Lame Duck ASADA Waiting to Die



The noose is tightening around the ASADA drugs probe with lawyers for the Essendon AFL club lodging an injunction to have the probe dismantled.

34 Essendon players, who have been on the ASADA list since 2012, have been sent ‘show cause’ letters. These are letters asking the players to do ASADA’s job for them – effectively asking the players to prove their innocence so that ASADA doesn’t have to prove their guilt.

The injunction form the Essendon lawyers seeks prevent the Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel form being able to take the next step in this endless saga – placing the 34 players on another list: the Register of Findings. The Register of Findings is the step before infraction notices are issued to the players for doping. And then the whole thing goes to court.

Last week the players were granted an extension until July 11 to respond to the ‘show cause’ letters (another delay). But lawyers are now moving to end the pointless, endless debacle once and for all.

And who could blame them?

Nothing has happened from day one of this probe. Nothing is happening. Nothing will happen with the endless extensions and zero investigations and reporting from the panel.

ASADA have at every stage sought to do nothing and delay the process of the inquiry. The latest step comes as lawyers for Essendon complain that their requests for ‘appropriate undertakings’ have been ignored. “We have written three times to ASADA’s lawyers seeking their co-operation to ensure this matter is dealt with quickly by the court and that pending a quick hearing, the investigation and show cause process be halted,” said Josh Bornstein, a lawyer representing the Bombers.

Of more benefit to everyone would be an inquiry into stupefying lack of results from ASADA and a disclosure of the amounts of money they have wasted.

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