Equiprent and the Motocross Fundraiser

 When a Perth Cricket club recently decided to raise funds for clubhouse extensions a call was made to the members for ideas. Nothing was off limits, everything would be considered – no matter how wild.

And so the idea of a motocross rally and show was born.

Several of the members had sons or daughters in motocross clubs. Motocross, for those unfamiliar with the sport, is an exhilarating, fast-paced, viewer friendly sport. It consists of riders negotiating a hilly, convoluted circuit and breakneck speed. All the action takes place in front of the audience

operatorThe idea put to the Cricket Club Board was to transform the cricket grounds into a motocross circuit and sell tickets to the one-night event. It would certainly beat the hell out of a lamington drive.

The first problem was to construct a course.

Fortunately one of the board members had previous experience with the mining industry. “It’s not as hard as you think,” he told his fellow board members. “Places like Equiprent offer equipment for just this kind of job.”

And they do.

An engineer donated his time to calculate the volume of soil required to construct a course, operatorEquiprent was asked about equipment able to transport and move the earth. They were even asked about hiring drivers for the machinery (which they also helped with).

In fact, had it not been for Equiprent an otherwise splendid idea would have been dead in the water.

It took a lot of planning and a lot of work, but the event went ahead. It was a roaring success.

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