Car Racing Australia


For all the car enthusiasts out there, you can never get enough of what Aussie car racing has to offer. The speed, the sound, the energy of everyone there – there’s just nothing like it. If you’re into cars, car racing and anything to do with buying (or at least looking) at fancy classic cars, we’ve got you covered.

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

Let’s start with the obvious one – the absolute pinnacle of sporting events when it comes to cars. People flock to this bad boy from all over, so missing out just isn’t an option. This year, the event takes place from 13-16th March down in Melbourne. General admission tickets start from $99, but are well worth it. All that racing action will have you feeling like you’re practically on the track, but boy car enthusiasts just live for it!

V8 Supercars

V8 Supercars is a touring car racing category based in Australia, where crowds of more than 250,000 flock to watch those speedy cars battle it out everywhere from Darwin to Adelaide. These races are year round, starting from March-June, then again in November and December. Race goers can expect a family friendly experience with a festival atmosphere and all the drama and non-stop excitement of a motor race at all the V8 rounds in Australia. Keep your eyes peeled for dates!

carGold Coast 600

This race is a V8 racing car carnival held in Surfers Paradise over three days in October. The beautiful backdrop of the Gold Coast is the perfect backdrop, with the social program equally as important as the racing action. See the world’s top notch V8 Supercars whizz around the beachside track, or watch an exciting showdown race with 18 top international drivers competing for first place. With a bunch of international superstars set to perform again this year, it’s one of the favourites of Aussie car racing.

Classic Car Investments

Now, we know you’re all very avid fans of cars, but for those a little more dedicated to the car industry, we’ve got a few places you can go for some car-buying and admiring fun. The Jaguar Mk2 is one of the premium classic cars available, and given the chance, a dream to drive. Restored to its former glory, the Jaguar Mk2 is for sale in Australia, UK and USA. Of course if this doesn’t suit your taste, perhaps the idea of driving a Mercedes Benz s600 will tempt you. This 1972 model is family suitable (if you need to convince the wife), and will knock the socks off anyone who sees it. And lastly, a favourite of mine is the classic Rolls Royce Silver Spur for a 1980s piece of vintage luxury.

carCars are good for many things – racing, buying and admiring. If the sound of the engine revving and the smell of exhaust makes you feel a bit lightheaded, get yourself to these car racing events pronto! And of course if driving one of the classic cars is more your taste, definitely explore the world of vintage motor vehicles – either way you won’t be disappointed.

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