Kayak Netball: More Fun Than It Is Crazy!

Our team out on the water!

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a few friends of mine discussing something that sounded absolutely crazy. It was a pretty packed barbeque, so I positioned myself a little bit better so as to overhear even more. It turned out what I’d originally heard was right: they were involved in Kayak Netball. I thought it might just be a joke, but I was also curious because it brought together two of my great loves.

As a kid, I’d adored playing netball. And kayaking was more my adult fascination. It was something I liked to include as part of my exercise regime, but finding the time was becoming more of a hassle every day. I resolved to ask my buddies, Kayla and Laurie, whether they were actually serious.

It turned out they were dead serious. The Kayak Netball matches were being held in North Sydney over the summer. It was all organised and arranged by Fitness Angels, a personal training business based in Sydney. They had other kinds of work out sessions on offer too, but the girls said they really loved the time out on the water.

The game was centred on two teams of four kayakers, with the aim of the game being to score a goal using the game ball. If the player has possession of the ball, then they can’t travel (like in netball) and the ball must be passed after three seconds. Players could use their paddles to defend against the ball, but the game was not a contact sport (in other words, we wouldn’t hit each other!)

They said it was a fast paced game, a really intense way to work out and have fun at the same time. Needing a bit of cardio exercise, I asked if there’d be a free spot next time around. “Actually,’ Laurie replied. ‘I think you’re in luck.”

The next weekend I prepared myself for a gruelling workout. Instead, I had a blast. It was actually really a lot of fun, so much so that you kind of forget you’re working out and really get into the spirit of the game instead. After my first game, I was certain I’d be back for more and since then I have been. It’s a regular and tough twist on my usually soft fitness regime and it’s a real hoot to boot!

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