Goanna Pulling at Its Best

Neck-and Neck Struggles

Of all the strangest sports out there, Goanna Pulling has got to be the one of the most interesting. It’s the one sport that actually allows human beings to compete at what can only be bordering on primal, and yet is such a competitive and fun sport to watch (and partake in if you have what it takes).

This particular sport has only been around since the mid 80’s but it appears to have gained some popularity over the passing years.  It involves a tug-of-war contest between two opponents being strapped together by a leather belt that is wrapped around the back of their heads. The two contestants literally have to bustle it out in a neck-and-neck contest, and in order to win, one opponent needs to pull the other over a line or make them lose their balance.

Annual Goanna Pulling Contest

Annual Goanna Pulling Contest

Essentially, it’s a tug-of war between two people and they have to use their heads and necks to pull their opponents. In order to keep things fair, the competition is broken up into weight categories, with light-weights, middleweights, heavyweights and Tyros. Even the ladies are getting in on the action and putting up a fight of their own. The lady’s division is divided into 2 groups of women that either weigh above or below 70 kg’s. The men’s division has men under 63 kg’s for the Tyro’s, 63-82 kg’s for Lightweight, 82-96 kg’s for Middleweight and over 96 kg’s for the heavy weight, so make sure that you have measured up before you decide to compete.

The Australian National Goanna Pulling Championships are held annually in Wooli, NSW. This year’s contest will be held on 6th October so be sure to put this unique event in your calendar now.

If you aren’t there to compete in the contest, you can always stand and watch the competitors, marvelling at the incredible feats of strength and skill. The good news is that you will also find other exciting challenges being held at the same event, so you can catch some wood cutting, wife-carrying and craft market with a variety of different stalls to visit. There are fun things for the kids to do and you can even sit down to a nice lunch for the day. 

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