Teresa’s Momentum Health Solution

I met Teresa for coffee yesterday. I was early, so I got to see her hobble in: her right foot in a moonboot. She swayed gingerly through the crowded room, careful of people about to move their chairs.

Teresa is an attractive thirty-something Philippine girl. We’ve known each other for years. Teresa is fit, lithe and always injured. Teresa is a runner.14462487-silhouette-of-a-woman-athlete-running-at-sunset-or-sunrise-fitness-training-of-marathon-runner

I didn’t need to ask, just raise an eyebrow. “Retro-calcaneal bursitis,” she said, sipping her latte. “Inflammation of the heel. A repetitive strain injury brought about by too sudden a change of either pace or running surface.”

Teresa relies on the exercise rehabilitation staff at Momentum Health. She knows them so well they send each other birthday cards.

“They must look at you the same way a casino looks at a problem gambler?” Teresa and I are way past being subtle.

“A gambler loses in the end,” she replied, “I always leave better than I arrive.”

Fair enough.

I changed tack. “But you have to admit they must rely on people like you for their livelihoods?”

“I choose the lifestyle, so I choose the consequences,” she sighed. “They’re not ghoulishly wishing me ill.” She had another sip of her coffee.

“They’re called Momentum Health Solutions,” I said, perhaps a little more sharply than I intended. “I don’t see any ‘solution’ to your constant injury problems. Granted, they fix up each and every current injury as they happen. But that’s not the problem,” I rammed the point home, “is it?”

Teresa thought for a moment. “Can you guess the top three sports needing exercise rehabilitation?”

It was my turn to think. “I’d have to say contact sports. Things like MMA, boxing, football.”

“That’s what I said. But it’s running, surfing, and gym work.”

I must have looked skeptical.

“Yep, the specialist told me. The top three sports requiring rehabilitation and physiotherapy all have one thing in common.”

I leaned forward.

“And just being told this, I think answers your question about whether or not the ‘Solution’ belongs in Momentum Health Solutions.”

I waited.

“The Momentum therapists have noticed that the sports with the highest incidence of injuries are those without a coach or trainer.”

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