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Mayweather Stripped of Title Belt

Mayweather image:

Floyd Mayweather has been controversially stripped of the welterweight World Boxing Organization title belt, just two months after beating Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather had until Friday to pay a sanctioning fee off $200,000 to the WBO. When the deadline passed without the money being deposited the belt became vacant.

WBO rules require boxers to pay up to 3 per cent of their world title fight purse (up to a maximum of $200,000) to the organisation.

And it’s not like ‘Money’ Mayweather couldn’t afford it. The fight in Las Vegas on May 2 earned him a reported $220 million!

WBO rules also prohibit champions from holding any belts in any other weight divisions.

Such a rule is a farce, showing just how out of touch the organisation is from the athletes and fans of the sport they govern.

Mayweather currently holds WBC and WBA titles at middlewiehgt (154lb) and welterweight (147lb).

A statement on the Puerto Rico-based sanctioning body’s website confirmed the embarrassment: Mayweather is no longer the WBO champion.

“Mr Mayweather, Jr. failed to pay the $200,000 fee required of him as a participant of a WBO World championship Contest.

“Despite affording Mr Mayweather, Jr. the courtesy of an extension to advise us of his position within the WBO Welterwight division and to vacate the two 154-pound world titles he holds, the WBO World Championship Committee received no response from him or his legal representatives on this matter.

“The WBO World Championship Committee is allowed no other alternative but to cease to recognise Mr. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. as the WBO Welterweight Champion of the World and vacate his title.”

One has to ask why Mayweather would pay $200,000 just to be recognised for a belt he already has? The WBO may have stripped him of his title, but the rest of the world still recognises him as the champion.

Journalist Tries to Eat Like a Tour de France Cyclist – Results Aren’t Pretty

Image: Youtube

Norwegian journalist Nicolay Ramm has attempted to eat a Tour de France cyclists diet and failed – spectacularly!

The Grand Tours are arguably amongst the most physically demanding sports on the planet. The incredible amount of energy the competitors use each day must be replaced with an incredible amount of energy rich food.

Racing cyclists consume a staggering 8290 calories a day, on average – more than twice the amount recommended for an average 16 – 18 year-old male (3000 calories) and almost three times as much as an average 19 – 50 year-old man (2750 calories).

So what happens when an average guy tries to eat like a Tour de France cyclist?

It’s not pretty.

Ramm did his homework. He talked to one of the chefs on a Tour de France team.

Breakfast was:

A full bowl of oatmeal, an egg omelette, 3 ham and cheese sandwiches, a 500ml smoothie, a cup of coffee, 100 grams of pasta, a tub of yoghurt and one glass of orange juice.

By the time Ramm got to his coffee he was already doubled over and groaning.

He managed the coffee and then began on the milkshake … before nearly retching it all back up.


Now it was snack time:

Image: Youtube

Image: Youtube

1 banana, 1 apple, a handful of nuts and 2 energy bars, a bottle of water and more coffee.


Ramm was looking green. He really had to struggle to finish off the coffee.


Now it was the ‘in-between’ food, the sort of stuff cyclists eat while competing!

2 croissants with jam and ham, 2 cans of coke, gallons of sports drink and water, 7 energy bars and 2 energy gels.


Image: Youtube

Image: Youtube

Ramm was 4 hours and 7 minutes into his ‘culinary tour de force’ and his stomach was beginning to rebel. Out came the sick-bucket, but, to his creditm Ramm manfully fought it back down again.

“It’s okay … barely,” he groaned as another jam and salami croissant was pushed in front of him.

Then, “I can’t take it anymore!”

But with lunchtime only a few minutes away Ramm’s stomach had had enough. Back it all came and Ramm was disqualified.

After purging himself Ramm looked at the meatloaf for lunch and gave up.

His calorie intake for 5 hours and 3 minutes had been a measly 4300! What he’d eaten had been barely enough to get him through the early stages of an easy day in the Tour

McGregor Tries to Bet $3 Million on Himself!

Image: Twitter, Ariel Helwani

Now this is confidence:

Conor McGregor has suggested a bet with the top executives of the UFC on the outcome of his fight against Chad Mendes, on Saturday, July 11.

So confident is the Irishman he is willing to lay a bet of $3 million on himself to win.

Ariel Helwani posted on Twitter on the 8th: Dana White on Jim Rome just now. McGregor offeed to bet White and Fertitta 3 million dollars that he will finish Mendes early.

