Bec Rawlins Credits Gilbert Melendez for Improvements in her Style

Gilbert Melendez. Image:

TUF 20 housemate Aussie Bec ‘Rowdy’ Rawlings says she is ready to meet and defeat fellow housemate Heather Jo Clark when the two make their UFC debut on Saturday.

In Las Vegas ahead of her bout Rawlings praised her coach Gilbert Melendez, his staff and her teammates for having a positive influence on her MMA progress.

“Gilbert and the coaching staff were awesome for me. They get my style and my mentality leading into a fight,” said Rawlings.

“Just to be able to work on my weaker poins and capitalise on my stronger points, it was really great to wrk with them.

“I have definitely taken a lot from being able to train under them while I was in the house.”

“He definitely showed me some cool stuff – to avoid the wrestling. And he showed me me some really cool tactics with striking.

Rawlings (5-3 MMA) walks into the octagon over a close decision defeat to Tecia Trres.

“I feel I got ripped off in the third round,” said Rawlings.

“It was a good fight and a close fight. Shh’s more of a point scoring fighter whereas I’m the complete opposite: I’m looking to finish the fight. I want to finish my opponent so everyone knows I won.

It was definitely a game of tactics with Tecia, and I fell into her game. I fought a little bit emotionally and fell into her cat and mouse game.

“I’m quite disappointed in myself for that. I’ll never go into a fight with emotions ever again.”

Rawlings described clark as ‘durable’ and ‘well-rounded’ as a fighter.

“she’s not super excellent at any skill set, she’s just good at everything.

“I’ve seen her fight Felice (Herrig) in the house. And I got to train whth her once or twice until she injured herself, and she’s tough.

But Rawlings is 100 per cent confident of winning their UFC debut. “I’m well rounded, but I feel I’m better at everything that she does. I’m tougher, I’m quicker, and I’m faster.”

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