Hockeyroos through to Grand Final

Rachel Lynch stuns the world to help Australia into the finals.

Rachel Lynch stuns the world to help Australia into the finals.

A gutsy, hard-fought and controversial win to the Hockeyroos  saw them upset the Americans and book their place in the women’s hockey grand final against the Dutch.

The game was fast and physical with the the Americans leveling the lead twice.

In the end it was the athleticism of Australia’s goalie Rachael Lynch that proved the difference. With the scores locked at 2-2 the game was decided by penalty shoot-out. Lych’s lightning reflexes produced three incredible saves and sent the Hockeyroos into their first world class final since 2006.

But the match was not without its controversy, with the Americans complaining to officials about the Australians’ ‘physicality’. Australian tacklers were shouldering their opponents in their fight for possession (quite legal). Contests for the loose ball were fought with bruising determination and fierce intensity.

From the moment the whistle blew the pace was frenetic with both sides testing the other’s fitness. The Americans’ passing game was impressive, and enough to keep them within touch of the Australians. Tournament sharp-shooter, American Kelsey Koloejchick equalized each of the Aussie goals by Kellie White and Anna Flanagan.

Replays show Koloejchick’s second goal was suspect: The shot had been going wide and only went into the goal after ricocheting off Blythe. This should have been cause for a penalty, but officials let the goal stand.

Now the Australian girls have time to recoup before facing the Netherlands juggernaut. Holland are the world’s number 1 team and have just come off a resounding 4 – 0 victory over the respected Argentinians.

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