Ice Hockey Player Does Break Dance Celebration a Risky Move

Perth Thunder ice hockey player Ric Del Basso stunned the crowd with a slamming goal to win a shootout in the sixth round of the Australian Hockey league. But what came next had the world gasping.

Ric Del Basso - Ice hockey break dancer. Photo:

Ric Del Basso – Ice hockey break dancer. Photo:

After slotting home the goal Del Basso got some speed up and slid on his head, like a break dancer. It was understandably difficult for him to balance considering he had a stick in one hand and the slippery nature of his helmet against the ice. But Del Basso wbbled on his head for over ten meters.

His goal celebration prompted bemusement from sports commentators around the world. Many have questioned the sense behind doing so.

The break dancing sensation of the eighties and nineties left behind a litany of serious neck and back injuries. Medical practitioners warned against it at the time, but were unable to protect people against themselves. Attempts were even made at the time to outlaw the practice.

Medical professionals say the spine has evolved to take pressure top downwards. Inverting yourself effectively reverses this. The pressure on the spine in this position is unnatural and therefore very risky.

Inverting yourself while moving along a hard surface is virtually daring an injury to happen.

For Del Basso it was all just a bit of fun. He is unlikely to be disciplined for the stunt by team management as he is the co-owner of the Thunder. But he may receive a quiet word from the league organisers.

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