Motocross is one of those sports we’ve come to accept as normal. But when you think about it, and I mean really think about it, it’s pretty darn outrageous. The sport involves motorcycle racing on enclosed off-road circuits, and runs regardless of the weather. Motocross involves plenty of physical fitness, as well as mental preparation for all of the dangers that come with it. Motocross is a sport enjoyed by adults and children across the world, with the adrenalin the biggest attraction to the sport. The outdoor tracks, with twists and turns every few metres, encourage riders to challenge themselves, and embrace the rush that comes with participating in motocross.

This video might give you a better idea of how dangerous the sport can be:

How to protect yourself

When getting serious about motocross, it’s important to realise that with the thrills comes a dangerous side. Safety is a major concern for motocross riders, and continues to face opposition due to its injury and death rate. Whether you’re new to the sport, or are an out-of-control veteran, pain doesn’t discriminate. The pros advise you to dress for the crash, not the ride, and to not worry about if you get injured, but when. The basic safety gear you absolutely need to have? These usually cover it:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Neck brace
  • Chest brace
  • Knee braces
  • Elbow pads

Taking on the sport with the expectation of a crash, you might also consider one of the companies offering Cheap Health Insurance in Australia. As a motocross rider with a lot of talent and passion for the sport, you’ll want to ensure you’re adequately covered in the event of an accident. Which, let’s be honest, is a very likely occurrence. HIF offers you some spectacular rates for cover that includes hospital, ambulance and extras like physiotherapy. The covers you can look into are tailored to suit you personally as a motocross rider with specific health insurance needs. It will give you just that extra peace of mind before you hit the dirt tracks.

motocrossThe perks of motocross

Motocross comes with plenty of amazing opportunities and perks that balance out the risks. You can find huge success with motocross, and even earn a living travelling the world performing for crowds. You can pick up sponsors like Red Bull who pay you to perform wicked tricks for motocross enthusiasts. Recently, pro motocross rookie Shane McElrath, talked to Red Bull about the perks of turning MX pro, and why all the hard work and injury risk is worth it in the end. Top of his list included the strong family atmosphere that motocross teams form, the incredible tracks he gets to ride, and the fans that support their every ride. On an international scale, the stakes are raised, and so are the chances of injury, so covering yourself everywhere you go is super important. Having adequate Travel Insurance when you’re heading overseas is especially important for motocross pros, because of the dangerous nature of their profession. Sure, the sponsors can pay for your hospital bill when you don’t land that jump quite right, but can they cover your wage when you’re out of action following the crash? Maybe, but is it another risk you want to add to the already long list? Maybe not. Keep yourself covered, and rest assured that whenever you’re taking on the big leagues overseas, your insurance policies have your back no matter what.

Motocross is one of those outrageous sports that both the participants and spectators absolutely love to get involved in. The thrilling atmosphere, the held breaths as you fly over the jumps, and the cheers when you nail tricks make this sport one of the most exciting sports of all. Safety always comes first, but a very, very close second is the rush that comes every time you sit on a motorcycle. And what else can beat that feeling?

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