Mark Hunt Looking to KO Stipe Miocic

Image of Mark Hunt:

UFC rising star Mark ‘the Super Samoan’ Hunt has told reporters of his battle to make the weight-cut before his UFC Adelaide fight against Stipe Miocic.

In the lead up to what may be the biggest fight of his life Hunt must increase his cardio while decreasing his calorie intake and water-load like you wouldn’t believe – up to seven litres a day!

‘There’s always a battle with the weight,” said Hunt. “But I’m a super heavyweight and the UFC’s limit is 120kg.

“But it’s part and parcel of the game really.

“I’m just water loading and then Friday just letting the body piss it out and it (the weight) should come off pretty easily.

“I’ve been drinking seven and a half litres of water a day.”

Hunt is no stranger to drastic weight-cuts. He took his last fight on short notice and had to lose 20 kilos in less than a month. While last year, to make weight for the fight against Roy Nelson in Japan, Hunt was rumoured to have lost seven kilograms in 24 hours!

The Super Samoan then went onto knock Nelson out – still the only man ever to do so.

Hunt is hoping to tip the scales at a trim, taut, and terrific 120.2 kilograms – the heavyweight limit.

On Thursday he was confident, saying: “The weight cut is going good. I’m about 125 kg right now, but I’m good; I should be on weight.”

Mark Hunt will have his hands full against Miocic, an experienced mixed martial artist with a strong wrestling pedigree.

But Hunt is keeping his plan simple: “I don’t give a rats if he’s King Kong or whatever. I’m just going to knock him out. The win is what I aim for every fight, but knocking people out is my job.”

It’s a job he is apparently well suited for as Hunt has put to sleep a who’s-who of the heavyweight division, culminating with the previously invincible Roy Nelson.

“I don’t really worry about what he’s got or what anyone else has got. I don’t care; I’m just interested in what I have and what I can bring to the table.

“So I’m bringing the beer and he’s bringing the sausages. Then I’m going to pour the beer all over him and knock his arse out.”

Hunt and Miocic headline a stellar line-up of local and international fighters.

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