Alex McKinnon headed to rehab after arm improvement

alex-mckinnon-rehab There is hopeful news for Newcastle Knights player, Alex McKinnon, who has experienced improvement in both arms after a devastating spinal injury. He’s now been transferred from intensive care to a spinal rehabilitation ward in a Sydney hospital. There is still a “long road ahead” for McKinnon, and “further regeneration may occur over a two-year time frame,” the Newcastle Knights said in a statement last Thursday. “Movement in Alex’s right arm is improving and he has started to get movement in his left arm. Alex is able to control an electronic wheelchair”, the statement said. “

Alex and his family wish to thank the medical team at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, for the acute care and treatment following his injury. They also wish to thank the hospital staff currently managing his progress.”

Alex McKinnon was seriously injured in late March at AAMI Park in the final seconds of the first half of the Newcastle Knights losing match against Melbourne. Fears soon arose that he would spend the rest of his life as a quadriplegic but with the latest news, there is hope of some body functions returning.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or just a casual sportsman, it’s important that your body gets the best treatment possible. We only have one body so we have to look after it, which is why seeing an experienced rehab medical team  when an injury arises is so essential.

A sore back after years of strenuous gymnastics. A torn ACL after a rough game of footy. That sore elbow joint that still hasn’t quite recovered after an intense workout last month. Even if you don’t think it’s serious, ignoring a persistent injury is not going to make it go away. “Having to stop playing for a while can be tough for anyone. But the best way to make sure you can keep playing your beloved sport into the future is to address the injury early on”, said Simon Carbone from rehab centre, Momentum Health Solutions. “Physiotherapy doesn’t have to be an unbearable or scary process. It’s actually quite simple,” Carbone said.  “It usually starts with a  thorough assessment by experts to determine how serious the injury is. Then we formulate safe and effective treatment for our clients at one of our many Leisurepark physiotherapy clinics.”

“Treatments come in a variety of forms like massages, dry needling, taping, electrotherapy, walking aids as well as heat and ice treatments.” Rehab isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be quite gruelling. But just like in sport, determination, commitment and motivation are essential for a successful recovery and a pain-free existence. Tackle it the way you tackle a match; look at the bigger picture and know that every step you take in another step towards a stronger, healthier body.

Alex McKinnon’s recovery is going to be a tough road both physically and mentally. But with the latest news of improvement, one can only hope that with the love and support of his fans, family, friends and medical team, he can keep progressing forward.

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