Mark Hunt Ready for UFC Adelaide


Just days before UFC Adelaide, headliner Mark ‘the Super Samoan’ Hunt has spoken to reporters about his youth, faith, and hopes for the future.

Hunt (now 41 years-old) admits he was ‘a bit lost’ in his youth. He left a trail of broken noses and bloodied hopefuls in bars and nightclubs throughout New Zealand. Hunt’s violence got so bad he was forced to serve two jail terms.

He now shakes his head at how far he has come.

After being released from his second term Hunt was embroiled in a fracas outside a nightclub. He knocked out several other men with apparent ease. The security guard from the nightclub, Sam Masters, was impressed with Hunt’s power and ability to fight; he invited Hunt to train at his gym.

A mere one week later Hunt won his first Muay Thai kickboxing match through knockout.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

This weekend Hunt is fighting Stipe Miocic. Both men are coming off narrow losses (Hunt having taken his on short notice). The winner of this bout will likely be in line for a shot at the unified heavyweight champion.

Hunt is brimming with confidence. “I’ve been fighting for 25 years (sanctioned bouts) and you need mental strength,” he told reporters.

“You need to view yourself as the best fighter in the world, and I fight like that.

“Fighting was God’s gift to me; and after 25 years I’m one of the best fighters on the planet – thankyou Jesus.”

 Hunt is outspoken about his Christian faith. When asked about the perceived contradiction between his job and faith Hunt retorts: “I don’t give a rat’s what people think about me. If I worried about what people thought I wouldn’t get out of bed.”

Hunt tries to keep his life simple: He cares for his family, his God, and his fighting.

“All I need to worry about is my family and Jesus.

“I pay my bills and I believe in Jesus. All the time people say: Why do you pray to Jesus Christ and then go and beat up people?’ Well, fighting is the gift I was given by God.”

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