Miocic Finds Hunt’s Weakness

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Hard-hitting Samoan heavyweight Mark Hunt showed he needed to improve his takedown defense.

At the Adelaide Entertainment Centre he and Stipe Miocic slugged it out for four and a half brutal rounds before the victory was conceded to Miocic.

The difference was in the grappling.

Miocic took Hunt to the canvas in only 90 seconds into the first round. Hunt, a Golden Gloves boxing champion, has knockout power and skill and Miocic wasn’t about to risk trading on the feet with him.

Hunt was able to scramble to his feet in the last 10 seconds of the first round. He managed a solid shot before the bell rang, but the damage had been done.

Miocic came out in the second looking fresh and hungry; using his jab to keep Hunt on the outside. The Samoan was already breathing heavily (after taking a beating in the first round) and couldn’t sprawl quick enough to prevent Miocic diving in for another successful takedown.

Miocic bundled Hunt against the cage (restricting his movement) and devastated Hunt with left hooks and elbows.

Hunt was able to struggle back to his feet; but he was clearly suffering from the beating – his face puffy and swollen, his breathing laboured, and the power sapped from his movement.

Just before the bell Hunt landed a haymaker that would have killed an ox. Miocic showed he too can take a punch and remained on his feet.

Hunt’s corner impressed upon him the urgency of the situation. Their fighter came out hard in the third. A short left hook landed and the crowded hushed as they hoped this was the start of a come-back.

But Miocic was having none of it.

He dove in and took Hunt to the canvas again.

He then proceeded to rain down Armageddon on his quickly tiring opponent.

It was almost impossible to believe the amount of punishment Hunt took. He was cramped at the bottom of the cage wall and was struggling to defend himself. Miocic pole-axed him with lefts and rights, elbows and knees to the body. Whenever Hunt struggled to rise Miocic would push him back down and resume the beating.

As Hunt shambled out for the fourth round both his eyes were swollen to slits and one side of his face had ballooned with bruising. Miocic looked the same as he did coming out in the first.

In less than a minute Miocic went back to what was working – taking Hunt to the ground. He pulverized Hunt with hammerfists and elbows, laying on top of the Samoan and sapping his energy and will.

Whenever Hunt tried to regain his feet Miocic took him back down and punished him.

As the fourth round closed the ringside Doctor was having a close look at Hunt. Twenty minutes of damage from one of the best heavyweights in the world was taking its toll; and the Doctor was ready to stop it.

Hunt asked to continue.

Image; www.bloodyelbow.com

Image; www.bloodyelbow.com

He wobbled out for the fifth and was taken to the mat almost immediately. Miocic began to unload and Hunt became dazed with the damage.

The referee had seen enough. He stepped in and waved Miocic away.

No one, not even the most ardent Hunt fans, doubted the referee did the right thing. The fight was about to become a slaughter.

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