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Baseball Fan Dies in Freak Accident

Turner field Image:

Major League Baseball, in the US, is in damage control after a fan has fallen to his death at the Turner Field Stadium in Atlanta.

Alex Rodriguez was walking out, in the seventh innings, to take the plate for the Yankees. An as yet unnamed Atlanta Braves fan was yelling at him from a second tier seat. The fan lost his balance, plunging onto the main screen below.

Witnesses say the man was holding onto wires to lean out as far as he could. He fell head first.

Play continued as the incident took place 30 rows back and went unseen by nearly all of the on-field players and officials.

Paramedics rushed to administer first aid. They continued giving him CPR as he was taken to an ambulance which then sped him to hospital. Despite their best efforts he later died.

Fans cordoned off the area and moved young children away from the grisly scene.

Family members were taken to a nearby Braves clubhouse and given counselling.

“None of our family guys got hurt,” said Fredi Gonzaliz, manager of the Atlanta Braves, “other than there were some young children there that got to see stuff that’s not real nice.”

The force of the man’s fall caused the wires and mesh netting to reverberate like a tremor for several seconds.

Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius did see the incident. He was standing on second base following a double when it happened.

“I was thinking about it the whole time,” said Gregorius. “All I can say is my condolences to the family. It was right in front of the camera in the press box. He hit the wires.”

Major League Baseball has said it is reviewing the issue of fan safety. There have been several incidents this season of people being hurt by foul balls and flying bats. This has been the first fan fatality.

Giancarlo Stanton Takes Fastball to the Head in Match Against Brewers

Miami Marlins home-run hitter Giancarlo Stanton has been poleaxed during a match against Milwaukee Brewers.

Brewers Pitcher, Mike Fiers, appeared genuinely concerned when his errant fastball connected with Stanton’s left cheek. The big-hitter collapsed like he’d been shot. Staff from both teams rushed to his aid.

Stanton appeared to be unconscious, but breathing. Paramedics were treating him within seconds.

Still not moving, Stanton was carefully lifted onto a backboard and then a stretcher before being rushed to hospital. He was diagnosed with a sever laceration and was undergoing tests for concussion.

The on-ground referee ruled that Stanton had swung at the fastball and he was given a strike. Pinch hitter Reed Johnson stepped in to hit for Stanton.

Fiers’ first ball arced high and in and slammed straight into Johnson’s hand.

Benches empty as Marlins take exception to pitches my Mike Fiers. Photo:

Benches empty as Marlins take exception to pitches my Mike Fiers. Photo:

One errant ball may be a mistake but two is a pattern (according to baseball logic) and the bullpens emptied with furious players and staff yelling and threatening to come to blows.

No actual punches were thrown, but the tension could easily have boiled over.

Casey McGhee and manager Mike Redmond of the Marlins were ejected by the umpires. Tthe crowd howled their displeasure.

Stanton is currently one of the most valuable players in the league. He leads the NL with 37 home runs and 105 RBI’s The Marlins do not want to lose him to injury.