Allenby Gives His Saviour $1,000


How much is a human life worth? Well if you’re Robert Allenby that’d be exactly $US 1,000.

Pro Golfer Robert Allenby was bashed and kidnapped on Friday night, after leaving the AMUSE Wine Bar in Honoulu at 10:50pm. Surveillance footage shows five men surrounding him, knocking him to the ground and kicking him.

Allenby was then bundled into the boot of a car where he fell unconscious.

He was found by Charade Keane, a homeless woman, about 10 km from his hotel.

The men had apparently dumped Allenby after robbing him. But alone and injured he was an attractive target for other predators. Keane could see Allenby was in danger from other groups; she went ran to his aid, attempting to intervene before he became the victim of yet another beating.

“Where am I?” were the first words Allenby said to her

“And she kept dragging me and dragging me,” said Allenby, recalling the incident.  “And we kept looking behind us and they kept following and following.

“I have two hours of my life I don’t know anything about.”

Robert Allenby met his saviour for the first time since being released from hospital. He gave her a sincere hug and thankyou. “I appreciate what you did for me,” he told her.

Allenby then then produced $1,000 an said it wasn’t much, “but at least you get meals and all that.”

“I know I don’t have to do it, but I’m going to, and you have to take it.”

Allenby is currently ranked number 27 for PGA career earnings. His winnings work out to $27,329,892.

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