Kookaburras Top of the World

Photo www.hockey.org (Daniel Carson)

Photo www.hockey.org (Daniel Carson)

The Dutch may have scored the first goal in their world championship game against the Australians, but it was the Aussies who scored the next six!

In what became the most one-sided World Championship Hockey final in history the Kookaburras systematically demolished the Netherlands; outplaying their opposition all over the field.

Jamie Dyer, five times world player of the year, described this win as better even than the team’s 2010 win, “For me this is better than 2010. To win a World Cup 6 – 1 is incredible. It’s unheard of,” Dwyer said to AAP.

Understated as always, team Coach Rick Charlesworth described the win as, ‘convincing’.

The Kookaburras gave nothing to their Dutch rivals: midfielders Simon Orchard and Liam de Young defused a threatening Dutch counter-attack even though the game was beyond doubt. Sensational attacker Chris Cirello scored a hat-trick, with Keirian Govers, Glen Turner and Jamie Dwyer hammering their own nails into the Dutch World Cup coffin.

The Australians were at the Dutch like a pack of wild dogs – snuffing out any threat before it could build. The tackling was hard, fast and clinical. Australia’s passing game was expansive with the ball rocketing between players like a pinball. ‘I think we played the best hockey in the world,’ Charlesworth again said redundantly.


Photo: smh.com.au

And who could argue? The Kookaburras conceded 3 goals throughout the entire tournament, while scoring 30 of their own. The team scored 15 goals more than anyone else while conceding 5 less.

Kookaburras Captain, and player of the series, Mark Knowles led from the front. He played with characteristic focus, precision, and tempered ferocity. His powerful defense and gritty determination to chase down everything the Dutch threw at the Aussies set the standard of play.

A standard the proud Kookaburras rose to meet.

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