So not only does McGregor believe he’ll win, but that Mendes won’t even be able to go the full distance with him.

White was understandably flabbergasted.

He first mentioned the suggested bet on The Jim Rome Show.

But perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad bet for the promotions executives?

Rumours close to the McGregor camp are saying the Irishman is facing a particularly brutal weight cut. He needs to lose close to 27 pounds in the few days before the weigh-in.

Many normal people spend years trying to lose that amount of weight. McGregor, however, has much, much less time.

Would the executives win their bet if McGregor did not make weight?

Will the drastic weight cut affect McGregor’s normally explosive, aggressive style?

The world awaits one of the most anticipated UFC fights since Jon Jones fought Daniel Cormier.

Jeff Horn Faces Stern Test in Viktor Plotnykov

Horn image:

Aussie up-and-comer Jeff Horn will have his hands full on August 1 in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Though he is ranked 10th in the world welterweight rankings he faces a stern test in no. 12 ranked Viktor Plotnykov.

Horn admits the wily Ukranian veteran is a step above anyone he has yet boxed.

Horn has already beaten 3 of the world’s top 15 ranked welterweigts, but none approaching Plotnykov’s caliber.

Plotnykov will also enjoy a 5cm height advantageand and has more than three times Horn’s professional experience with 34 fights.

But horn’s trainer, Glenn Rushton, isn’t letting his fighter be over-awed, “We are going to Invercargill to win the fight emphatically. But we are under no illusions about the opponent. It is going to be a tough, tough night.

“Jeff will need to win the fight with his legs more than his hands because he has to control the gap in distance between them.

“Plotnykov is a master at dominating the distance. He’s able to hit going back, he puts his left jab constantly in the face of his opponent and has a very dangerous right hand.

“He’s tough too and knows how to hold in close.”

Image for Plotnykov:

Image for Plotnykov:

Rushton has his charge working on explosive leg strength ahead of the match. While in sparring Horn is working on techniques to shut down Plotnykov’s damaging straight right.

Most recently, Plotnykov, 37, dominated and defeated former British commonwealth welterweight champion Denton Vassell over 12 rounds in Belfast.

Horn’s promoter, Dean Lonergan, believes his fighter is ‘four or five’ fights away from a world title. But Horn believes he is ready now.

He just has to get past Plotnykov first.

Mundine’s Begs Mayweather for Fight


Anthony Mundine has always courted disgrace. It now seems he has no shame at all after writing and publishing an open letter to Floyd Mayweather begging to be his next opponent.

Mundine was forced to withdraw from his May 9 super-welterwight fight against Austin Trout because of an ear injury.

His attempts to reschedule the bout were unsuccessful and the fight was officially called off.

Mudine hasn’t fought since his upset win against Sergey Rabchenko in Melbourne 2014. Prior to that, he had lost fights against Daniel Geale and Joshua Clottey (both of whom were trounced by men decisively beaten by Mayweather: Miguel Cotto def Geale, Manny Pacquiao def Clottey).

Despite the apparent mismatch Mundine referred to himself as “the uncrowned best athlete of all time”, yet his letter assumes Mayweather has never heard of him.

The letter was published on on Monday; it reads like a bumbling job application, wrtitten by someone more afraid of getting the job than being turned down.

Here is the spelling error and emoji-filled piece in all its horror:

My man Floyd!

My name is Anthony “The Man” Mundine! I am the uncrowned best athlete of all time! (check my resume). I was a rugby superstar before I quit at the top of my game due to racism & politics to take up boxing!

No amateur background. I wanted to be world champ … I fought fighters far more experience than me from the start. I got 6 losses (same as you) from 53 fights. I had to learn on the job as I had no amateur experience.

I believe when I’m mentally on, I can beat anybody! I’m charismatic, flamboyant, artistic, explosive athlete & fighter!

I’ve held WBA 168lb title twice the IBO middleweight, WBA interim 154lb title & reigning 154 WBC silver champion (your mandatory). I think you the best of our era & everybody wanna fight you — but I’m the wonder from down under & the only one that can solve the mayvinchi code!

So what Im trying to get at is I’m hoping to land the fight with you in Sept!

You don’t ask … you don’t get! Consider a colourful character who’s your mandatory for September. It won’t be boring before, during or after the fight!

I heard you mentioned names like Mayfield & Berto as your next opponents. Im the mandatory and that should looked at. I’ve got other attributes that none of these cats got! Makes for a good boxing spectacle both in and outta the ring. Its what the boxing fans need to see!

