The Paul Gallen Embarrassment Continues

Confessed drug cheat and NRL embarrassment, Paul Gallen , has apologised for an expletive laden tirade on social media.

The embarrassment continues with Paul Gallen. Image:

The embarrassment continues with Paul Gallen. Image:

Gallen has been nothing but an embarrassment for Australian sport and the NRL in particular. His poor sportsmanship on the field, confessed use of banned substances and childish outbursts on social media have even his most ardent supporters wondering whether he is the man to lead Australia in the upcoming Four Nations competition.

Inexplicably, the NRL are standing by Gallen. While Chief Dave Smith is outraged at Gallen’s behaviour reporters have been told nothing will be done. Chairman of NRL Dr George Peponis (a former Kangaroos captain himself) has said there has been no thought of stripping Gallen of the Captaincy.

73% of respondents in a current poll disagree.

There was outrage at the slap-on-the-wrist bans offered by ASADA in the long-running and ultimately disappointing investigations into doping. Gallen was at the centre of the scandal and admitted his involvement. His career has been mired with ugly off-field incidents including, but not limited to, an ugly and very public Tweeting brawl with then coach Brian Smith, racism, public urination, gouging at the surgical stitches of an opponent, punching  opponents, and confessing to performance enhancing drug use.

For the NRL to take no action is appalling.

The Tweet was sent to colleague David Riccio in the wake of the sacking of chief executive Steve Noye:

“@DaveRic1 Steve Noice (sic) actually cared about players from Cronulla’s feelings. Couldn’t say that about any other [email protected]*! From Nrl.’

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