Billy, Classic Cars, and Scope Productions

I met Billy through the Classic Cars Investment forum. I was a new investor; he was an old head who’d been around cars all his life. The forum attracted people from all backgrounds. But they all loved of classic cars.
Classic carAs usually happens, friendships formed. I met Billy, and a few other forum regulars, at the Winternationals, Bathurst 12 Hour, the Gold Coast 600 and other Australian motor racing meets. The roar of engines, the smell of petrol, the blur of high-performance cars intoxicated us.
Over the years we bonded. The bonding helped us all: We would discuss new cars entering the Classic Car Investment listings and share our knowledge. We’d help each other sourcing parts for our own classic cars. And we’d meet for our own rallies when we could.

Billy’s death took us by surprise. It shouldn’t have, he was getting on; but when someone so passionate, so full of life suddenly isn’t there anymore it leaves a gap. The entire Classic Car Investment community was shaken. Billy was well liked.
Everyone wanted to pay their respects to Billy. But we all wanted to do so in a way that showed how much of an influence he had on us. We wanted a wake that would revolve around cars somehow. But we were car enthusiasts, not event planners. So I put out feelers for a business brave enough to organize a tasteful wake for a bunch of rev-heads.
As you’d imagine we had difficulty finding anyone. Most event planners like to control the space of the venue. Clearly this was not an option for classic car drivers. Nor did we have much time. True, a wake can be held anytime. But out of respect for Billy we wanted it while he was still fresh in everyone’s memory.
It was Sydney productions agency that finally accepted the challenge. Scope Productions are smart enough to keep the charges down, but big enough to work on events anywhere in Australia. And where we were short on ideas, they blew us away!
The Events Management team at Scope suggested that rather than reinventing the wheel – and creating an event from scratch – we should use a pre-existing event from which to launch our own. This would keep our costs down and ensure the event was relevant and tasteful.
Everyone agreed, so we let Scope run with the idea.
27Oct_DavidReynolds2_800x600A few days later Scope Productions returned to us with event idea Billy would have loved as much as we did. Their idea was to host the wake at a venue in the precinct of the Gold Coast 600. They would decorate, furnish and cater for the event. But – and this astonished us – Scope said that they could negotiate with the Gold Coast 600 management to allow us to ‘race’ three laps of the circuit as part of Billy’s tribute! The memorial event would even be in the listed on the Gold Coast V8 website.
Again, as you might imagine, there was a ton of legal forms and requirements to deal with. But Scope did most of the work. They made the event easy, they made it enjoyable, and they helped us send Billy off in the best way possible.

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