Alex Chambers, Aussie Straw-weight in the UFC House

Alex Chambers, Aussie straw-weight in the UFC House. Photo:

Alex Chambers, Aussie straw-weight in the UFC House. Photo:

Australian Straw-weight fighter (52 kg) Alex Chambers is going into ‘the house’.

The diminutive 35-year-old mixed martial artist has fought her way into the Ultimate Fighter house. Here she will be coached by and fight some of the most vicious, ruthless and highly-trained fighters in the world.

But Chambers is more than just a pretty face: She has a science degree, is in love with astrophysics, and has 23 years of martial arts experience to back her up.

Chambers describes herself as ‘a bit of a tom-boy’. At the same time she admits to enjoying dressing to the nines when going out. Her long-term boyfriend takes it in stride. Chambers says he’s very understanding.

UFC 20 is the first of the franchise to feature all-women fighters. As per the previous seasons, all the fighters are there to battle it out for a lucrative UFC contract. Chambers, who was given the nickname ‘Astrogirl’ by the other contestants, has thrown herself into training for the event. She works-out six days a week, often twice or three times a day. It’s brutal, punishing training, but necessary when you’re competing against the best in the world.

At 35 Chambers realizes she doesn’t have long to make her mark on the big stage of UFC. “It’s more of a mentally challenging sport than physically challenging. So I’m constantly battling myself in training.”

She’ll be battling more than just herself when she goes into ‘the house.’ Fights can be won or lost before even entering the ring, when you live with your opponents.

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