I revived boxing in my country. It was dead and I gave it mouth-to-mouth — and i’ve held it down for 15 years! And the Australian media doing their best to belittle me and keep me from my destiny. We have the tall poppy syndrome here. They wanna cut down the successful. And after all my achievements in two sports they still wont give me the credit. But thats cool. I already know im the best 2 sport champion ever. I dont need their validation. Thats why ima reachin out to you Floyd. Put on a Boxing spectacular.



You want show time — I am show time! Somebody the world needs to see! I’ll give you a way better go than you been getting!

It’s a 50-50 fight! Best athlete v best fighter??? Both got fast feet fast hands & fast mouth haha … or relinquish the Title as you’re preventing fighters like me in this position to take on the other champions or the bigger names in sport!

Ask Sugar Shane if I can handle the stage! Ima fan of yours but I truly believe you were put on this earth for me to beat inshallah! No disrespect just my belief …

I come from the land of the Kanagaroo where us natives shake a leg. Let’s go!

holla back

Yours sincerely,

The Man (Choc)

TT Isle of Man – Most Dangerous Event on the Planet


Each year the TT Isle of Man attracts tens of thousands of spectators and some of the most daring men on the planet for a high-octane battle for all.

And I mean ALL!

At stake is the kudos of racing, and perhaps, winning the most notorious sporting event on the planet.

And the race is notorious for a reason:

The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) takes place at over 300 k/hr over winding roads and around country farmhouses. The slippery roads are dotted with stone walls, telephone poles, and ice cream vans.

In fact (to drive the point home) the starting line is opposite a graveyard where the ashes of former competitors are sprinkled.

It doesn’t seem to deter the racers who are thrilled to test their skills against the course and each other.

The event is more than 100 years-old. In that time 246 riders have died, with many more being injured. So long as you qualify you may race – this isn’t for professionals only.

There is only the most modest attempts to protect riders – hay bales line the most dangerous parts of the course, a few mattresses are wrapped around some telephone poles.



In 1970 six riders were killed during what is known the Mad Sunday race.

And the crowds, standing just metres away from the action, aren’t immune either.

When it comes to deaths, this is an audience-participation sport.

In 2013 Jonathon Howarth lost control on the first lap and ploughed into the crowd, injuring 11. Ten days later Japanese competitor Yoshinari Matsushita was killed in a qualifying session. Australian spectators Marc Ramsbotham, Dean Jacob, and Gregory Knezig died in 2007.

The crowds will tell you it is the risk that draws them to the TT Isle of Man. In this uber-safe world, where there are rules for everything, this is arguably the only uninhibited competitive event in the world.

Adam Hansen Riding into History in this Year’s TDF

Adam Hansen image:

On Saturday night Queenslander Adam Hansen will make professional road cycling history. The moment he turns the first pedal he will have begun his 12th straight Grand Tour,. This will equal the record of Spaniard Bernardo Ruiz who did the same between 1954 and 1958.

Hansen began his record breaking career at the 2011 Vuelta a Espana. Since then he has ridden the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia every year – something unprecedented for a modern-day cyclist.

Should Hansen complete this year’s Tour and finish the Vuelta in September, then he will own the record outright.

“I like riding Grand Tours,” said a somewhat bemused Hansen from the Netherlands on Friday. “The record is a nice thing, but (it’s) not the first objective. Hopefully I finish in Paris.

Hansen (who rides for Lotto-Soudal) said the key to his longevity was quality rest between races.

In the same breath he admits there were some Grand Tours he didn’t think he’d finish.

“So far, the hardest grand Tour would have been the 2013 Vuelta. We had two real hard stages there – I was over my limit.

“In the Tour there is always a stage every year (where) I think: ‘this could be it’. But the 2013 was very difficult.

Hansen was lucky just to make this year’s Tour de France. He crashed in the Ster ZLM Toer in June, but managed to recover.

“It was a relief that the injuries after my crash weren’t too severe.

“Because of the visit to Belgium this is a special edition for the team and I’m happy to be here. Of course I’ll do everything I can to lead Andre (Greipel) to victory.

“I also hope to get in a breakaway, so I can fight for the stage win. I already won a stage at the Giro and Vuelta and I would lie to add a Tour stage to my victories.

“We have a dynamic team, with lots of rider who love to race aggressively and we’ll help each other when we can.”

Josh Papalii Called Back Into Maroons’ Origin Squad


Maroons coach Mal Meninga has opted to fight fire with fire, bringing 110kg hitman Josh Papalii back into the Queensland side.

