HIF Diamond Sponsors of Perth Wildcats

National health insurance giant HIF has signed on as a Diamond Partner with the Perth Wildcats for the next two seasons. This is a perfect fit for several reasons.

I was discussing the new sponsorship deal with a Wildcats club insider. Everyone is thrilled with the merger.

Perth wildcats“First,” my informant told me, “is the little known fact that HIF was originally a Perth based company.” I didn’t know this. “Yes, they’re huge now. But they have their roots in Western Australia, so it’s a nice kind of symmetry to have them supporting our club.

“Second, is the alignment in values.” My informant looked at me. “Let’s be honest, it’s in any insurance company’s interests for individuals to take out insurance and never need to use it.” He looked at me hard. “But let’s be equally honest and admit it’s in the individuals interest also.”

And of course he’s right. Insurance is there for the unavoidable mishaps of life. HIF1Everyone benefits from avoiding the preventable ones.

“And this is where the Wildcats and HIF really see eye to eye,” he continued. “We are both very strong on our commitment to the community and healthy lifestyles. We play the basketball game, HIF play the insurance game, the winners – if we play it right – is everyone.

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