Humans Vs Zombies

humans vs zombies

Humans vs Zombies at USYD in 2012 for its annual Verge Festival

Forget the keg and a beer pong, university students are putting down the big red cup and training for the imminent zombie apocalypse. What? No seriously, this is a thing. In universities all around the world, students are playing what’s effectively a giant game of tag but with nerf guns and zombies. This is Humans vs Zombies.


Humans vs Zombies was invented in 2005 by US college students Chris Weed and Brad Sappington. Since then the craze has caught on like an epidemic. As of 2012,  over 300 universities have taken part in a Humans vs Zombies game.


Humans vs Zombies is a live-action game with two teams: the humans and the zombies. When the game starts, everyone is human except for one or two people who are the starting zombies. These zombies aim to tag/infect all the humans, who then also become zombies. Humans are armed with nerf guns and aim to survive as long as possible before becoming infected. If a zombie is hit by a nerf, they’re stunned for 15 minutes before they’re able to resume gameplay.

The game only ends when all humans have been infected. The time it takes, therefore, depends on the size of the field. Most of the time, Humans vs Zombies is played on the entire university grounds, which can span many kilometres square. Some games have been known to last not only hours but whole days.

Humans vs Zombies In Australia

The contagion has spread down under and the only way to get rid of it is to arm yourself with a nerf and join the good fight. Games have been played in Melbourne Uni, ANU and USYD. For more information and for details on upcoming games, check out the Australian HVZ website. 

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