What Some Women Do to Sleep with Football Stars

Helen McCabe Image: www.theaustralian.com.au

Jesinta Campbell, 23 year-old model and fiancée of Buddy Franklin, recently gave some surprising answers when she was quizzed about domestic violence and sportsmen.

Ms Campbell was taking part in a Let’s Talk discussion with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick and editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly Helen McCabe when she dropped her bombshell.

“With my experience of Lance,” she said, “obviously he’s such a gentleman, he’s the man that’s going to be my husband. I haven’t seen anything with him.

“But with other men I’ve definitely seen it – and the most shocking thing for me is the way you see some women, or women in general, act around these sports stars.

“I’ve seen things in clubs that would make their mothers’ skin crawl. I’ve seen girls lift skirts up and put men’s hands under their skirts.

“You see a lot,” she said, referring to the Melbourne nightclub seen. “It’s almost like they will do.

anything to have the glory of being with a footballer. How do we change that?” she asked

No one had an answer.

It’s heresy to even consider a woman’s actions (any actions) as provocative. Women’s groups have hitherto focused 100 per cent of their, and the nation’s, attention on changing the attitudes of men.

Campbell’s comments echoed sentiments espoused in the 2006 documentary Footy Chicks. The film followed a small group of women who pursued footballers as sexual conquests. It showed the extraordinary lengths, guile, and cunning used by the women for their own gratification, regardless of the often dire consequences for their prey.

Men, it seems, are the only ones held accountable for their actions.

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