Footy Show Fight Night Gives Boxing a Black-Eye


In a ridiculous night of mismatches Sonny Bill Williams emerged victorious against a grossly obese Chauncy Welliver. Known more for his ability to take rather than deliver punches Welliver never looked a chance. His body wobbled seismically with each blow, he finished the second round conceding Williams was ‘too strong’, and he never landed a significant strike against his opponent.

At 137 kg Welliver was having his first fight in two years. He was clearly underprepared and was gasping before the end of the first round.

But he did his best to put on a show – He laughed at Williams’ shots and clinched when he could, leaning his full bulk on his opponent. That he could take the best punches Williams threw at him might be cause for concern should Williams ever consider fighting a real opponent.

In fact, the script was followed by all the fighters at the Footy Show Fight Night with all the footballers winning against vastly less experienced and prepared fighters.

Like Williams, Gallen was unable to put away his opponent, despite ridiculous advantages in conditioning and training. His mixed martial arts opponent looked uncomfortable being restricted only to boxing. Nevertheless he used his height and reach intelligently.

Several times Gallen rushed in, swinging for Queen and Country, only to be jabbed away – his punches windmilling through empty air.

The glorious victories of both fighters opens the door for a possible match-up between them. Such an event, should it happen, will most likely be held after the NRL season.

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