Match-Fixers Likened to Paedophiles


Outspoken chairman of the ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit, Sir Ronnie Flanagan, has launched an incredible tirade against match-fixers. He has likened their selfishness and manipulation to those of paedophiles – saying, doing, and promising anything to attain their evil ends.

Flanagan was in Sydney to address the media about measures the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit have created to eradicate match-fixing from cricket.

“In our line of work,” he told reporters, “we too often meet and know that there are rotten people out there, criminal people out there who will do all in their power to get at players and others of influence within the game.

“They’ll trick them, they’ll coerce them, they’ll try and attract them – they’re almost like paedophiles in how they attempt to groom people into ultimately attempting to do what suits their nefarious intentions in terms of illegal betting.

“This (series) will be true competition between teams fought out on the basis of ability and sometimes a little bit of luck. A tournament that is free from corruption, or the threat of corruption.

“We will be delivering education programs to all the teams involved reminding them of their responsibilities and the commitment they must strictly adhere to right throughout the tournament.”

When asked about the early return of Pakistani quick Mohammad Aamer Flanagan was effusive: “I am absolutely comfortable that it’s (allowing Aamer to return to domestic cricket) the right thing to do. He delivers messages to others that they shouldn’t ever put themselves in a position that he put himself in.”

Aamer was found guilty of spot-fixing in 2010. He was subsequently banned from all competitive cricket until 22 September this year. However, after demonstrating sincere remorse and a commitment to protecting his peers from similar temptations he has been allowed to return.

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