The Ashes 2013/14


The latest edition of the Ashes can only be taken one of two ways – either a resounding success or a howling failure. I’d personally gone into the Australian summer looking forward to a tough cricketing season. Australia had just struggled their way to a significant loss to the English on their own soil. Truthfully, I was expecting much of a similar drumming in front of their home crowd.

Of course, I was indescribably wrong. The five – nil hammering that the English had succumbed to was to a great surprise for myself. As an Australian with somewhat of an English heritage, the Ashes always prove to be a rather difficult series to deal with. I generally, however, throw my support on the side of the Lions, really because they are the ones that usually require it. This choice has made the last few months a rather dismal affair.

It’s not that the English lost, it’s rather how they lost. It was a complete hammering – so much so I’m sure the queen herself has been cringing on her throne, John Lennon has been turning in his grave and Postman Pat has gone on strike.

I could always go through each game and tell you each of the star performers, but I’m sure you’ve already heard all of that. And, to tell you the truth, I can’t bear talking about them again. I remember comparing Alistair Cook to superman a few months back – right now I regret even noting the resemblance.

So, the question remains – where do we go from here? Well, first of all, as fans the English raise their heads from their buckets of cookies and cream ice cream, get out of bed and drink a large cup of coffee. The Players? Well, they just have to pick up some form. It is not that the squad is lacking in quality – they had been resoundingly successful in the months prior to this series – they just have to find their feet again and get over how incredibly stunning the Australian bowling attack is – and I’m not talking about Mitchell Johnson’s moustache. Admittedly, losing Jonathan Trott after the first game and then Graeme Swann to retirement after the third didn’t help – and we can’t forget seemingly always-troublesome Kevin Pietersen.

The Australians, well after the struggles that they have gone through in the early parts of 2013, they are probably due for a good win. I’ve noticed that the fans have been rather tame in their slagging of the British – letting the scores speak for themselves rather than actually saying anything.

The concurrent one-day tournament has just begun. I was hoping for a lift in performance in the red pajamas but when Captain Cook was sent packing after just four deliveries, my heart knew it would face little happiness over the next few months. I hope, with St George’s cross over my heart, that we can win a battle before the final day.

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