UK Woman Fooled Into Relationship with Fake Footballer


Josie Cunningham. Photo:

Headline chaser Josie Cunningham has taken to Twitter to tell the world she that she has been duped by a man pretending to be a premier league footballer.

Ms. Cunningham sparked national outrage in the UK after manipulating the National Health Service into paying for $10,000 worth of cosmetic surgery.

But now, it seems, the table have been turned.

Last April, Cunningham, 24, met a man claiming to be Hull City Captain Curtis Davies. They met in a Leicester hotel and a romance began.

Cunningham asked the man for photos, which he sent her. She looked for copies of these photos on the internet, but was unable to find any matches. The photos she did find, however, seemed remarkably similar to the ones she had been sent.

She said her ‘boyfriend’ was absent often. She believed he was training or travelling to games.

Cunningham is now in hospital about to give birth to the couple’s child. She has taken to Twitter to tell the world she was “physically fooled” by a man whom she claims is a dead-ringer for Davies. She claims she is outraged, heartbroken, and devastated; she feels dirty and used by the entire experience.

The actual Curtis Davies wants nothing to do with the entire sordid affair. When asked for his opinion by reporters Davies refused to comment.

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