Streaker Pitches Tent on Cricket Ground

Image: twitter

You know the ground security guards are slow when a pitch-invader has time to erect a tent.

Yep, that’s what happened at Canterbury County Cricket Ground yesterday. A fan ran onto the pitch, erected a tent, crawled inside, stripped off, and emerged completely naked – but for a crash helmet.

‘Mr Lee Marshall disrupted play for several minutes with what must be one of the most ludicrous pitch-invasions ever.

A solitary female attendant confronted Mr Lee Marshall.’

But upon her approach he simply hid in his man-cave.

Reinforcements dawdled onto the county ground and eventually Marshall was escorted from the field.

Marshall (who goes by the Twitter handle #Discoboy) is, according to his profile an “Entertainer, prankster and DJ.” He has performed the same stunt at shopping centres.

He later claimed on social media that he had been released without a fine. He says authorities simply told him, “You can’t camp there.”

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