The Maroons were outgunned by the Blues’ ferocity in game two of Origin.

New South Wales coach, Laurie Daley, modelled the strategy of game two around putting the Queenslanders off their game. To this end he unleashed hulking firebrand David Klemmer on their ranks.

Not even the most ardent Queensland fan could deny the impact Klemmer had on the game. At 2 meters tall (every inch of it mongrel), Klemmer battered the Queenslanders.

Coach Meninga needs an answer for Klemmer’s power and aggression in the deciding game three. And that answer comes in the form of wrecking-machine Josh Papalii.

Papalii was controversially dropped from Origin 12 months ago after a poor showing in game 1 at Suncorp Stadium.

But he was chosen for this year’s decider over rookie Dylan Napa because of this experience; with coach Meninga keen to give him the opportunity to redeem himself.

It is an opportunity Papalii is eager to embrace.

“I don’t want to let this Queensland jersey go,” he told reporters upon his announcement in the state squad. “I’m not coming here to play awful ever again, I’ll be leaving nothing behind.”

When asked about Klemmer, Papalii’s answer was: “I have played against Klemmer before and he wasn’t hard to miss, he’s massive. He is a good, young player, so I can’t wait to go up against him. It’s my job to come on and lift the team, just like he (Klemmer) does.”

Papalii has the ability to hurt the opposition. Last year he crash tackled Blues skipper Paul Gallen from behind. The tackle had Gallen whinging about cheap shots, but it was enough to rattle him.

The Maroons players are hoping Papalii is the antidote needed to take the Klemmer sting out of the New South Wales side. He has the ability, it just remains to be seen whether he has the nerve.

Aussie Zac Dunn Claims IBO Super-Middleweight Belt


Zac Dunn, from Melbourne, has outpointed Ukrainian tough-guy Max Bursak to claim the vacant IBO super-middleweight belt on Sunday.

Dunn extended his flawless record to 18-0 after all three judges put him four points clear of his rival.

Barry Michael, Dunn’s promoter, was on the phone within hours of his client’s victory trying to negotiate fights with German veterans Arthur Abraham and Robert Stieglitz.

Bursak publicly proclaimed he was all but guaranteed a shot at the German powerhouses if he beat Dunn. Now , in the wake of Dunn’s victory, Michael is hoping for the same opportunity.

Dunn certainly had to work for his win.

He was knocked down in the third with a blow that Dunn later admitted ‘hurt’ him.

Bursak was also penalised for head butting during several early clinches.

Dunn recovered from the dirty tactics but appeared to noticeably tire by round 12.

His lack of endurance is not surprising, Dunn has never had a fight go the distance. He has 15 knockouts to his credit, with two victories coming by way of stoppages.

Bursak 31-4 congratulated the Aussie on his performance. He also advised Dunn to tighten his defence before facing the German duo.

Dunn finished the fight with a cut to his forehead. “It was harder work than I thought,” he said at a post-fight interview. “Not my best fight, but certainly my toughest.”

He’ll need to be more than tough if he is to fight either Abraham or Steiglitz next month. But for now he can celebrate a fine victory and a world title belt.

Kody ‘The Power’ House Set to Debut Against NSW

In pads image:

Kody ‘The Power’ House is hanging up her lingerie league gear and stepping in to play in the Queensland Women’s Rugby League team.

House played in the Australian version of the Lingerie Football League and believes the change of codes will do her good.

House makes her debut for Queensland against perennial foe New South Wales. The Queenslanders have 17 straight interstate victories, but find themselves going into this game as underdogs.

The side has been decimated by injuries, including the loss of star Ali Briggenshaw, and will field 9 debutants!

House is a qualified diesel mechanic from Central Queensland. She is a big, powerful woman who has earned her nickname and the respect that comes with it.

At 80kg of cut muscle House will line up in the centres. She says she is a direct ball runner, preferring to steamroll through tacklers rather than sidestep them.

And she is an athlete.

House began her sporting career as a star soccer player. She made the top grade in Brisbane before switching to sevens rugby union, where she played for Queensland.

FHouse then code-hopped to AFL; then moved again to American football and the Lingerie Football League.

She has the glam and she has the wham.

The game kicks-off at 1300 Smiles Stadium (home of the NRL Cowboys) at 2:45pm this Saturday.

Fans are promised lots of action, lots of hits, and plenty of skill as this fierce rivalry continues.

Kody Power image:

Kody Power image: