What You Learn at Scouts Training


Being a scout is more than just selling cookies at your neighbours’ doorsteps. Scouts teaches you valuable life lessons that are often best taught in the great outdoors. Working in a team and wandering through the bush are often great ways to build your character and gain perspective on life.

Here are some of the things you learn at Scouts:


When you are hiking through the bush and the night is approaching, it’s not about who can get to the campsite first. Scouts work together and no scout gets left behind. Communication from the front of the line to the back of the line is key to making sure everyone stays together and everyone stays safe.


Scouts offers a range of activities including abseiling, overnight hiking, rafting, canoeing, canyoning, snow activities, rock climbing, sailing, archery and even hot air ballooning. Whether it’s a fear of heights or water, these activities help you to push your boundaries, to overcome fears and to find just how much you are capable of.

There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you just scaled your way down a 100 metre cliff or paddled your way through raging torrents.  The things you accomplish in Scouts will equip you for life with a confidence and resilience that empowers you to face any difficult trials.

Cheerfulness and Helpfulness

When your mate is standing over the edge of a cliff, nervously about to abseil down, they could use some encouragement and reassurance. Scouts look out for one another and build each other up. It’s not unusual to find a crowd of scouts at the top and bottom of the cliff cheering their friends on.

When you are faced with challenges, it is your friends that help to carry you through.


When you are camping out in the wild with only a few supplies and a self-lit bushfire, you realise that humans can live off very little and you start to appreciate the things you do have in life. It’s easy to get caught up in the little worries of life, but being surrounded by nature and the starry sky gives you perspective on how simple life can be. It gives you time to reflect and relax and admiration for the world around you.


Scouts teaches you not only respect for authority but also for those around you. In life, we don’t always agree with everything we are told but that doesn’t give us a right to be disrespectful. It’s very difficult for a team to function without respect and discipline.

Whether you are 6 years old or 25 years old, being a Scout builds your character and gives you mates for life. It tackles contemporary issues of youth health, responsible risk-taking, vocational skills, and issues pertinent to Indigenous Australians. Best of all, you get to experience the amazing Australian outback!

If you are from the ACT and are interested in joining Scouts, check out Scouts ACT . There are already 66,000 people who are Scouts members in Australia. You could be next!

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