the bout. There are super benefits to this: Blood carries oxygen, so having more blood means more energy fuelling the body.

There are also super risks associated with the practice: The fighter’s blood pressure goes through the roof! They’re vascular system is pushed to the limit as excess blood strains the carrying capacity of the arteries and veins.

The process was first used by competitive cyclists; a sport where a cardiovascular advantage means the difference between winning and being dropped by everyone else in the race.

But not everyone is happy with the ban on 50ml+ saline replacement.

According to an article in Bloody Elbow many influential fighters and trainers believe it will damage the health of competitors. Mike dolce, a famous and well respected nutritionist and weight-cut advisor, believes the IV ban will make fighters more susceptible to brain injuries.

Fluid serves to cushion the brain from impact. Less fluid means less protection.

“Someone will die because of that,” said dolce on Periscope Q&A.

“Let the USADA officials stand there and watch every athlete on a drip, that’s fine.

“I know they’re trying to get rid of drugs, which I think is awesome. But you can’t risk the health of the athlete. It’s just so close-minded. It’s dangerous.”

But not everyone agrees.

George Lockhart, a top MMA nutritionist, believed that when done properly oral rehydration is just as effective as intra-venous rehydration.

“There are a lot of potential downsides to IV rehydration,” he said to Bloody Elbow. “If you have too much fluid or too many electrolytes you can have some backlash, like diarrhoea among other things.”

“If you look at all the studies between oral rehydration and IV rehydration, if they rehydrate properly orally, they’ll gain the same weight back.

“If they don’t know how to rehydrate properly then it’s probably better to use the IV.

“But if they know how to rehydrate properly there’s no advantage to using an IV.”

The UFC fighters have been given until October before the ban will be enforced.

Weightlifter Collapses at Pan Am Games

Image: Youtube

Audiences at the Pan Am Games in Ontario were stunned recently when Genesis Rodriguez Gomez collapsed during a lift attempt.

The young woman was competing in the 53kg weight division for the clean-and-jerk. She appeared to be in control of 106kg weight, lifting it powerfully to her throat in the first part of the manoeuvre.

But before changing her stance for the final part of the lift Gomez buckled and feinted.

She fell forward, under the bar, and lay face down for a few minutes.

Medics were nearby and quick to assist her.

Gomez was lucky to avoid the 106kg weight as it fell. She avoided all serious injury. And was even cleared to return to the competition.

Not only that, Gomez increased her weight for her third attempt and was successful at 109kg.

For her efforts she claimed the silver medal for her division and the hearts of millions for her courage.

McGregor Tries to Bet $3 Million on Himself!

Image: Twitter, Ariel Helwani

Now this is confidence:

Conor McGregor has suggested a bet with the top executives of the UFC on the outcome of his fight against Chad Mendes, on Saturday, July 11.

So confident is the Irishman he is willing to lay a bet of $3 million on himself to win.

Ariel Helwani posted on Twitter on the 8th: Dana White on Jim Rome just now. McGregor offeed to bet White and Fertitta 3 million dollars that he will finish Mendes early.

So not only does McGregor believe he’ll win, but that Mendes won’t even be able to go the full distance with him.

White was understandably flabbergasted.

He first mentioned the suggested bet on The Jim Rome Show.

But perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad bet for the promotions executives?

Rumours close to the McGregor camp are saying the Irishman is facing a particularly brutal weight cut. He needs to lose close to 27 pounds in the few days before the weigh-in.

Many normal people spend years trying to lose that amount of weight. McGregor, however, has much, much less time.

Would the executives win their bet if McGregor did not make weight?

Will the drastic weight cut affect McGregor’s normally explosive, aggressive style?

The world awaits one of the most anticipated UFC fights since Jon Jones fought Daniel Cormier.

McGregor Scoffs at Aldo’s Withdrawal

Imae: Twitter

UFC featherweight contender Connor McGregor hasn’t held back on champion Jose Aldo’s withdrawal. The two were due to fight at UFC 189 this Sunday, but Aldo withdrew after suffering a cracked rib during training.

McGregor took to the media claiming he would have ‘butchered’ Aldo had the Brazilian not ‘pussied out.’

McGregor believes Aldo’s replacement, Chad Mendes, and he should be fighting for the actual title, rather than an interim belt when they meet next Sunday:

“Every time I looked into that man’s (Aldo’s) eyes I saw fear,” raged McGregor.  “I saw glass. I anticipated he would not show. When he got his opportunity to pull, he pulled.

“It’s something I expected. I don’t blame the man; I was going to f***ing butcher him. Rip him limb from limb. I wouldn’t want to face that either.

“He’s gone. He was beaten mentally before he was beaten physically.

“I don’t know whether he’ll be back. He’s gone running and I don’t think he’ll be back.

“If a man pussies out, and he’s pussied out time and time again, then he should be stripped (of his belt).

“If you’re fit to fight and you’re not going to fight (then) the belt rightfully should be stripped and this (fight should be) for the regular featherweight belt.”

McGregor dismissed Mendes as a mere stand-in.

“You can’t even pass guard,” McGregor scoffed at Mendes. “You’re a wipe-out on the mat. What are you going to do? Hold me down? I will butcher you from the bottom. I’ll get back up and butcher you on my feet.

“I hear a quiver in his (Mendes’) voice.

“I see me butchering his facial structure. I feel he’s in the wrong weight class. He gasses to quckly.

“ I think Chad is a substitute. The B-level. I think he’s a wrestler with an overhand that gasses quickly.

“I’m here to shut this man down. Break that pay-per-view record and cash those big, fat cheques, and f*** anyone who doubts me.”


Aldo responded by posting x-rays of his fractured ribs on Twitter. These, he says, proves he is in no fit state to fight McGregor.

He then drove home his disgust of McGregor by saing that Mendes and McGregor were merely fighting for a ‘toy belt’.

“The Octagon is my kingdom and there is only room for one king – it’s me.

“If he wants to participate, he has to be the court jester.

“If you (McGregor) beat Chad Mendes, the only thing you’ll have is a toy belt to show friends, drunk in the bars of his country. Because that’s what an interim title is for me – a toy. The champion is me.”