Australian Sports Coaches: 3 Of The Best


Behind every great sportsperson is an even greater coach. A consistent motivator, who manages to be cruel and kind in the right measure. They frequently coordinate teams, uniting people in spite of personal challenges to achieve great things and inspire the masses. They have to know where individuals’ strengths, weaknesses, and limits lie, and be able to push them – just enough, but not too much.

Every sports fan has their favourite coach – the ringmaster who helped spur the fan’s favourite team on to glory and victory, and will forever be respected for their achievements. This list does not claim to be decisive or unanimous, but it does serve to demonstrate the incredible leadership skills demonstrated by three great Australian coaches.

Norma Plummer

coaches-plummerAs the head coach of Australia’s national netball team, the Diamonds, Plummer drove those in her charge to admirable success. During her eight-year tenure as the team’s coach, Plummer and the various incarnations of the Diamonds maintained a success rate of 75% across their matches. Two Commonwealth Games silver medals, and first-place finishes at both the 12th and 13th World Netball Championships were also achieved while Plummer was at the helm of the team.

The ex-player gained a reputation for being tough but fair, becoming extremely well respected by followers of the game. The admiration afforded to Plummer is indicative of the value we place on strength of character self-confidence. These same skills can be developed by undertaking executive coaching in Australia. Don’t expect to come out a netball pro, though!

Bart Cummings

Renowned equally for his magnificent, bushy white eyebrows and his status as Australia’s most successful horse trainer, Cummings is an Australian larrikin through and through. The trainer has won the Melbourne Cup a record twelve times, and continues to be a formidable presence on the racing scene to this day. The longevity displayed by Cummings is unquestionably impressive; any corporate executive would be extremely happy to undertake such a long tenure at the peak of their field. Those wishing to develop skills in persistence and stoicism should seek advice from professional services such as Lucidity Coaching.

Laurie Lawrencecoaches-lawrence

For the youth of today, Lawrence is probably best known as the face of the annual “Kids Alive, Do The 5” advertising campaign – the jingle is very catchy. In his prime, though, he was a very driven coach, with swimmers under his tutelage winning thirty-three Olympic medals between them, and also attaining twenty-three world records. Lawrence’s amiable persona helped him to forge meaningful connections with professionals swimmers, as well as others affiliated with Swimming Australia.

Even following the end of his full-time role as a swim coach, Lawrence continued to work for many years with the Australian swimming team, aiming to inspire and motivate them. The high regard in which he continues to be held is evidenced by the success of his eponymous chain of swim schools. In order to attain similarly impressive leadership skills, and to establish a meaningful rapport with workmates and the wider world, individuals could consider enrolling in small business coaching in Perth. It’s unlikely that you’ll emerge with your own line of successful swimming pools – but you never know.

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