Underwater Hockey for Kicks

Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is one of the biggest sports played in the whole of Australia. It was originally invented back in the 50’s by the British Navy to help keep their divers fit and improve their ability to perform tasks underwater. It wasn’t long after that it came to the shores of Australia, and since then it has grown into a fast paced sport that is played all over the world. People from all over the country have started diving into pools and getting wet with underwater hockey.

Underwater hockey is virtually identical to its not-so-wet counterparts that are played on grass and ice. At least when you are chasing after the ball on a field or skating after your opponent to steal the puck back, you have the luxury of being able to breathe the whole way through. When it comes to playing underwater though, you have take in as much air as you can, so that you can spend as long as possible under the water.

The trick here is to time your breathing so that you don’t end up losing possession of the puck while you go up for air. Each team has a total of 12 players per side, of which only 6 are allowed in the pool at any given time. There are another 4 that stand on the side of the pool as reserves, and they can only enter the pool once one of the other players gets out. The only things you have to help you score a goal for your team, happens to be goggles and a snorkel, flippers to help you swim and a hockey stick the size and shape of a banana.

Ladies Underwater Hockey

Even the Ladies Get Involved

You might not think that bobbing up and down in a pool sounds like fun, but it’s actually quite competitive and once you get into it; there is nothing to stop you from having the time of your life in a swimming pool.

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